Wanna cut the cord and free yourself from your monthly cable bill, but not give up on HD content on your TV? Then why don’t you buy a $12 antenna? On this week’s episode of Cord Cutters, we’re embracing the good old rabbit ears.

cord cutters antenna

Since we started our weekly Cord Cutters web series, viewers keep emailing us one question over and over again: How do you watch sports if you don’t have cable? Well, how’s this for an answer? Just buy a cheap rabbit-ear antenna, and you’ll get all the sports action available on major networks like ABC, Fox, NBC and CBS for free, in HD.

Antennas are also a great way to dip your toe into the water if you’re not quite ready to cut the cord. Spend $12 once, and try out over-the-air broadcast TV for yourself. In this week’s episode of Cord Cutters, we’re taking a closer look at what antennas can do for you.

Of course, a rabbit-ear antenna isn’t the right solution for everyone. Our reader Kelly Hodgkins shot a video about her own setup that we’re sharing on this episode. Apologies in advance for the sound quality, but we thought it was worth it to share a real-life story of how easy it is to survive without pay TV.

Wanna share your own story, photos, video? Then shoot us an email at cordcutters@gigaom.com to connect with us via our @cordcutters Twitter account!

Finally, here’s something else to watch until the next episode of Cord Cutters comes out: Riese, a steampunk web series which Liz Miller reviews on this week’s episode.

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  1. Some things in the US are so odd… like cable TV.

    “How do you watch sports if you don’t have cable?” really? I mean, do you really hear this kind of question? Sometimes I think the US market is totally bizarre: incompatible cellphone carrier systems, dependency on cable TV…

    Back to the antenna thing, in Brazil free over the air TV has always been the norm and cable (actually satellite) TV is seen as a plus, a way to watch something different.

    My tip, go for it. Give open TV a try and get the rest from Hulu, Netflix, Hoku or iTunes.

  2. It’s a good thing that everyone who matters lives in the USA or this would be worthless. Oh wait…

  3. Wanna Try Cord Cutting? Buy A $12 Antenna http://t.co/1SA3xfbY

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