SyFy Begins Blocking Google TV

syfy blocking google tv

Want to watch SanctuaryStargate Universe or Caprica on your Google (s GOOG) TV? Well, you’re out of luck, at least if you’re looking for free episodes on

The SyFy Channel just joined the list of programmers that block Google TV users from accessing full episodes on their sites, with the video player displaying the following message:

“Sorry, the video you’re trying to watch is not currently available on this device.”

GtvHub reported first about the blocking late Saturday, and we were able to confirm it when we tried to access SyFy content with a Logitech Revue.

The move isn’t entirely surprising. SyFy belongs to NBC Universal, which has been blocking Google TV from accessing video content on ever since the first Google TV devices reached the market last month.

Google TV users have also been blocked from accessing content from Hulu, ABC and CBS. Some were able to regain access by using various workarounds, but sites like Hulu have been quick to close any loopholes.

However, cable networks have so far been more open to Google TV than the broadcasters. We found that content from most cable channels is still available on the device.

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