Heroku, the San Francisco-based Platform-as-a-Service provider is all set to hit the magical 100,000 app mark, sometime next week. The PAAS platform had 40,000 apps a year ago. Heroku’s platform is gaining momentum and as companies finds increased adoption amongst corporate users and mobile developers.


Heroku CEO Byron Sebastian (foreground) speaking at GigaOM's Structure 2010 conference in San Francisco

Heroku, the San Francisco-based Platform-as a-Service provider is all set to hit the magical 100,000 app mark sometime next week. Heroku’s platform is gaining momentum, thanks to increased adoption amongst corporate and mobile developers.

In November 2009, Heroku had about 40,000 apps on its platform. Five months later, in April 2010, the company had 60,000 apps on its platform, and in September 2010, they had about 83,000 apps. Just over a month later, the company is now hitting the 100,000 mark.

Heroku, which has developed a Ruby-on-Rails cloud platform, has seen an upswing in demand for its service from not only the fast-growing mobile app developer community, but also from companies who are creating brand-centric and enterprise applications to tap the social and mobile opportunities, said Byron Sebastian, CEO of the two-year-old company whose investors include Redpoint Venture Partners and Ignition Partners. The growth in apps is also helping boost the company’s overall fortunes.

While there’s no denying that private or hybrid clouds are going to become a dominant part of the IT spend in years to come, for now, I believe cloud adoption is driven primarily by startups and a new class of products that require Internet scale. Heroku’s success in finding new converts to its platform is a sign of that trend.

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