Boxee is announcing the shipping date for its Boxee Box today: Amazon will start to ship the set-top box on November 10, and other stores will start selling it on November 17. Boxee’s new software version 1.0 will be previewed on the 10th as well.


D-Link and Boxee are announcing today that their Boxee Box will start to ship on November 10. Consumers who pre-ordered the set-top box could get it as soon as November 11, according to the Boxee blog. The product will arrive in stores starting November 17.

The Boxee Box will feature Boxee’s new 1.0 software, and the company will preview the new version at a launch event in New York on November 10. (Does that date sound familiar? That’s right, NewTeeVee Live is on the same day.) The new software will come with, among other things, a completely revamped web browser based on Webkit. Mac, PC and Linux desktop versions of the software will be available in early 2011, according to Boxee’s VP of marketing Andrew Kippen.

There was recently some confusion about the status of Boxee pre-orders after Amazon emailed its customers that it will cancel the order if they don’t reaffirm their commitment by mid November. However, Kippen assured me that there’s no need for further action if you have pre-ordered your Boxee box via Amazon.com, and all pre-orders will ship as planed.

Check out my recent interview with Boxee CEO Avner Ronen below:

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  1. better to Switch the new Google Standard Google TV platform

    1. Koom , you are so wrong. Boxee, for a lack of words is like a hybrid or Google Tv 5.0

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  3. Agreed.

    Boxee offers quite a bit more than Google TV and is more open than Apple TV. The software is already available for free on Windows, Mac & Linux PCs and Laptops.

    Boxee Box is bound to broaden their appeal further.

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