Google TV Owners Find A Hulu Loophole


Access to is officially blocked on Google TV┬ádevices, but some of the first Google TV owners have already found a loophole to access Hulu content. is reporting that it was able to stream videos from after changing the user agent of Google TV’s integrated Crome browser — a relatively minor settings adjustment that can be done even by average users (hat tip to SimplyGoogleTV).

It’s doubtful, however, that this loophole will exist for long. Users of Android-based cell phones briefly used the very same loophole to play Hulu content on their Android 2.2 handsets. Hulu quickly thwarted these efforts with tighter security measures. The site now apparently makes use of Adobe’s Flash player to identify and block access attempts from mobile phones.

One can expect that similar measures will soon be put in place for Google TV devices as well, but I wouldn’t be too surprised if Google TV owners found another work-around soon.

I shot a quick video of Hulu being blocked on Google TV at the unveiling event for Logitech’s Revue set-top box. Check it out below:


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