Steve Jobs doesn’t usually participate in the company’s quarterly earnings conference call, but he says he couldn’t help stopping by to cele…

Steve Jobs
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Steve Jobs doesn’t usually participate in the company’s quarterly earnings conference call, but he says he couldn’t help stopping by to celebrate the company’s first $20 billion quarter. As part of the festivities, he tore apart Research In Motion’s strategy by questioning its ability to compete; he explained how fragmentation will bury Android and why “open doesn’t always win,’ and how the bevy of tablets coming in time for the holidays will be “dead on arrival.”

Jobs presence on today’s Q4 call confirms one thing that Google’s Android increasing market share is now worth talking about. Jobs: “It’s a battle of the mind share for developers and customers, and right now iPhone and Android are winning that battle.” In addition, Jobs continued to feel comfortable taking shots at Research In Motion’s BlackBerry, which still has the highest smartphone market share in the U.S. despite being outsold by both iPhone and Android. “We

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  1. Coleman Foley Monday, October 18, 2010

    He’s right about all those things, but I don’t see why he feels like he needs to defend his strategy. It’s been validated by the market, and now conventional wisdom has caught up to his way of thinking, too.

  2. Im glad to hear it directly from him. Even though Apple is driving the bus on this one, there has been alot of hyperbolic reporting in the media which has missed the real market story. Its not open vs closed or PC vs mac or even iPhone vs android. Its a lot more subtle than that.

  3. Jobs is wrong. Not all windows PCs can run the same apps. My laptop runs windows 7, but it will not run Modern Warfare 2. My desktop runs Windows 7 and runs Modern Warfare 2 just fine. People need to understand that just because you have a car doesn’t mean it can go as fast as the speedometer says it can go. Everything has limitations. 1st Gen iphones will not run iOS4. thats fragmentation by Steve Jobs’ standards.

  4. Seems to me like Steve Jobs is a bit full of himself lately.


  5. there is nothing wrong in what Steve said…..he is awesome..has made awesome products…..and is running Apple solely on his shoulders very well…great!!!!

  6. Is Steve Jobs feeling the pressure or is it just about egos? Somehow I think that as Google’s Android continues to gain market share, more of these rants will follow. It’s not just about being open but also about choice. At the end of the day customers like choice and they’ll have final say. In the smartphones and apps market they control what works for them – not Apple, not Google not the app stores.

  7. with openess Apple could have been where Micrsoft OS is today

  8. Fragmentation on Android is not a problem for veteran developers and publishers of mobile games. If you have done your homework and created the right tools and processes, you are able to handle any fragmentation – from JavaME to Android or even the iOS platform. Thinking about producing games for mobile devices you will always have to deal with fragmentation!

  9. What’s with use of the word ‘rant’? Any other CEO would defend their product similarly. My take: http://gfg.me/stevejobsrant

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