Want Facetime-like video chat on your iPhone 3GS or Android phone, but you don’t have a front-facing camera? Then iSeeU could be the right solution for you: It’s a simple mirror that you mount to your phone to film yourself with your rear-facing camera. Neat.


Mirror, mirror on the wall, can you help me make a video call? There has been no shortage of apps that allow users to make Facetime-like video calls on the iPhone 3GS or even on Android phones. However, those calls can be kind of awkward when you don’t have a front-facing camera. That’s where iSeeU comes in, a new cell phone accessory from a Korean company called Playmass.

The idea behind iSeeU is pretty simple: Mount a mirror on your cell phone, and you’ll be able to film yourself during a call with a rear-facing camera. Check out the rather charming video below for a quick demo.

The neatest thing about iSeeU seems to be that you can easily swivel it around, making it possible to share all kinds of stuff without having to move the phone (or switch camera inputs on the 4G, for that matter). The company also has a number of additional videos up on YouTube, but there’s really not that much more to explain. It’s a cell phone accessory, after all, albeit a clever one.

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  1. But has anyone actually tried it with a 3GS and which apps is it compatible with? (Obviously, Facetime is not one of them…)

    1. Tango~
      I tried to make video calls with my 3Gs on Tango. It was great not only by Wifi, But also by 3G… But I couldn’t show me. I think this will make it possible.

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