Google has the Android Market for app distribution, but GetJar has Angry Birds with an exclusive deal that shuts Google out of the hot game phenomenon. GetJar is an app store with over a billion downloads, and Angry Birds will likely score a few more.

Angry Birds

The popular Angry Birds game is now available for the Android platform through online retailer GetJar for free. GetJar is offering Angry Birds via an ad-supported model the retailer has used in the past through a recent deal with Glu Mobile. How did GetJar get an exclusive on such a hot game like Angry Birds?

GetJar has been pushing the freemium model in the mobile game world by offering premium games to customers at no charge. This is viable, as the sheer volume of app downloads on GetJar (almost 100 million monthly) enables the company to get developers to forego sales. Ad revenues are sufficient to entice developers to go with GetJar over other outlets. The company is quick to point out it’s the number two app store globally (iTunes is no. 1), and as mobile games keep rising in popularity, its position will get even stronger.

Rovio Mobile has built an impressive franchise with Angry Birds, as discussed in this interview with Om Malik. The game has generated millions of paid downloads, and that’s before landing on the hot Android platform. The ad-supported scheme for Android that Rovio and GetJar are employing will bear watching to see how well it performs compared to the paid download model used in iTunes. Angry Birds is available for download from the GetJar online store, but due to heavy demand, the site is currently very slow.

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  1. Unfortunately… Getjars must have only have a Dell E1505 serving the download because the site has been crashing all day now. I have seen “download unsuccessful” too many times already.

  2. Ouriel Ohayon Friday, October 15, 2010

    no, it is not an exclusive deal, you can get it from the android market directly http://getap.ps/+100093070 (use from your android device) and it is ALSO free there

    let s call this more a co-announcement deal.

  3. Jahan Khan Rashid Friday, October 15, 2010

    Android fragmentation is a bitch!! The game needs open gl es 2.0 which loads of older android devices dont have and also some newer ones like the x10, very unhappy, its strange that the beta worked on almost every device though.

    1. Yeah that’s pretty bad. Funny how the game runs flawlessly on Palm Pre and iPhone where the hardware is less than superphone grade.

  4. I have been playing Angry birds on my nokia (symbian) phone for some time and now getting it on my android phone would be amazing..
    I still gotta download it but being little lazy…. But thanks to Angry birds maker for making it free for android :)

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