Guild Star Launches Jeff Lewis 5 Minute Comedy Hour


Guild fans are more than familiar with Jeff Lewis’s particular brand of awkward humor, but how many have wondered how different Lewis is from the character of Vork? Based on the first episode of The Jeff Lewis Five Minute Comedy Hour the answer is… Not really.


Even without Lewis’s trademark gamer accoutrement, it’s still a recognizable sister show to The Guild (especially since Guild co-star Vince Caso appears with his sister — no pun intended).

The execution is solid and the writing, at least in the first episode, works with a solid premise; the game of Tag, as explained to the youth, is pretty ridiculous. It’s not groundbreaking sketch comedy, but the players involved (Sean Becker directs and Kim Evey is credited as a co-producer) are extremely web-savvy. It’ll be interesting to see how things evolve.

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Rob from COIN-OP TV

really enjoyed the first episode and the one I saw at the ‘celebrate the web 2’ — i’m all for subtle and dry humor – I dont think just cause a show is on the web it needs to be all in your face and quick cuts.

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