First Look at Searching Netflix on the Wii

nintendo wii netflix search

Accessing Netflix in your living room keeps getting easier and easier, thanks to recent updates to the service for the Wii and iPhone.

Two weeks ago, Netflix began distributing Watch Instantly streaming discs for the Nintendo Wii that included the ability to search the entire catalog of content, and now thanks to a NewTeeVee reader, we have video of search on the Netflix Wii in action. (Be prepared: To properly capture the drama of this development, YouTube user beerimpact has chosen to score this video with Evanescence.)


While loading doesn’t look to be fast in pace, the video does show that Netflix 1.0.1 has instant search listings which update live.

In addition, Read Write Web points out that the latest version of Netflix’s iPhone and iPod app now supports “video out.”

This means that with the purchase of a $50 component AV cable to connect your device to the TV, you can run Netflix on the big screen without needing any set-top box.

Does that put the iPhone into competition with the new Apple TV (which already has plenty of competitors)? Well, at least in this case, the money still goes to Steve Jobs.

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