Open Thread: Which Apps Do You Want on Your Apple TV?

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Apple started shipping its new Apple TV this week, and it’s become increasingly clear in recent days that the device will eventually have apps. First came the revelation that the second-generation Apple TV is in fact running iOS 4.1, the same operating system that also powers the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. Then we learned that Apple has packed a whopping 8 GB of Flash into the device, despite insisting that the Apple TV is not at all about local storage. So what will those 8GB be used for? Apps, of course.

Finally, there was news yesterday that the jailbreak community has in fact been successful in rooting the Apple TV, opening the door for unauthorized third-party app installs and app stores like Cydia.

The only question left now is: What kind of apps would you like with that box? It’s obvious that developers would have to rewrite any iPad or iPhone apps to get them to work with the  Apple TV, if only for the fact that most living room flat screens simply aren’t touch screens. Also, some of those small screen apps simply might not make sense on a 42-inch screen. And do you really need location-based apps in the living room, just to become major of your couch?

So what do you want? Which existing apps should be ported first, and which new ones have yet to be developed? Let us know in the comments. We promise to email the result to Steve Jobs. Maybe he’ll even write back…

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