Blender Foundation Releases Open Source Movie Sintel

Sintel, an animated short from the Blender Foundation.

The Blender Foundation has just released Sintel, its third animated short film after Elephant’s Dream and Big Buck Bunny. The film can be downloaded for free on the Sintel website or streamed via YouTube, the DivX site or the embed below. Downloads are available in DivX HD, H.264 as well as OVG (Ogg Theora plus subtitles). Users can also separately download subtitles in English, Spanish, French and five other languages.


Sintel is a Sci-Fi / fantasy short film, starring a little girl that befriends a baby dragon, only to face off against a much larger variety of its species to save her unusual friend. The movie was produced with the Blender 3D open source software, and the result as well as all of the raw material is being released under a liberal Creative Commons license that allows commercial reuse. The idea of this approach is to promote Blender as well as give aspiring film makers an idea of how animated movies like these are made.

But we can expect that Sintel will be used in many more contexts as well. Big Buck Bunny and Elephant’s Dream quickly became reference movies of choice, thanks to their liberal licensing terms, and were used to demonstrate pretty much everything from P2P streaming software to video codecs.

Sintel was produced with a total budget of nearly €400,000 ($550,000), and the production involved a team of up to 14 people working full time. Finishing the movie took more than a year.

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