Green Overdrive: Drop the Kids Off in An E-Mini Van!


Tom Gage, the CEO of AC Propulsion, originally introduced Tesla’s founding execs Martin Eberhard and Elon Musk, and Tesla’s pioneering electric sports car the Roadster is based on a drive train from AC Propulsion. But instead of going into business with Tesla, Gage and AC Propulsion kept chugging away at selling its electric vehicle technology to automakers, (no regrets he tells me in an interview) and most recently helped Taiwanese car maker Yulon build the luxury electric minivan called the Luxgen MPV. It’s pretty slick looking, with its pimped out screens, leather interior and roomy 7-passenger seating. It’s also got an official 200-mile cruising range (but closer to “over 100” to 150 miles for more hardcore driving, as Gage notes) so all you green soccer moms won’t have to worry about range anxiety.


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