Target will become the neighborhood electronic store with the addition of six models of the Apple iPad in stores. The models will start at $499 and will be joining the Kindle at the nation’s second largest discount chain. Target shoppers can get them at a discount.


Target will soon become the neighborhood electronics store with the addition of all six models of the Apple iPad in stores. The models will start at $499 (the same pricing as Apple’s online and brick and mortar stores) and will join the Kindle at the nation’s second-largest discount chain. The move to sell iPads is good for both Apple and Target, as the exposure to the devices will be significant given the chain’s foot traffic.

The retail giant will handle the entire iPad line, consisting of 16, 32 and 64GB versions of both the Wi-Fi and Wi-Fi/ 3G models. Executives have pointed out that the tablets from Apple are elegible for Target’s 5 percent discount for store credit-card holders, making them cheaper than buying elsewhere. The appearance of the iPad and the Kindle in Target is good exposure to technology products for the average Joe who might never see them otherwise. The vast majority of the population has never seen these gadgets in person, and they’re often best appreciated when tried in the hand; gadgets can intimidate some folks by their very nature, so having them in a familiar setting may be just the ticket to get registers to ring.

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  1. Jurgen From Germany Friday, September 24, 2010

    Dis ist gut !

    iPad UBBER ALLES !
    iPad ubber alles !
    iPad ubber alles !

    Herr Jobs is wunderbar !

  2. This is like so awesome. It about time us 5 percenters can get some quality stuff. I sure hope that the pad get choice real estate to prominantly pimp itself directly adjacent to the lame Kindle. The choice is obvious what to buy and of course if you are in a Target you can most certainly afford the mighty iPad while the poor folk go lookin for Kindles at the Wallymart.:-)

  3. Could this spell the beginning of the end of the Kindle ?

  4. IPads have been at Best Buys for sometime now. I think much of the population goes to Best Buy. That is where I purchased mine. Cheaper sales tax.

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