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After Leno showed us his green garage the other week, Leno took the all-electric Tesla Roadster 2.5 for a spin.


After Jay Leno gave us a tour of his green garage (with three 1900’s electric cars) a couple weeks ago, Leno spent some time with the latest generation of Tesla’s Roadster 2.5. The all-electric Roadster 2.5 has a variety of design upgrades as well as a faster 0 to 60 acceleration time. Here’s his test drive video clip:

And our tour of his green garage:

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  1. Go Jay, go green.

    It’s a matter of the economy and environment Jay, it’s no joke. The USA imports 60% of our oil. A gas car is 80% in efficient wasting most of that energy in heat and friction while making deadly pollution.

    Just like our friend Ed Begely Jr tells us it’s a big problem and we can all work together to solar it while also making AMerica strong again.

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