To the critics that say Nokia (NYSE: NOK) wouldn’t be cleaning house right now if it had adopted Android like so many other handset manufact…

Nokia Headquarters in Finland
photo: Corbis / Joel W. Rogers

To the critics that say Nokia (NYSE: NOK) wouldn’t be cleaning house right now if it had adopted Android like so many other handset manufactures, Nokia’s outgoing head of its smartphone division, Anssi Vanjoki, had something clever to say: If Nokia were to adopt Google’s Android it would be like boys who

  1. “But if differentiation is what Nokia is seeking, then it should seriously consider Microsoft’s Windows Phone.”

    What exactly is meant by that? From what i know WP7 is much stricter on differentiation between devices compared to Android.

  2. your article is confusing. first you say that the pee analogy is clever and true (becuse there are, or soon will be, more OS’s that will compete with Android – and then you go in to imply Nokia is wasting time and money by not adopting Android….?

  3. Thanks for the comments!

    @Anonymous: You are right, this time around Microsoft is not going to allow for much differentiation. But most handset makers right now are investing heavily in Android — not Microsoft. If Nokia bank heavily on Windows Phone 7, it would end up standing out from the rest. It also has the volumes to negotiate some level of differentiation.

    @schmerkle: Nokia is spending a lot of money on building its own platforms. It would save money by partnering with Android, or pretty much any other platform, like Windows Phone 7….It’s spending more than Apple on software development. The analogy is true because the other handset makers were desperate and had no other choice but to adopt Android (just like children pee in their pants to warm up).

  4. It’s not that the pants are wet, it’s that it is WINTER and your pants are wet.

  5. As a volume producer, Nokia have little option but to adopt Android, painful though that may be. In fact, I’ll bet one UK pound that id they don’t, they’ll be dying in three years, dead in five. If your pants are wet (and Nokia’s been doing worse than that in their pants), then CHANGE them.

  6. Martin Moeller Friday, November 19, 2010

    Could not really make sense out of it. Make hardware the differentiator and not the software. Moreover HTC Builds both Windows and Android, Why should Nokia not do the same, after all it will be one more model in the stack. Get the warmth now and change your pants when the effect goes off ;)

  7. First Word Perfect, then IBM, then Rank Xerox and now Nokia.

  8. Obstinacy and an unwillingness to adapt will result in the demise of any company. Especially for a tech company, the death will be swift and spectacular.

    Android, or do a kickass job with Meego (with Intel and AMD’s support). If Meego, try to convince manufacturers such as HTC or Sony Ericsson to came out with a few Meego devices of their own.

    Nokia has hardware excellence. Now, it’s time for the software to catch up. Your move, Mr Elop.

    Symbian fanboys keep harping on the technical excellence of Symbian… once upon a time Betamax also said it was technically superior to VHS.

  9. It’s also about beliefs and ideals, I support Android because it is free (free as in freedom not free as in free beer), if Nokia released an Android phone that would be great, if they adopted Windows Phone (and I absolutely agree with what Anonymous said) then I would probably look for a different brand of phone.

  10. nokia will fall, it will! he thinks he challenges Sony Ericsson, Samsung and others? ok then. never get android on your phone


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