Salesforce.com today announced it will be releasing a mobile client for Chatter, its enterprise social networking service, this fall. Salesforce knows that for social applications — and even all enterprise applications — mobile is becoming increasingly important as workers expect to do business on the go.


Salesforce.com, the customer relationship management software company, today said it will release a mobile client for Chatter, its enterprise social networking service some time this fall. Chatter Mobile users will be able to monitor their Chatter feeds — including posts from colleagues and alerts from apps — as well as post status updates, upload documents and photos, and comment on relevant conversations using their mobile devices.

As Salesforce.com chairman and founder Marc Benioff told the GigaOM Structure 2010 conference, Salesforce.com is trying to learn from Facebook’s success in the consumer space and apply it to the enterprise. The social aspects of Saleforce.com’s offerings, such as Chatter, aren’t just additions to the company’s services, Benioff said; they are “integrated deeply into our core architecture.” With this Chatter Mobile announcement, it seems that the company has taken note of the fact that Facebook users who access the service through a mobile device are twice as active as those who do not, and is hoping it will see a corresponding increase in engagement with Chatter Mobile.

Of course, it’s not just Salesforce.com that’s trying to take advantage of the opportunities presented by the intersection of cloud computing and the mobile web: Indeed, it’s one of the key topics that will be discussed at our Mobilize conference later this month. Chatter Mobile apps for BlackBerry, iPad, iPhone and the new iPod touch are currently scheduled to be available in late 2010. Chatter Mobile for Android is slated for the first half of 2011. Chatter Mobile will be available at no additional charge to existing Salesforce CRM and Force.com subscribers.

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