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As we create more information on the web, how do we keep from drowning in the data deluge? “Digital intuition” software such as my6Sense can help — the free software arrives today for Android and aggregates information from multiple data source while surfacing important content.


My6Sense today expanded availability of its “digital intuition” software and home screen widget to Google Android, which joins the iOS version that launched in December of 2009. The free software aggregates information from multiple data sources, but helps to surface important content with a personalized prioritization algorithm. My6Sense currently supports data from RSS feeds, social networks such as Twitter and Facebook and, new in the Android edition, Google Buzz.

I last used my6Sense shortly after it launched, but had to leave it behind when I moved from an iPhone to my Nexus One in January. When I was using the application, I found it could keenly separate the wheat from the chaff in my hundreds of RSS feeds and in my social networks. The software learns what information is relevant to a user by monitoring what data bits are read as opposed to those that are simply skipped or marked as read. Sharing is built into the software, so interesting stories can be sent to friends; my6Sense classifies shared stories as important too. Over time, the software appears intuitive and helps users focus their time and energy on reading things that they’re already interested in.


As the global population starts drowning in data — 1.2 million petabytes of digital data are expected to be created this year alone — and consumers can access such information nearly anywhere on a handheld, management of that data will become increasingly important. Solutions to find relevant information among the constant bombardment of tweets, pokes, check-ins and posts are just now starting to trend; Google’s Priority Inbox is another recent example. The last few years may have invoked the rise of social networks and content creation, but I expect to see more solutions such as my6Sense to help us manage the data deluge in the near future. Indeed, well over a year ago, Om pointed out that effective discovery of Internet information would be a disruptor — and that’s how I’d classify such tools like my6Sense: intelligent disruptors to help us navigate through the web.


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