Today on the Net: Skype expands the number of users that can video chat at once from five to 10 in its latest beta release, the BBC iPlayer will be available on more devices and LG is embedding Plex media center software in its TVs.

Latest Skype Beta Offers Group Video Calls for 10; the 10-person group video calling feature follows a five-person beta test and is being offered as a “free trial,” which suggests users will eventually have to pay for the feature. (ComputerWorld)

BBC iPlayer Coming to More TV Devices; the the BBC iPlayer will be on the iPad, as well as pretty much any modern internet-connected TV with a browser. (BBC Internet Blog)

Plex and LG Bring TV To All Your Devices; today LG announced that in 2011 it will integrate Plex into its range of Netcast-enabled HDTVs and Blu-ray devices, making Plex a video solution for mobile, PC and TV. (VentureBeat)

Video: Here Is Google TV Running On Sony Internet TV; Sony unveiled a connected TV running the Google TV OS, with a number of apps, including a Chrome browser used to browse the web. (paidContent)

Netgear and Roku Team Up for the Roku XD Player; according to an FCC fling, the Roku XD Player has the model number NTV250 and features 802.11 b/g/n wireless as well as HDMI, composite and Ethernet connectivity. (Wireless Goodness)

Hurt Locker Subpoenas Arrive With Higher Demands; US Copyright Group have finally gotten around to getting subpoenas out to ISPs in the Hurt Locker lawsuit. (TechDirt)

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