While electric vehicle maker ZAP has had its fair share of less-than-stellar press, we took a road trip up to Santa Rosa to check out what the company is actually producing. We found a manual SUV electric taxi, a low-speed Zappy scooter and Al Unser Jr.!

Green Overdrive Video: Al Unser Jr. Gets ZAPped

ZAP, one of the oldest electric vehicle makers out there, has gotten some less-than-stellar press for under delivering on some big promises. But we went to take a look around their head quarters in Santa Rosa, Calif, to see what they’ve been actually building and working on. The company recently said it’s bought out half of China auto company Jonway and says it plans to buy out the other half next year. What did we find on our trip? An electric SUV taxi being built with Jonway, ZAP’s old-school low speed EV scooters and two-time Indy 500 winner, Al Unser Jr., who told us what it was like to drive ZAP’s three-wheeled high speed entrant in the Auto-X-Prize, the Alias. Check out our trip to ZAP in this week’s Green Overdrive (and catch up on previous episodes):

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By Katie Fehrenbacher

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  1. Katie, Chris, thankz for coming up to ZAP and getting the real story. ~ Alex Campbell, ZAP

  2. Would enjoy reading the article on ZAP ?? Do you email them out?
    Thomas Schaefer

  3. Katie Fehrenbacher Friday, August 27, 2010

    @Tom, We do have an email newsletter, if you input your email address in the subscribe here input box on the home page, we can start getting it sent to you.

  4. Way off subject but I know I cant be the only one who noticed this… did that Steven guy just pull that shirt out of the package? Cheezy! Just like Zap and their Chinese products.

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    Is it possible that you can send me your articles on regular basis through email or through hard capy like fax, etc??? As I have found ZAP very interesting and informative.

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