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Boxee users can now find new movies for streaming just as easily as they’ve been able to explore TV content, thanks to a new movie library that’s part of the latest software update. The movie library offers access to content from Hulu, YouTube and indie partners.

boxee movie library

Boxee users can now access thousands of indie movies, thanks to new partnerships with Mubi, EZTakes, Indie Movies Online and Openfilm.

Content from Boxee’s new partners is accessible through a new movie library that is part of a software update Boxee is releasing today. The library complements the existing directory of TV shows, which has been available since the launch of Boxee’s beta in January. From the Boxee announcement:

“The Movie Library makes it easy to find, watch, or queue movies you like. Moving forward, it will include movies from additional online movie services and directly from studios, so while the movie selection will grow, the experience and ease of discovery will remain the same.”

Most of the titles available through the movie library are ad-supported. A quick browse revealed that there are a lot of little-known flicks, but some of the more recognizable titles include HOME, Betty Blue and The Newsroom. The movie library also offers access to a number of ad-supported movies from Hulu and YouTube. Boxee’s VP of marketing Andrew Kippen told me that Boxee should have more premium movie content available by the end of the year.

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