Polaroid will be releasing a new PoGo photo printer in time for the holiday season, and have released an Android app to interface with the printer. Android owners can take photos, add captions and send them via Bluetooth to the PoGo for printing in 50 seconds.

Polaroid PoGo

We first came across the Polaroid PoGo wireless printer two years ago, and were surprised to hear it’s not only still around, but getting a refresh, including an Android app for sending photos from the phone to the printer. The new PoGo features a larger print format — 3×4 inches — and uses Zero Ink (ZINK) technology that prints using heat.

The new PoGo won’t be out until the holiday season later this year, but Polaroid has already released an Android app to interface with the little printer. Android phone owners can take photos, add text captions and send them via Bluetooth to the PoGo for printing in 50 seconds. You’ll be able to give Grandma a hardcopy photo the next time you visit. The Android app is free, and the new PoGo will set you back around $150 with the 30 photo refill packs costing around $20. Hey, Grandma is worth it.

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  1. Or if you’re on a budget, you could get the Pogo printer with 2×3 prints from Amazon for $39. Works with Android too, though no extra app for adding captions. (but you can always grab another freebie app for that) http://www.zatznotfunny.com/2010-06/insta-print-your-cell-phone-pics/

  2. You can get same day delivery of the 2×3 PoGo via Amazon Fresh for $40 (I’ve got Big Radish status so they delivered mine for free) if you live in the Amazon Fresh foot print.

    I’ve wanted to write an iPhone app for the thing but Apple locks down the Bluetooth so you need a certificate to unlock a specific device. And of course they only issue the certificate to the registered owner of the device’s bluetooth ID. Which is a pain when the owner doesn’t seem to care about writing an app. :-(

    Anyway, I gave up on the iPhone so it’s happy days now that I have the official app for my EVO! Thanks James!

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