Feel like you’ve been seeing a lot more ads on Hulu lately? Guess what, you’re right: New numbers from comScore show that close to 84 percent of all videos shown on Hulu are now advertisements. That makes Hulu by far the biggest video ad network.

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Hulu has been taking a dive in comScore’s monthly video metrics since the market research company recalibrated the way it is measuring online video last month. However, comScore’s new reporting methodology reveals that Hulu reigns supreme in ad viewing, and offers some interesting insights into the frequency with which Hulu is showing ads to its users. Turns out that close to 84 percent of all videos shown on Hulu are actually ads.

comScore used to list Hulu as the second most popular site after YouTube up until May 2010, but then changed its metrics to separate ad views from actual content. The online TV platform fell to spot ten in comScore’s June 2010 Video Metrix as a result of this, a position that it kept for the just-released July numbers, which show Hulu clocking close to 154 million video views and attracting some 28.46 million video viewers. Just as a frame of reference: YouTube and Google’s other video sites generated just shy of 1.9 billion views with more than 143 million viewers in the same time.

Still, there’s not much of a reason for Hulu to shed tears about the accounting changes. The new methodology reveals the site to be the king of video advertising, showing more ads than the two biggest video ad networks combined in July (783.3 million ads vs. 451.86 million for Tremor Media and 248.35 for Brightroll).

In fact, comparing the June and July numbers actually reveals that Hulu has been stepping up its ad game. In June, 81.63 percent of all videos shown on Hulu.com were ads. In July, that number grew to 83.58 percent. Increasing ad monetization by showing more ads per piece of content certainly makes sense in order to increase revenue, especially in light of reports that Hulu may be preparing for an IPO. Of course, one has to wonder how much further Hulu can turn the dial before users get fed up with too many ads.

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  2. I don’t understand how to read these newly formatted comscore stats?
    – Youtube had 1,8B viewing sessions (not views) of 282min?
    – Hulu had 153M viewing sessions of 158min (2,5Hours)?
    How many views or videos does that correspond to?

    A few months ago, in the old format, comscore said
    – YouTube had 10B views of 3minutes
    – Hulu had 1B views of 7mins

    Even if you consider the Ad views separately, I don’t see the match

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  5. How in the world did you get those percentages? 81.63% of videos shown on Hulu are ads for June? I really see no way to arrive at those numbers given the comscore data…

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