jkOnTheRun Gets Better, Easier to Use!


This site has been a proud member of the GigaOM family for two years now, and things just keep getting better! One of the continual goals for jkOnTheRun is to provide the best experience for visitors, and that means making the site easier to use. You’ve no doubt noticed the subtle changes to the site design that have been rolled out, and soon you’ll see the performance of the site improve. The new changes have been implemented to make visiting jkOnTheRun as pleasant for the readers as possible.

These changes are being rolled out across the entire GigaOM family, so everyone can benefit no matter which site is being visited. The header at the top has been unified across the network, so it’s now easier to find desirable content no matter where it lies. The benefit will be immediate for jkOnTheRun as our content will be exposed to a huge new audience.

These changes don’t affect the content you are used to seeing here on the site. They’re intended to make it a easier for you to find what you are looking for, and enjoy reading it. You can still subscribe to the content at jkOnTheRun via email, follow us on Twitter (@jkontherun), Facebook, and get the RSS feed with everything as usual.

Om Malik describes the changes best:

Of course, many of the industries we obsess about– online video, mobile devices, collaboration, cloud computing and clean technologies among many others — are converging and are influencing the outcomes of others. Mobile devices redefine the meaning of collaboration, just as data centers for cloud computing drive up need for power, including clean power.

So what we’ve done is build a back-end system to showcase content from across the network, each one picking out the pieces that meet the needs of their unique set of readers. Our objective is to give you a more-frequently updated, more in-depth, 360-degree view of the technology business we so obviously love.

We’re anxious to know if you find the changes makes the site better to use. Please let us know in the comments, as you’re the reason we are here.

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