Apple recently opened doors to its newest and largest store in London’s Covent Garden. The 10-year-old retail phenomenon is becoming a monster. Each store brings in on average $35.9 million in sales, which continues to rise. And visitors continue to mob them.

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Updated. Earlier this month Apple opened doors to its newest and largest store in London’s Covent Garden. We thought it was time to give the 10-year-old retail phenomenon a new look. Apple’s retail store sales for their most recent quarter were $2.58 billion. Each store brings in an average of $35.9 million in sales, which continue to rise as visitors continue to stream in.

Update: The Missouri Apple Stores have been added. We apologize for the omission.

Infographic developed for GigaOM by Column Five Media

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  1. 5 in PA? If only any were within 2 hours of me. How about it Apple, where’s my State College Apple Store?

    1. To be fair, nothing’s within 2 hours of State College. Ha!
      But if I may, and only cause I think this infographic isn’t fully conveying the true power of the Apple stores. A month ago I was visiting the heartland. Went into an Apple store, middle of the day, weekday, and realized the place was packed! (No, no launches that day). I took a pic with my trusty iPhone, naturally.


      They are selling high-margin devices in the middle of a great recession and rolling in money.

      1. Wow. Huge bump in site visits to see that picture. Thanks GigaOm and readers.

  2. this infographic needs work. mo looks like there are 0 stores but I think there are at least 3. so you lose me on the rest of the data when I spot an obvious error.

  3. Column Five Media put together an interesting infographic covering details of Apple’s retail stores, both in the US and globally. Wednesday, August 11, 2010

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  4. Your map is wrong. Both Kansas City and St Louis, Missouri have a store so Missouri, which you show as having 0 stores has at least 2.

  5. Um, what about the two stores in Missouri. Both Kansas City and St. Louis have one.

  6. Not that it’s a huge deal, but, Missouri has 3 Apple Stores… Your map shows 0…

  7. interesting derivative of this dataset > 47 stores in CA (36 million population) vs. 70 on the eastern seaboard for 115 million population.

  8. I just wish they would recruit less arrogant people who had a clue about computing. They have big problems with people who have not believed all the mis information that was contained in that famous series of Mac ads. If I wanted to buy Apple products the one place I would never buy them from is an Apple store.

  9. Your map is wrong. There’s 2 stores in Missouri, one in KC and one in St Louis

    1. Actually, Apple’s site says there are two in St. Louis, to make a total of 3 stores in MO…

      Again, not a huge deal, but, odd it’d get missed like that…

      1. Sorry guys — we got it fixed. Error is regretted. The graphic is updated. Go Cardinals.

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