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Apple TV, we hardly knew ya… Engadget is reporting today that Apple will rename its living room device to iTV to closer lign up with the branding of other iProducts. There’s also news about the specs of the device: It won’t be able to play 1080p.

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Apple will retire its Apple TV product name for the next iteration of the product, according to a post from Engadget. The new name actually isn’t all that new, Engadget reminds us:

“Interestingly, that was the name of the Apple TV when it was originally announced by the company, so it appears Steve and friends aren’t so much moving forward as going back to their innocent, untainted roots.”

The name change could have to do with Apple’s increased willingness to license some trademarks in order to unify its product lines. The company only recently started licensing the iOS trademark from Cisco, and would likely have to do the same with the new Apple TV name, which is identical to the name of a U.K. broadcast network.

Other than the name change, Engadget also reports some news about the specs of the device: Apparently, it won’t be able to play back 1080p or 1080i streams due to hardware constraints. That could offer an opening for competitors like Boxee and Logitech, whose upcoming devices are going to support full 1080p HD.

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  1. Check out this blog post of the designer of the first Apple TV five years ago. He posted an in-depth analysis and prediction of Apple iTV. http://jet-stream.nl/blog/2010/08/apple-itv/

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