Sprint has begun rolling out the Android 2.2 (Froyo) update as promised to owners of the EVO 4G. To maintain good update server speeds, the update will be released in phases, and will appear when available. Manual updating can be done in the phone’s settings.

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Sprint has begun rolling out the Android 2.2 (Froyo) update as promised to owners of the EVO 4G. To maintain good update server speeds, the update will be released to owners in phases and will appear on the phone when available. A manual software update can be run on the EVO to get the update without waiting.

I’ve been running the update since it was leaked inadvertently a few days ago by HTC, EVO’s manufacturer, and Froyo is a solid improvement over the last version. The phone performance is better in all areas; full Flash 10.1 support is activated; and 4G speeds have improved solidly.

Some early updaters are concerned over a deterioration of browser performance since updating to Froyo, but that is likely the result of the new Flash support. Many web sites have Flash ads or other widgets on the page, and the new Flash support in the browser means such pages will load slower due to the loading of these widgets. The Android browser allows Flash to be turned off to avoid such issues, but an even better solution is to change the setting to Flash on demand. This keeps the embedded page Flash elements from loading initially, yet they can be tapped to fire up if desired. Flash video can be viewed on a web page by simply tapping it when set to on-demand playing. I’m not seeing any performance issues on my EVO with Flash set up this way.

A significant addition the update brings to the to the EVO is the ability to do voice dialing over a Bluetooth headset. This is working well after the update and makes operation in a car much easier (and safer).

Another new feature in Froyo is the ability to install apps on the SD card instead of using the integrated memory storage. This keeps the EVO from running out of local memory, which prevents the installation of additional apps when that occurs. The ability to load a given app to SD card must be activated by the app, so most apps will require an update by the developer to allow this. You can move apps already installed to local memory if the app allows it by going to the Manage Applications section in Settings. Tap on the app you wish to move, and a “Move to SD” button will be visible if the app allows it. Moving an app to SD frees up the internal program memory immediately.

I’m pleased with Froyo on the EVO, as it makes a good phone even better. I highly recommend EVO owners apply the update as soon as it’s convenient.

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  1. For those of you who have not yet received the FroYo update – you can still watch Flash videos on your android device by downloading Skyfire Mobile Browser

  2. Is anyone else experiencing a delay in gmail after the update?

  3. This is kind of weak seeing the HTC Hero users don’t get the update and it improves performance of the phone. I am not upgrading to the Evo because of the release of the new Windows Phone 7. Why can’t Sprint keeps it’s customers happy with a simple update?

  4. They should release Froyo to the Hero. It improves performance and the Hero can truly use a boost in the performance department. I am not going to the Evo because I am waiting for the Windows Phone 7 to come out in October/November! Sprint? Are you listening? Reward your loyal customers please!

    1. Sprint can’t release Froyo until HTC releases it…and since HTC has said they have no plans to do so, no Froyo for the Hero.

  5. They also tweaked the 4G dis-connect/re-connect timers from 300 seconds to 10 seconds. This explained why I had to turn 4G off and then back on to “kick” it previously because I wasn’t waiting 10 minutes for the phone to run both timers down before letting me back on 4G. Now it runs the pattern in 20 seconds. Much more reasonable!

  6. James
    Where is the on demand setting? Is it the one for plug-ins?
    Also, have you noticed worse battery life following the update?

    1. Yes, the plugins setting is the one. My battery life seems the same.

    2. My battery life is definitely worse with the Froyo update…my 16 hour battery life has decreased to about 12.

  7. The leaked update is not the same as the OTA. The version numbers are different. The leaked one ends in .3, the OTA in .6.

  8. I don’t see a speed increase. Maybe it will show up in benchmarks.
    If anything adding flash has made sites with flash slower. Flash for the most part
    is a big waste of time on a smartphone. Android as a whole even after loading froyo feels unfinished. Eventhough I complain about how bad Android is its still better than what will be released out of Redmond especially if the Kin is the precursor of what’s to come.

    1. The Linpack benchmark I’ve run jumps from 6 – 8 MFlops to 36 with Froyo. It’s the only benchmark I’ve run.

    2. Bluetooth accuracy is right around 20% . About 2 out of 10 calls are correct. How is everyone else fairing? Is there a lot oh s##t end call going around? I’m using a jawbone icon. I can’t believe how bad it is because 3 year old blackberrys are spot on 99% of the time.

  9. Finally the EVO can better compete with the iPhone4 well sorta better than before the update fo sho.

    One day Android will beat that darn Apple phone…one day soon.

    1. Why do you care? Why do people have this obsession with “beating” the iPhone? How old are you? Five? Get a freaking life.

      We all have different needs and different tastes. Some of us go for Android, others iPhone, Blackberry and the soon to be Windows Phone 7. If anything the success of the iPhone is fueling growth on the Android platform which is ultimately helping you.

      Stop worrying about “beating” the iPhone and be content with having a great device on a great platform.

  10. Is there a skype app with the froyo update other than fring? Did it load flashlight into my apps? I certainly don’t remember there in my apps before? My son likes using that app, lol.

    1. Flashlight is new with the Froyo update. There is no Skype for the EVO, so Fring is it for now.

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