Android devices have outsold that of Apple iOS4 handsets for the first time on record in the U.S., according to a Nielson survey. Worldwide, Android is a force too — up 886 percent from a year ago. Nokia is still the king, but for how long?

Sales of Google Android phones in the U.S. are rising so quickly, the devices have outsold Apple handsets for the first time on record. New smartphone subscribers choosing Google phones accounted for 27 percent of U.S. smartphone sales, the Nielsen Company will announce this morning, nudging past the 23 percent share held by Apple. But Android isn’t just a U.S. phenomenon: Canalys today estimates that Android handset sales grew 886 percent worldwide from the year ago quarter.

It’s easier to show stellar growth in the beginning of  a product cycle, but Android is nearly two years old. One could make the valid argument that Android really began to mature over the past year with Android 2.1, so from that standpoint, Google’s platform is still an infant when compared to iOS4, BlackBerry and other mobile operating systems. But the uptake of Android among handset-makers is another factor in such growth. Motorola’s Mobile Device division has swung from losses to profits on the back of Android, for example. And HTC — once primarily a Windows Mobile phone maker — embraced Android even as Microsoft’s mobile platform is undergoing a major facelift. The result? HTC revenues were up 66 percent in June from a year ago.

As hot a seller as Google Android phones are right now, its user base isn’t the most satisfied with their device. When surveying current Android device owners, Nielson found that 71 percent would buy an Android phone again. That sounds like a high loyalty rating, but it falls noticeably short when asking iPhone owners about their next handset — 89 percent are happy with iOS4 and plan to buy a future Apple handset.

Both the Android and iOS4 platforms still trail the 33 percent U.S. share held by Research in Motion’s BlackBerry devices, but for many, BlackBerry needs an overhaul. One half of the current BlackBerry owners surveyed don’t want another RIM device when it comes time to upgrade, but instead are looking at replacements running either Google’s or Apple’s mobile platform. Even with the top market share spot in the U.S., RIM share has been trending down because the current devices are seen as inferior when it comes to browsing or offering apps. That should change tomorrow as RIM is holding a press event where it is widely expected the company will debut its new BlackBerry 6 operating system and potentially new devices, such as a tablet.

Given that the U.S. currently has the largest smartphone user base — Canalys estimates 14.7 million smartphones were purchased in the U.S. last quarter — it’s easy to overlook the current king of smartphone sales globally: Nokia. In the second quarter of 2010, the Finnish phone-maker sold 23.8 million handsets. Nokia saw a 41 percent growth rate over the prior year’s second quarter sales, which sounds positive, but when compared to Android’s 886 percent gain, Nokia’s growth pales in comparison. The overall smartphone market is growing, which is lifting sales of nearly all. But some — like Android — are clearly growing far faster than others.

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  1. Stats, stats, and more stats…They’re everywhere…

    Keep hearing about how many android phones are sold – But, iPhone grew usage share at over twice the pace of Android – http://bit.ly/91Ybc1

    What to believe?

    1. Both.
      Verizon has buy one get one free.
      so a lot of people buy them but don’t
      know how to use so the usage is not
      that great.

      1. But Verizon smart phone users on average are using more data compared to AT&T smart phone users so your comment holds no water.

    2. Statistics and survey ….

      How do they define ‘usage’ share?

      Also, 89% iPhone users say they will by iPhone again just means they have higher ‘loyalty’ to the brand. Don’t mean ‘satisfaction’ as one can argue, you don’t like it but because your friends all have it …

      1. iphone users are just fanboys. :)

      2. … and it highlights a key strategic blunder by Apple! They have high loyalty, yet by exclusiving themselves to AT&T, they limited penetration. Tragic! Now they have missed the chance to have that stat be about 89% of all phone users as opposed to 89% of AT&T users. Layer that on with the fact that 0% of those users probably want to repeat with AT&T and you get to…?

      3. You can’t reason with an Apple user. If Apple packaged a box filled with dogshit, and labeled it iManure, it would sell to a select, unthinking, unreasonable group.

      4. It is this kind of deep analysis sarcasm that has created the fanboy culture. There is nothing that strengths a person’s resolve to defend they preference than shared persecution via such knuckle headed comments. Without knowing it, it’s people like you who are fanatics; the denigrating intensity of your remarks is akin to that of cult members who feel an inexplicable propensity to insult others in a desperate attempt to have them give up what works for them in exchange for what you think would be better for them. Pathetic!

        It is comments like this that will forever make me a iFANBOY FOR LIFE!!!

        And by all means keep those nasty insults coming because nothing that you say will ever stop us from buying the products that we feel will enhance our lives in the very same way that you think that whatever you buy will enhance your lives.



    3. They’re completely unrelated. Amount of web usage share gives an indication about device usability, customer satisfaction or other metrics. Sales numbers are a very clear indication for the financial success of devices.

      Just because you’re unable to find a direct correlation between two completely unrelated data sets, doesn’t mean one of them is wrong.

      1. “Sales numbers are a very clear indication for the financial success of devices.” I’m not sure I buy that. You can “sell” huge amounts of devices, but it they’re buy-one-get-one-free or at super low margins, the manufacturers aren’t making money. I haven’t seen recent numbers, but it’s widely considered that regardless of total market share, the Apple is taking the biggest slice of smartphone profits. In calendar Q2 2010 Nokia, Samsung, and LG all reported decreased margins, in LG’s case a NEGATIVE margin of 3.5% (i.e. they’re losing money on each device).

    4. The reason is simple: this article, like many others is based on a false premise — that you can compare a phone to an OS. The iPhone is a phone, Android is an OS. Apple’s iPhone OS is iOS.

      iOS devices, namely iPhone + iPod Touch + iPad sell at 2 -3 times the rate of even the most inflated Android statistics. Thus, iOS usage share is growing faster.

      You have two choices either compare Android to iOS, or compare iPhone to say Motorola Droid. Don’t come up with phony baloney comparisons for the sole purpose of making Android look good.

      1. Ted,

        This is EXACTLY what i was thinking while reading this article. could not have said it better myself

        Not to mention Android OS is available through multiple providers on multiple types of phones (Motorolla, HTC etc….) the iphone is just the iphone available only through AT&T (for now at least)

      2. Good call and catch!

      3. @Ted T
        WELL SAID! I always think about this whenever I hear a fandroid saying Android is going to beat the iPhone in terms of market share. It has always sounded peculiar to me that like you rightly say a multi-device OS is being compared to a phone. But I think I know why people are “deliberately” making this error. After many failed attempts at coming up with an iPhone Killer fandroids think that by playing up the success of the Android they well find the salvation in Android that other would be iPhone Killers could never deliver. What is needed are the numbers for the Droid X, HTC Evo etc etc stacked up against the iPhone.

        But what’s really worrying is that these numbers are being generated by marketing companies who should know better, unless off course these marketing companies stand to benefit from presenting this highly distorted picture of what is happening on the ground.

        Or maybe it’s just Kevin C. Tofel trying to generate some traffic for gigaom.com if this is the case then Kevin is a very sad little man. Shame on you because you should know better. I think you would have really come out as a smart guy if you had raised this obvious error in comparison.

      4. It’s a comparison of phones. There is one phone using iOS, and that’s the iphone. Thus, comparing iOS to Android in a phone competition effectively means ‘iphone vs the Android OS’. Attempting to count ipods or other non-phone devices would be kind of, I don’t know, dishonest and fanboyish.

        TLDR- It -is- an operating system comparison, and no, we won’t count your mp3 player in a smartphone survey.

      5. Ted nailed it. Two different business models.

        Google = give away OS to get ad revenue. Attractive to hardware manufacturers. We’ll see if it produces the revenue.

        Apple = give away OS to get hardware and app revenue. So far so good.

        Microsoft = ?

      6. That would not be true. The stats shown here are for “phones” running android, and all iphones ( that is iphone 2g, 3g, 3gs, and the iphone 4 ). So thats comparing apples to apples only and not oranges. Comparing all of iOS, would then require you to also count non phones running android devices, like tablets and net books, which is not the scope of this stat.

    5. Well I tend to believe hard sales numbers as opposed to US centric general internet usage sites which are notoriously inaccurate.

      Just sayin’.

    6. According to that site, Android market share increased 9-fold in the last year (0.02% -> 0.18%) while iPhone only increased 2-fold (0.35% -> 0.70%).

      iPhone had a big head start so it will take a little longer for Android to cache up with the installed iPhone base. But clearly Android is growing much faster now and iPhone market share is actually declining.

    7. Android definitely is outselling iPhone and the trend is accelerating – that is a verified fact. iPhone has been selling for longer, so there are far more iPhones around than Android so there is more iPhone usage – that is another fact. So both statements are true and make perfect sense.

      Also with regard to the satisfaction survey, a great deal depends on how you pose the questions. A possible explanation as to why iPhone users are so keen to buy a new iPhone might be because iPhones are not upgradable. Android phones on the other hand are mostly upgradable to the latest version of Android. This means a large part of the Android phone user base polled will not want to buy a new phone at all and won’t show up in the poll since they want to carry using their existing Android phone.

      1. How can you say that iPhones are not upgradable and Android phones are? There are constant releases to upgraded software – iOS 4.0 being the latest. I have an iPhone 3GS and I decided not to buy an iPhone 4 because the OS upgrade was sufficient for my needs.

        Granted I would have to have bought an iPhone 4 if I wanted the improved hardware – but isn’t that true of all devices – Android phones included? You have to buy a new device if you want hardware upgrades?

        Your comment makes no sense.

  2. Although not a very big sample, I think the results of the survey are illuminating and along expected lines. It will be interesting to further drill down as to what was the composition of the Android or iPhone respondents. My theory would be people of earlier versions of Android will be less satisfied than those on the newer versions. Nevertheless, there is no doubt that the Android is catching up with Apple and is nicely placed to overtake Apple (if it not already has) in very near future.

    The Android OS has got the basic things in place, now Google can concentrate in finishing the rough edges. I am confident that the next release of Android will plug lot of holes for the Android. The recent iPhone 4 episode has only helped Android.

    If Apple does not get its act together (rather soon), I am afraid it will have to settle for the second position…

    1. Android users make me laugh.

      Will Droidtards explain to me why market share matters to HTC or why market share matters to Motorola.

      Droidtards, love to talk about market share as if it really meant something to anyone except for bragging rights. Its like these guys cannot look beyond market share and not realize it means nothing. Are you guys that uneducated?

      Let me show you a couple of headlines you will never see:
      1. Android Profits Overtake iPhone in the U.S.
      2. (place company name here) Introduces the Droid Killer

      1. You’re certainly a pleasant fellow. Sounds like you probably own an iphone, and live vicariously through your exciting decision to buy what everyone else had because it was cool.

        Let’s keep hearing about how much money they made. Maybe the next version will be 1000 dollars, so they can give you an even bigger number to toss out. You pay out the ass for a closed environment, and then compliment Apple on taking so much of your money.

        LOL. You’re an amazing piece of work.

      2. So you are telling me that the iPhone 4 is more expensive than, lets say, Droid X huh?

        Well, lemme see. Droid X: $200 w/2 year agreement and 8G internal memory. iPhone 4: $200 w/2 year agreement and 16G internal memory.

        I see you are one of the herd that loves to just make things up in an attempt to convice others you know what you are talking about. Again, droidtards make me laugh and appear to have a 6th grade education.

      3. That implies that AT&T isn’t fucking you in the ass every month unless you’re grandfathered in.

        Me? I’ll be enjoying my rooted Evo running a custom rom on a completely unlimited data plan with 4G in Portland.

        If you’re grandfathered into an AT&T plan & have employee discounts, it’s a hell of a deal. But to any regular person wanting to start up a new contract with a company, AT&T would not be my first choice.

        The only thing I don’t like about Sprint is the CDMA network. I hate that we can’t use the phone portion of our devices & use data at the same time. That’s the only thing that AT&T/T-Mobile has that I want.

        Also, Rabidcb, you failed to mention that the Droid X comes with a removable, yes, removable, 16 gig micro SD card. That, accompanied with it’s internal 8 gigs, gives you 24 gigs of space. And 16 of that you can remove & put in bigger cards.

        Although I will say that if you want a phone that you don’t want to tinker with & customize get an iPhone (or a Droid X. Thanks Motorola) But I know I sure do enjoy flashing my custom roms, over & underclocking my CPU, playing flac & divx files & countless other things you can do with a less obstructing OS.

        That being said, the Nokia N900 has the best OS out there as it’s pure Debian.

      4. The reason that market share and market share growth are interesting in the case of modern smartphone platforms, is mainly to do with the broader ecosystem of application developers and the applications they build.

        Profitability is very important for the investors in the companies that make the devices, for consumers not so much.

        Market share growth attracts developers – in the right market, of course, rich people with money to burn is more interesting than freebie phones to teenagers with small allowances – and the applications they build, especially those that have network effects, such as social games that are limited to one type of smart phone are especially interesting: potential for more customer growth on the basis of organic and peer-marketing means more income, more apps, and more customers: one of those very economically satisfying virtuous cycles.

        This is good for consumers that buy the product (there’s a future in it, my friends will not laugh at me, etc) and good for the people that do a lot to attract customers, the developers (I will sell more apps next year than this year, there are more niche possibilities for me, etc).

        That’s why it’s important for organisations and people with an interest in Android, say, to see market share growth. It makes the viability of the platform that much more certain. The same argument applies to iOS developers for iPhones, iPods and iPads.

      5. Samsung Galaxy S is also $200 w/2yr and 16GB internal.

      6. Pffft – really? we won’t see that headline?? – Ummm its the heading to this article!!! Not only will we see it – but we are currently seeing it! i know you said ‘profits’ not sales – But your argument of having a higher profit meaning a better prodfuct is redundent – Apple is known to completely blow out their prices so obviously they are going to make more ‘profits’ then other companies – but when you talk about what really matters – “Sales” I.e – The actual amount of your phone in the market comapred to anotehr phopne on teh market – and at the moment (and for the ever forseeable future!) Android’s sales are much MUCH more progressive then iPhone’s sales have ever been…

    2. “Although not a very big sample”

      LoL – It’s actually a ridiculously massive sample. Ignoring the collection method a sample size ~16,000 should have a 99% confidence level with a +/-1 or 2% error. As a marketing manager, I would bet my soul on those numbers ;)

  3. Android has been selling more phones daily than iPhone since the beginning of the year. This is not the first time they overtake iPhone.

    You fail to quote Canalys who clearly says, Q2 USA sales, meaning April to June:

    Android sales: 34%
    Blackberry RIM sales: 32%
    Apple iPhone sales: 21%

    Before the launch of Droid X, Samsung Galaxy S (on all US carriers and all over the world), back then Android was selling 160K phones per day, which is probably closer to 300k phones per day today, while Apple is selling less than 50k iphones per day.

    Your satisfaction numbers are also bogus, people who buy Apple usually have more money and have bought Apple stuff before, they are apple fanboys. While people who buy Android mostly never bought a smart phone before, never bought any expensive gadgets before and don’t see a reason why they would ever want to buy a new phone as the current Android phone they just bought is just fine.

    1. Agree. Most of the people who are satisfied with the iPhone are fans and would never switch to anything else, not even if there was a better phone staring them in the face a foot away…it is called drinking the kool-aid and keeping blinders on.

      1. No its called don’t try selling me your perception of what is good for me. Why would I trust you? I trust what is good for me. I have the iphone 4 and I love it.
        That’s not called drinking the kool aid. That’s called freedom of choice you nazi!

      2. @chillout


        Pick one.

    2. Well said. I don’t think Android has been outselling the iPhone since the beginning of the year, but for the overall April-June quarter, it has. At least in the US. Maybe worldwide it’s been outselling, but it didn’t really see mto take off until Android 2.0 was released, which was November 2009. Very interesting stuff though. I’m glad to see so much momentum behind this platform because I love it. I bet Apple is mad as hell :)

    3. “Your satisfaction numbers are also bogus, people who buy Apple usually have more money and have bought Apple stuff before, they are apple fanboys.”

      So, let me get this straight:
      71% Android user satisfaction = not bogus
      89% iPhone user satisfaction = bogus because I said so

      Not everyone who likes a product is a clueless moron. Maybe they just… like the product.

      — one of the 71%

    4. The Canalys Q2 sales compares new Android-based phone sales with the trailing end of iPhone 3gs sales, not the beginning of iPhone 4 sales.

      How much money does Google make from every Android phone sold?

      1. Canalys doesn’t include the new Android phones such as Galaxy S, Droid X, HTC EVO, Droid 2, Android is even much further in front if you include those.

        Who cares how much money each of the companies are making? This is about market share, this is about how many are sold each day today.

        Apple won’t be able to make any money any more when nobody buys their overpriced devices anymore because there are many more better and cheaper Android devices available.

      2. “How much money does Google make from every Android phone sold?”

        Why is this relevant to the consumer?

      3. @ Charbax,

        When I saw the part in your sentence that said “more better”, I realized that yes, even 6 year olds can have an opinion.

      4. 89% of all searches done on an iPhone are done using GOOGLE so GOOGLE makes money off of the iPhone through adds on their site(s). Now please tell me how much APPLE makes off of Android?

      5. Some help for Rabidcb:

        I’ll add parentheses into the section you had trouble understanding.

        “because there are many more (better and cheaper) Android devices available”

        Your reply shows me that, yes, even 5 year olds are on the internet, and their reading comprehension skills aren’t always up to snuff.

    5. @ charbox.

      (1) you are woefully ill-informed (which is a polite way of saying you are ignorant).

      quote” Your satisfaction numbers are also bogus, people who buy Apple usually have more money and have bought Apple stuff before, they are apple fanboys.”

      not true.

      50% of all macs are sold to first-time (PC) buyers
      25% of all iphones are sold to first-time (smartphone) buyers

      If you cant even be bothered to know the basic facts, pls do youyrself a favour & stop demonstrating what a fool your are: STFU.

      (2) the important question often over-looked in these silly marketshare & brand loyaty numbers is what they have to do with PROFITABILITY!

      although google’s mobile strategy is plausible defence against the decline of desktop search (plus a good way to quickly displace MSFT in the eye’s of oem’s since android is free, winmob is not), google’s ad-based revenue model for smartphones (or tablets) is nonetheless relatively weak one from the perspective of AVRC.

      a) HTC phones (for google, msft, moto, whomever) generate relatively slender margins (perhaps $100) whereas apple can pull down $500 a unit.

      b) moreover, apple’s superior eco-system (the appstore) covers a wide variety of content (video, music, print – books, newspapers, magazine – games, and packaged info) …

      c) plus Apple has a superior advertising delivery platform (iAD) that will only further advance the lion’s share of mobile revenue that apple has already achieved.

      Moreover, because of the depressive impact of so many low-end phones on google’s positioning, the value of google’s inventory will be diminished. Indeed, the very “APP search model” for discovering content (especially location aware info) is a profound threat to google’s legacy “dumb” pagerank web-based “web search model” — which is evermore less effective & less appealing than packaged approaches to information discovery (let alone the semantically aware approaches that will make google look like the msDOS of search over the coming decade!).

      All told, the revenue model for apple’s mobile platform(s) is broader & deeper – both upfront & on a recurring basis – than what google has any realistic hope of achieving in the next 2 or 3 years.

      Bottom line: the simpletons of the world (hello, charbox) who resort to cliches instead of real arguments ignore the facts or the forces at work shaping those facts — and while google will have some limited success with mobile & tablet, it will not be able to alter the fundamental situation that it is merely trying to protect its revenue model not radically change it.

      Apple succeeds because it chooses not to just play the game better than its competitors, but because it is able to change the rules of the game itself.

      And Charbox does get that.


      1. Apple made a bunch of money on mass marketing existing opportunities, not by bringing anything new to the market. Archos has been making tablets for years, Archos made Mp3 players before the ipod, Archos made portable video players long before the ipod touch.

        Now that apple took that opportunity to make those profits instead of a Samsung, Sony or Dell that could have done that just as well. That is an issue among those giant US and Asian corporations. And who really needs to care. Apple made a lot of money, so what.

        Apple knows their business models are being disrupted. The ipad is Apple’s desperate attempt at keeping high profit margins, as they are seeing their iphone profits dissapear before their very eyes. iphone is more than half of apple’s current revenue and profits, a 230 billion dollar valuation on nasdaq as apple, based on just one single device, and it’s got a deffective antenna design even!

        itunes, iads, app store, all those are none other than crookish strategies by apple at trying to own markets. It only can work for them to a certain extent. But they can see it right there, those proprietary walled garden fantasy worlds are not going to survive the much more respectful open competition brought forward by open platforms that are not proprietary to any single corporation.

        Apple is going to loose all its iphone profit margins as soon as they are forced to diversify on other carriers like verizon. As the absolute only reason apple was able to take such high profit margins on the iphone was because of their exclusive agreement with att. Once verizon gets to sell the device, apple’s profit margin will be halved overnight. That is why they are desperately trying to delay that from happening. But ATT is already starting to embrace cheaper and better Android alternatives like the Samsung Galaxy S, so it won’t be long, and basically you will see the foundation of apple’s 230 billion dollar valuation crumble in front of your very eyes.

      2. Charbax, sir, you are clueless.

    6. Android does not sell phones. Which company did you mean to compare to Apple. Or did you mean to compare all handset makers to Apple? If the latter, pretty funny huh? I mean to compare a handful of companies to one company as if they all shared profit together.

      1. I think you’re on the wrong site, you’re probably looking for stock quotes somewhere. This was actually a discussion on number of units sold, and mobile OS distribution.

        I mean, it was pretty well explained in the intro. You own an iphone, don’t you?

        You’re pretty easy to pick out, getting all butthurt when people dare to slight your precious fashion accessory.

  4. Is this for Q2? Certainly an interesting trend, but if the data doesn’t include the iPhone 4 launch, it’s hard to take too much away. I’d expect iPhone demand to ramp up sharply after a launch and taper down in the months preceding the launch of the next iPhone, which is exactly what this shows.

    1. Kevin C. Tofel Eric Monday, August 2, 2010

      Correct, Eric, the data doesn’t account much for iPhone 4 sales, which started in the tail end of the second quarter. Next quarter’s numbers should prove very telling as a result.

      1. If anything, I wonder if Apple releases their phones at the very end of Q2 to slightly pad these comparisons in their favor. The numbers might look alarming if they didn’t include a million iPhone 4’s released in a day.

        I think Apple needs to add at least one more model (an XL with the same resolution, but a 4.3″ screen?) to counter-act these cycles and to effectively compete against the variety of Android models. I think they were smart to resist releasing a keyboard model, but there’s real demand for different screen sizes.

      2. The thing is though, that’s really only going to be a one month spike in sales. Everyone who was salivating over the iPhone 4 already has one. Apple sold what, 2 million in the first week or something like that? Even that number isn’t that much above Google’s claim (from 2 months ago) that Android is selling 5 million devices a month (160K activiations/day). By this point, with the release of a few more very high profile Android devices, Android is probably at 200K/day (6M/month) at the very least. There’s no way Apple is going to sell 6M/month iPhone 4’s consistently if they only sold 2M on launch week.

      3. That seems like a significant omission. Shouldn’t you mention that in the body of the article – if not the first line?

      4. @Shawn – actually, if you look at the trend, it’s more like a 6 month sales juggernaut, peaking in Q4. People come out of contract and make upgrade decisions all around the calendar year, a notable amount around the holidays.

      5. Your article fails to focus on Q2 sales numbers by Canalys, instead you talk only about Nielsens 1H numbers, Nielsen talks 6 months! This is just wrong way to report numbers as how sales are today. Android is number one, top selling platform in the US. That is 34% Android to 21% iphone, for April 1st to June 30th. If you would take last week, including Galaxy S, Droid X, Evo, iphone4, Android is prohably over 50% and iPhone under 15%.

      6. Hi Kevin, you are wrong, all of the pre orders and big weekend sales are in there already. Expect Q3 to be less for Apple in unit terms than Q2.

  5. @Alok Saboo said: “If Apple does not get its act together (rather soon), I am afraid it will have to settle for the second position…”

    Who cares? You’re looking in the wrong place for answers. As an Apple investor I couldn’t give a rat’s hind-quarters if Apple is in 2nd or 200th place so long as it’s generating profits. As long as Android is giving away their products in an ongoing 2-for-1 sale, they can’t be making much, if any, money. [I know it the "we'll make it for $10 and sell it for $5 and make up the difference in volume' syndrome]

    1. To bad apple wont be making money for much longer then. When the developers abandon ship for androids easier, more streamlined and better development-environment iOS will die a quite fast death.

      Also, iPad isnt selling nearly as good as projected and can only be described as a horrible failure. Soon cheap, superior and faster android tablets will fill the market.

      Since apple hasnt really kept up their pace at hardware on the PC-side of things the only thing they will really be selling in the future is OSX. I doubt that will be a big margin-item since they are directly competing with Microsoft and Linux there.

      I say, sell. And sell quick.

      1. First off, not one smartphone vendor cares about OS market share. HTC could care less how many Android devices are out there. The only thing all of them care about is profit. HTC or Motorola do not continue to make money on a device once it is sold, Apple does.

        For Apple to fail, it is going to take huge plummet in sales to get there. If there is one piece of data that means anything to all the handset makers, its this: Apple makes more profit from iOS devices than Nokia, HTC, Motorola, RIM and Sony Ericsson COMBINED! That, my son, is the only piece of info that matters to all handset makers. Android is a race to the bottom. And guess what, this is mirroring the PC market to the T. HP and Dell sells thousands more PCs than Apple, but Apple could pruchase HP or Dell 8X over.

        You are watching the wrong race. Keep playing checkers, while Apple plays Chess.

      2. Says the short troll. Try using some facts. Any facts.

      3. As I said in comment above, what you need to be looking at is iOS share (iPhone + iPod Touch + iPad), which is growing faster than Android. That’s what developers care about — they are writing for iOS, not iPhone per se. Then there is the small point that iOS users buy apps and Android users don’t.

        Developers who are selling identical apps for both iOS and Android, are finding that iOS sales are outpacing Android sales by 50 to 1 ~ 100 to 1. This one area where Android is NEVER going to catch up. So, keep dreaming about developers abandoning iOS — the abandonment is likely to go in the other direction — soon more and more developers will realize that Android isn’t worth their time.

      4. Dude, do you own an ipad? easy answer NO. do you know if you go now and try to get an ipad, you can’t because is SOLD OUT, you have to order it, and Why trash the ipad THEY WERE THE FIRST TO RELEASE IT, why other companies didn’t do it before. IT’s easy to COPY than CREATE and innovate!

        I’m a graphic designer and I use APPLE products and windows SUXXXXXXX!!

        Why cheap and superior??? have you seen one or try one. PLEASE!!!!!!

      5. Ted, this discussion is about smartphones. Not mp3 players. You know damn well that including those devices is just an attempt to inflate numbers.

        TheZ: Tablets have been around for a while. They didn’t have the advertising budget, the apple logo, or the legion of idiot fans who will buy anything with enough hype behind them. So I’m not surprised you haven’t heard of them.

    2. Are you serious? Do you think that the 2 for 1 sales is coming out of the pockets of phone vendors? You think HTC/Motorola/BlackBerry is selling 2 phones for the price of 1? It’s the carriers who are doing that. And they are doing it since the $200 or $300 that they lose on the device is more than made up by the over $3000 that they make over the life of the contract. Never fails to amaze me when people talk about buying the phone for $100 or $200. It’s insignificant when you take into consideration how much the phone actually costs over 2 years.

      And just in case, you didn’t notice, Motorola moved from a loss making unit to a profitable unit on the backs of basically just a couple of Android phones. HTC made record profits on the backs of their excellent Android phones.

      @Rabidcb “Apple could pruchase HP or Dell 8X over.”

      Apple made massive profits from the iXXX devices when they had no competition. Not from their Mac sales. If the iDevices end up with the same 10% market share, you as an investor would start caring a lot.

      As an investor, Apple may still be the best place to invest in the short term. But as a consumer, it’s Android all the way and long term. I understand that the buggy whip manufacturers were making a lot of money at the turn of the last century.

      1. @Milind: “Apple made massive profits from the iXXX devices when they had no competition. Not from their Mac sales. If the iDevices end up with the same 10% market share, you as an investor would start caring a lot.”

        Another uninformed wishful thinker. The iPod Touch like the other iPods have 70%+ market share — a market share that hasn’t budged for nearly a decade. Please explain, when and how this mythical competition is finally going to appear. iPads must have an 80%+ market share right now in the tablet sector.
        Only the iPhone, which entered an existing, established market has a lower, but increasing market share as Nokia, Microsoft and soon RIM craters in the smartphone arena.

        Finally. your statement that Macs aren’t making money couldn’t be more wrong. Mac sales are positively skyrocketing lately, and now account for a greater percentage (33%) of Apple revenue than iPods or iPads.

      2. @Ted

        You are making my point when you say that the iPod market share has been untouched – yes, because they had and have no real competition. Ditto with the iPad. Where they currently do have competition is on the phones and they have sunk from a 34% market share to the about 22% in the last 3 quarters. And Android has jumped from 10% to 34%. With the new Android tablets coming up, expect to see the same with the iPads.

        And like the iPhone sales, Mac sales may be increasing. They just aren’t increasing slower than the market is increasing. The window of opportunity that Apple had to convert Windows users to Macs with the abominable Vista is now closed with the first truly great OS that MS has released. Windows 7 on a Intel i7 processor is simply awesome – especially at a fraction of the price of the Macs.

        As someone pointed out, the iPhone sales have been great. But even at the annual peak, even if they beat the Android sales this month (and it’s not looking very likely if Android sales are 6 million this month), it’s just a small blip for the rest of the year. Any way you look at it, the numbers are just not going to add up for Apple.

        At about 100,000 apps, with all the major players already porting their iPhone apps to the Android, the last remaining advantage is also gone. No doubt, current iPhone users who have already invested heavily in the iPhone apps are likely to stick with the iPhone. But for the rest of the market and new smartphone users, that’s not an issue.

        I have an iPod Touch and an iPad and I’m amazed that apps that are free on the Android cost so much money on iOS. Most iPhone app purchases are impulse purchases. On the Android, I can get my money back within 24 hours if I’m unsatisfied with the app. That works great for me as a consumer since it incentivizes developers to provide me with real value. And if I lose out on 100,000 apps that don’t do that – even better. I do realize that game developers have a valid argument against this since many games will provide a couple of hours of entertainment and are worth the $1 for whiling your time at the airport. And I feel for them. But I’m perfectly willing to lose those kind of apps for the trade off in better apps on the Android. And when you actually start using the Android, apart from games, you will see that the Android apps are a lot more flexible and usable than the iPhone apps – dropbox/keepass is an example of one that I experienced just today.

      3. Milind wrote: “You are making my point when you say that the iPod market share has been untouched – yes, because they had and have no real competition.”

        What planet do you live on? For nine years every consumer electronics company in the world has repeatedly taken their best shot at the iPod … and FAILED!

        And you say they’ve had “no real competition”! Truly Android fans are the most deluded group the tech industry has ever seen.

      4. The competition wasn’t on the technology front, it was on the advertising front.

        Apple won through marketing hype, which is why they were able to outright steal Creative’s interface, toss it on the ipod, and then get rich on someone else’s work.

        And then they had to pay millions of dollars in a settlement over the theft, but at that point, they had already secured market saturation, so what is a few million?

        Some people will see that situation and focus on the money apple made. Some people will focus on the actual theft, and regard the money as undeserved.

        It all depends on whether you’re willing to excuse crimes when they are committed by your favorite company.

        On a side note, the iaudio x5 dominated the ipod in every way. And I’ve never seen a single one other than mine. Plenty of people have made devices better than the ipod, but unless you’re willing to dump tons of money into propaganda/advertising, there’s no chance.

      5. JT that’s pure baloney. Many of the companies that took on the iPod were many times the size of Apple and had much deeper pockets … at the time. We’re talking Samsung, Sony and Microsoft for god’s sake! Firms with huge R&D budgets and enormous advertising budgets.

        And for good measure, please learn the difference between the words “theft”, “crimes” and “infringement”. You do realize that most of the iPod’s competitors were using the same obvious interface elements that Creative sued over too … including your precious Cowon?

    3. @Some Guy,

      Apple is company that sells the iPhone. Android is a open source OS – do you even know what your talking about?

      HTC, Samsung, Motorolla, etc …. they all carry phones that run on this software.

      Let’s compare Microsoft’s iis vs. Apache while your at :)

  6. Android Finally Outsells iPhone–Yes, Again! Monday, August 2, 2010

    [...] 2, 2010 JK on the Run’s Kevin C. Tofel is reporting that a new Nielsen study says that Android phones have 27 percent of the US market for smartphones, beating out Apple’s iPhone fo…. At the same time, another report says that Android has an even heftier 34 percent of the market, [...]

  7. Yeah, does this factor in all of the Buy One, Get One offers that Verizon has been running? I know a few people that got a Droid just because they could get the second one for free, and that was pretty much the only reason.

    They also got it because they heard it was “like an iPhone.” So far, they’ve been pretty disappointed.

    1. Yes, iPhone satisfaction is currently at 73%, the next closest is HTC at 39%, so it’s clear the Android is never going to be widely used. SO MANY people hate Android phones it’s not funny anymore.

      1. I smell a couple of Apple fan boys.

        I’m a nerd but most of my friends are not. I only have one friend who has an iPhone. Five of them have Android devices (plus myself as well). All of them are very satisfied with Android. Apple fan boys just can’t accept that there’s strong competition that’s outselling Apple.

        Yeah, Verizon’s had 2-for-1 sales. But guess what, Android is on every network in the US, so that doesn’t account for much. Plus, when Google talks sales, they aren’t talking physical sales, they’re talking about activiations which means the phones are actually being used, not just purchased.

      2. Haha. I recently switched from iPhone 3GS to Droid X. I love Android so much more!

        Notifications rule!
        Being able to customize it and turn on/off things I like rather than what Steve likes rules!
        Having real multitasking is super nice too.
        Widgets rule! Live wallpaper is really nice!
        Being able to position icons where I want them and not in some stupid list rules!
        Having a global back button is super nice too.

        It’s not much of a comparison, iOS is very bad. iOS 4 barely introduced anything new. I installed iOS 4 and I was like, “what is different?!” Oh yeah, a bad implementation of folders with an annoyingly long animation and icons that are super hard to read even on an iPhone 4…

        and this is just 2.1, once it goes to 2.2 with Flash it’s going to be amazingly better.

    2. Wow! Most of my friends got the Android phone because AT&T said no or required a deposit….

      So, Tmobile, Verizon, and Sprint was there only option.

  8. Apple users r like aol users back in the day. Aol provided a good service for ppl who had limited skills in navigating the net. and the stock of aol was so mighty that they walloped time warner including cnn. But look now where is AOL nowhere and the stock is nowhere.
    Iphone which takes $179(including research marketing it cost like $300 for apple) to make is sold as such a high premium mainly due to early adapters.
    But the market is maturing if other companies can make it and sell it at $250-300(unlocked without contract) they iphone will have a problem and if the service providers can offer low priced unsubsidized plans like sprint already does($25 unlimited data/txt/email +300min) Tehn applewill have a big problem

    1. If I use the same comparison, I could say Android is following the way of the PC. Today, Microsoft develops the OS and PC vendors use it to shove in their plastic boxes. Google develops Android for Smart Phone vendors to shove in their phones. And just like the PC industry, the Android Smart Phone industry is a race to the bottom. This is why Apple is more profitable than any PC vendor despite selling a fraction of hardware. Today, Apple makes more profit from iOS devices than all Android smart phone vendors combined.

      I think Apple is quite content with having a small market share so long as profits keep booming.

  9. Joseph Futral Monday, August 2, 2010

    First, with the ax of the Nexus One, there really is no such thing as a Google phone. And Android is not a phone, it is an OS, and a fragmented OS at that. The iPhone is a phone and an OS. There is no iOS on a phone except on an iPhone. So one can’t really compare OS to OS sales, only OS usage.

    Especially since Google does not sell Android, so there is no such thing as “Android sales” (Google makes their money from ad revenue). Even the idea of Android device sales does not help. HTC does not receive ANY benefit from Motorola’s sales of Android OS phones (unless there is some sort of undisclosed revenue sharing model). Even comparing Windows phones to iPhone is difficult since Microsoft (post Kin) does not make devices.

    The only real comparison that can be made is between RIM and Apple. RIM is the only other company making both the device and the OS.

    The only thing these statistics show is there are only three companies that have made a desirable, usable smart phone OS. With the exception of RIM and Apple, none have been device makers.

    It is really the device makers who should be in fear of Google. Just like Windows made the computer maker irrelevant, so, too, does Android make the smart phone makers (that use Google’s OS) irrelevant. Every once in a while someone will come out on top (often for no significant reason), just like with Windows—Packard Bell, Acer, Gateway, Dell—but they will quickly be over come by the next “hot” hardware maker. At least Alienware was smart enough to choose a particular niche of computer user.

    Ultimately Google is no friend to a smart phone maker except as a bandaid to give them time to develop their own solution to compete with RIM and Apple. Hopefully, HP realized that when they purchased WebOS. But that is still yet to be seen.


  10. Joseph Futral Monday, August 2, 2010

    First, with the ax of the Nexus One, there really is no such thing as a Google phone. And Android is not a phone, it is an OS, and a fragmented OS at that. The iPhone is a phone and an OS. There is no iOS on a phone except on an iPhone. So one can’t really compare OS to OS sales, only OS usage.

    Especially since Google does not sell Android, so there is no such thing as “Android sales”. Even the idea of Android device sales does not help. HTC does not receive ANY benefit from Motorola’s sales of Android OS phones (unless there is some sort of undisclosed revenue sharing model). Even comparing Windows phone to iPhone is difficult since Microsoft (since axing Kin) does not make devices.

    The only real comparison that can be made is between RIM and Apple. RIM is the only other company making both the device and the OS.

    The only thing these statistics show is there are only three companies that have made a desirable, usable smart phone OS. With the exception of RIM and Apple, none have been device makers.

    It is really the device makers who should be in fear of Google. Just like Windows made the computer maker irrelevant, So, too, does Android make the device makers (that use Google’s OS) irrelevant. Every once in a while someone will come out on top, just like with Windows—Packard Bell, Acer, Gateway, Dell—but they will quickly be over come by the next “hot” hardware maker. At least Alienware was smart enough to choose a particular niche of computer users.

    Ultimately Google is no friend to a smart phone maker except as a bandaid to give them time to develop their own solution to compete with RIM and Apple. Hopefully, HP realized that when they purchased WebOS. But that is still yet to be seen.

  11. Will Mr.OmAppleOm kindly condescend and release Android app for Gigaom? This is a promise not fulfilled for several weeks.

  12. Everybody keeps bringing out new products and O/S following what Apple has already introduced months before.
    I keep waiting for some one to bring out something that,s better instead of being
    a follower.

    1. You’re joking right? The iPhone 4 was nothing but a catch up device.

      5MP camera – on multiple Android devices before iPhone 4 announced (some Android phones already have 8MP cameras)

      Front Facing Camera – A couple of Android phones already had this by the time iPhone 4 was announced. Also several phones in Europe had a front facing camera (for YEARS).

      Multi-tasking OS – Android, BlackBerry OS, and even Windows Mobile have had multitasking

      Video Chat – see Front Facing Camera point

      HD Video recording – a few android devices had this before the iPhone 4 was announced.

      So when compared to the Android phones, how was iPhone 4 a “leader”? Because aside from more pixels and an antenna that has been proven to be defective, Apple didn’t really bring much to the table this time around.

      1. It isn’t full-bore multitasking. Bona fide “multitasking” on mobile devices is another name for “fast battery discharge”.

        Apple iOS 4 decouples the need to have foreground apps vacate RAM in order to run another program. If a push event shows up a ram-resident app can process the event right away in a specific, restrained way, and switching between foreground apps is pretty quick.

        The iPhone is a web and app usage leader. Apple’s iPhone support includes certifying apps for sale via the App store. A better camera is very nice! I use the apps a lot more than the camera.

      2. 5MP camera – on multiple Android devices before iPhone 4 announced (some Android phones already have 8MP cameras)

        Why would they do that?? I seen incredible images from phones years ago that had smaller pixel than 8… The naked eye can’t tell a 5 mp to 8mp?? Get a point and shoot or a dslr!!

        Android… I had never heard of it until a year ago..
        IT’s a follower!!! IT does nothing different than any other smartphone!!

        but you made some good points… But it does nothing different than any other phone!!

      3. 5MP camera – on multiple Android devices before iPhone 4 announced (some Android phones already have 8MP cameras)

        Why would they do that?? I seen incredible images from phones years ago that had smaller pixel than 8… The naked eye can’t tell a 5 mp to 8mp?? Get a point and shoot or a dslr!!

        Android… I had never heard of it until a year ago..
        IT’s a follower!!! IT does nothing different than any other smartphone!!

        but you made some good points… But it does nothing different than any other phone!!

      4. “Apple’s iPhone support includes certifying apps for sale via the App store”

        LOL @ trying to positively spin the inability to install an application without apple’s permission. If you honestly view that as a positive, then i think it’s quite clear why people like you will never switch to android.

    2. Bona fide “multitasking” on mobile devices is another name
      for “fast battery discharge”.

      Just because Apple says so, doesn’t make it true. My Samsung Vibrant lasts for a full day with full brightness (which is much brighter than the iPhone 4), GPS always on, Wifi always on. Every time I pick up a friend’s iPhone, it’s set at half brightness, GPS is almost always off and Wifi is occasionally on. And this is with many apps still not supporting multitasking or even task switching!

      iOS4 is good and has narrowed the gap with Android, but if Apple keeps up with the 1 phone per year, it’s going to fall back pretty rapidly again. The iPhone 4 hardware on the other hand is already behind the curve and is completely trumped by the Samsung Galaxy S. For once, the hardware is ahead of the Android and it’s only going to get better and faster with 2.2 and Gingerbread.

  13. How many phones use android os, and cell carriers sell android phones, only one iPhone, besides they give half the android phones away. This is a little misleading, you think?

  14. But that is based on old data, once the massive iPhone 4 success info is added next month the Android will fall back in line as an “also ran”.

    Everybody that owns an Android hates it, so once th advertising budget dries up, nobody will care about any Android device. It will end up like Linux, just watch.

    1. It’s amazing how many excuses Apple fan boys can come up with. Well, it’s not amazing really. Just sad. And kind of pathetic.

      1. Then web hero’s like you rock up and sputter-flap back… tiring to say the least if not a dull argument, especially if you have nothing to contribute aside from your ego hahahahahaha

    2. Yes,that is correct this does not include the I4 but this does not include the new Android phones.Lets just take the EVo for instance HTC has not kept up with demand with the evo at all Apple has kept up with the I4 so lets say that Apple sold 150 phones Htc sold 150 phones well some from HTc will be on pre order or on a waiting list so all of the 150 phones sold by apple are in the companies profits lets just say 48 hrs. Noow HTC only had 100 of those phones so the profits for google or HTC is going to be lower but once all those pre orders ect are sold there is a burst in profit margin in the end Apple will sell less Verizon Sprint ect are seeing Much higher sales with the new OS Eclair release 2.1.I came from and Iphone to Android so i see both sides.

  15. I think if Google could sort out the music player issues and make it more itunes like along with making the GUI a bit more attractive, the satisfaction rate would increase. However, I don’t know if Google “gets” this. All in all even though I am a Mac user (MB, MPG, ipad) I like the phone a lot. Plus I won’t even consider an iphone unless it is on VZW and even then I might stay with the multitasking OS….

    1. Google only cares that Android devices are out there and not the quality of the user experience. For every Android device out there, this will equal possible advert dollars for Google. This is why, with few exceptions, Google software is amateurish at best and looks like something a high school student created.

      You can’t now and never will see headlines for an article with the words Droid and Killer in the same sentence. On the other hand, go a search iPhone Killer and take your pick of articles.

      1. rabidcb is right. I have tried android phones and the user experience is not as fluid and beautiful as the iphone’s.

        andriod phones are touch sensitive phones where you can click buttons and do things. it doesn’t have emotional appeal.

        the most amazing thing is people who are buying Android phones would have rather bought an iPhone but for the money.

    2. @Denman, Are you referring to the media apps on the phones? This was one area where the iDevices shone. But the Samsung Galaxy S media apps are as good and in some cases better than the iOS apps. The Gallery app is on all Android 2.1 phones, but the music and video player apps are only on the Samsung phones.

  16. Its going to revert back, unfortunately.

    These appear to be pre-iPhone 4 numbers (assuming they are using calendar quarters).

    1. iPhone 4 is not going to make much difference. It will only be a spike of maybe 3-5 million total units more than they would have sold otherwise. Fro what I understand, Apple only sells about 3M iPhones a month under normal circumstances. Doubling or even tripling that for one month isn’t going to overtake Android. Android was already selling more than 5 million units a month, as of 2 months ago. And there have been several high profile Android devices launched within the past few weeks. At this point, Google is likely selling 6-7 million units per month.

      Yeah yeah, I know Google isn’t directly “selling” – I’m just grouping everything together for convenience. Also, when Google talks sales, they’re talking about activations, as in the phones are actually being used. Apple fan boys like to discount sales with claims of “oh it’s only because of Verizon and their 2-for-1 sales. BULLSHIT. Android is on EVERY carrier, Verizon is only 1 of the 4 carriers). But even if the claim of “only because of Verizon” was accurate, it’s irrelevant, because they’re counting USAGE, not just sales.

  17. “Canalys today estimates that Android handset sales grew 886 percent worldwide from the year ago quarter.”

    Shipments, not sales. Wonder why you decided to change the word knowing full well it said shipments.

  18. Interesting… « A Dovetailed Life Monday, August 2, 2010

    [...] Interesting…   Leave a comment Android sales overtake iPhone in the US [...]

  19. Android, iPhone, BlackBerry installed base game | ZDNet Monday, August 2, 2010

    [...] three platforms can do fine as long as they convince their customers to upgrade. GigaOm citing Nielsen and Canalys data shows the [...]

  20. I find this unsurprising. Android is growing. The Market will take time to even out. The Winner is the consumer.

    1. I wouldn’t expect the market to ever even out, when users aren’t forced to go there for applications. That’s part of the freedom thing that we Android users like. Scan a barcode, program installed, no permission from big brother needed.

  21. Apple knows their share has been declining. Even with the iPhone 4, most of those sales are upgrades from the existing base. Got some new customers, but not enough to keep their market share going up.

    Apple knows the path to dominant market share in the U.S. is with an iPhone on Verizon. That is why that will happen late 2010/early 2011. Apple can own a dominant 50%+ share with a Verizon iPhone.

    1. A Verizon iphone would mean AT&T will start selling many more Android phones too, many more Android will be sold on AT&T than iphones on Verizon. AT&T’s exclusivity agreement with Apple goes both ways, AT&T promised Apple not to sell or promote too any of the competitors smart phones.

  22. The whole Verizon “buy one, get one free” thing is a red herring. This is only for older models and not for the Droid X which is the big seller. I believe that applies to the incredible as well. It’s just not driving the sales numbers. It looks like the X is a break-out hit for Mot and Vzn and is driving the Q3 numbers. I expect the Samsung models to have smaller but still significant effect.

    As for profit, I’ve seen quotes in the press that the Android phones are a lot less expensive for Vzn. More profit in them.

  23. Brian Gillespie Monday, August 2, 2010

    Wow, interesting numbers. Google and Rim are going to hate it if the iPhone ever comes to Verizon.

    1. Google would love that, it would mean AT&T will start selling many more Android phones too, many more Android will be sold on AT&T than iphones on Verizon. AT&T’s exclusivity agreement with Apple goes both ways, AT&T promised Apple not to sell or promote too many of the competitors smart phones.

  24. This is such a retarded article – comparing a FREE OS distributed by third parties to one that is not licensed or distributed by third parties is shameful.

    It’s like comparing the number of glasses of tap water consumed on a hot day to the most expensive bottled water available from only one store.

    1. true. how true.

      1. Gotta love the fluffy creative types! No clue on how to develop something but spend the whole day wondering if blue is more appealing than purple, or some similar bs.

        The truth is that Android has caught up and left the iPhone behind. Choice, that is what users get with Android. Don’t like a 3.5 inch screen? Get one that’s 3.2, 4.0 or 4.3 inches big. Want keyboard or not? You get the idea….

        Also, look up the improvements in Android 3.0; it is focused on the UI and all those shiny widgets in colors you love.

        As Android devices proliferate, iPhone sales growth will diminish, and with it, Apple’s revenue.

  25. I’ve had both an iPhone 2g and 3g, but gave up when iOS4 end-of-lifed the 2g. iOS4 on 3g is terribly slow. Anyone else seeing a slow-down after the iOS4 upgrade? What is Apple playing at here?

    I just switched to Android with a Droid X, this phone is fantastic. Although, to be fair, Android needs quite a bit of work on the UI (compared to iOS4).

    I’m convinced that both Apple and AT$T are evil twins, sucking in first-time buyers who fall for the hype.

    AT$T is the General Motors of the US telco industry, too little too late, and not good enough.

  26. it doesn’t matter, Apple can barely meet demand as it is. They should settle at 20%, Android at 20%, Windows Phone at 15%, HP WebOS at 10%, RIM at 30%, and “other” at 5%

    then we all move to HTML 5

  27. Android is an OS and iPhone is a phone. You are comparing apples to oranges.

    1. you are right this article doesnt make sense. its like saying suzuki sold X million vehicles while Aston Martin only managed some 1200 odd.

      the best idea of where android is going was when I went to this site. it says ‘Download iPhone App Here’ and then ‘Download Android App for 1) nexus One (2) Moto Droid (3) Moto Droid X (4) HTC Droid Incredible (5) HTC Evo (6) HTC hero (7) Samsung Vibrant… etc etc

      So which version of Android is gaining how much marketshare?

      with every tom-dick and harry jumping the android bandwagon, it is deemed to be the Windows of PCs. It will have a huge installed userbase because its cheap, but immensely buggy and no guarantee of a good user experience.

      1. Ahh…the excuses of the MacTards.

        Substitute ‘iOS’ for iPhone. Same numbers…Android is growing faster. End of story.

        The key here is – choice (multiple carriers & hardware) vs lock-in.

      2. @iNot: “Substitute ‘iOS’ for iPhone. Same numbers…Android is growing faster. End of story.”

        False. iOS (iPhone+iPod Touch+iPad) is growing much faster than Android. Apple sells as many iPod Touches as they do iPhones, and as of now Android is offering zero competition in that arena. There was an Archos device or two nobody bought. Period.

        The reason is simple — without carrier subsidies and 2 for 1 deals no one will actually pay full price for an Android device, when they could get an iOS device instead.

      3. No. It’s like saying that Mercedez Benz, Lexus, BMW all outsold the Roll Royce. The Roll Royce is a good car, but the others are actually more advanced and better.

        iPhone 4 and iOS4 are both good. But Android phones and the OS are now quite simply better.

      4. No one will buy iOS when Android is much cheaper and quite simply at least as good in the most basic configurations if not much better when manufacturers include better features.

        AT&T and Verizon are selling the phones for $2500 cost of ownership. They can give 4 phones for that price, each phone costs $150 to mass manufacture, they would still be printing money and making huge profits.

        The truth is Android is cheaper and that is why everyone in the future will buy Android and nobody will buy Apple.

      5. Ted, this is at least the 3r4d time I’ve seen you try this dishnoest tactic in this thread. This is smartphone statistics. You’re trying to act as if non-phones have a part here. For the last time, try to bear with me here.

        In a discussion of smartphones, iphone = iOS. Do you understand this? Other iOS devices are not smartphones, thus do not count in a discussion of smartphones. I understand that everytime you post it, a few idiots will chime in and support it, which probably makes you feel pretty good, but you’re being dishonest, and that should bother you.

        You’re tossing out straw man arguments to try to gloss over relevant information. I understand you like apple products, but you have an obligation to be honest when presenting your information.

        The Adam tablet runs Android. they didn’t count that. Do you know why? Because it’s not a smartphone. It’s not a phone at all. You are the only one acting as if the iOS vs iphone semantics means anything in this context, when it clearly does not.

    2. Of course is makes sense…Apple and Google are fighting over how the internet is accessed, who’s OS developers will prefer, and how much ad and app revenue comes in (and other sources). The amount of money Apple makes from selling an iPhone is pretty much irrelevant in the long run compared to having the dominant way that people access information.

      Apple has already peaked in marketshare in Q4 ’09, and they are fighting someone that was smart enough to make the same moves that crushed Apple in the desktop computing market two decades ago; opening up your OS to multiple hardware vendors and letting them compete for customer marketshare. Apple won’t do this, and they’ll end up 3-5 years from now with a similar slice of the smartphone market as they have of the desktop market.

      Now, Apple is still on top in the other mobile computing areas, namely tablets, although they are ignoring netbooks at their own peril. But there’s a lot of competition coming in those markets very soon, and Apple is still using the same losing strategy (they control everything) so unless they can really innovate the heck out of the tablet market it’s probably a foregone conclusion how that will end up as well.

  28. Android vs. iPhone is going to turn out the same as the Microsoft vs. Apple operating system war in the ’80’s.

    1. I’m still waiting the iPod vs. PlaysForSure war “to turn out the same as the Microsoft vs. Apple operating system war in the ’80′s.”

      Wonder what excuses the Apple haters will come up with this time?

      Hint: Android phones are doing well against iPhones in the US. Android is not doing so well against iOS in the US, much less worldwide.

      1. Android is doing better wherever it is being available and sold. If manufacturers like Motorola, HTC are slow at selling worldwide, that is not the fault of the Android ecosystem. Fact is worldwide are getting more and more Android choices and that always means Android is winning big against iOS.

    2. Yes, what a war it is. At one time Dell and HP were bigger than Apple, today, Apple could purchase HP or Dell 8X over despite selling a fraction of hardware. Funny how that war turned out.

      And you are correct, the smart phone war is following the same footsteps. Apple makes more profit than HTC, Motorola, Nokia, RIM and Sony Ericsson COMBINED.

      The real war is between Android handset makers, the race to the bottom. I wonder who will eventually have the thinnest margins at the end of the day. Not sure who has the thinnest margins on the PC side, but I am pretty sure its either HP or Dell.

      Meanwhile Apple just sits on the sidelines watching these guys eat each other up. The majority of Android users have no clue of what success is, they think the company that sells the most wins. You might want to talk to Nokia about that strategy, lol!

      1. Well I don’t own any of those companies and I’m going to guess that you aren’t a majority share holder of Apple so who the f cares what their margins are. The point of this story is that more people are seeing what each smart phone OS has to offer and that more are liking what they see with Android. As for Apple sitting on the sidelines and watching these companies eat each other up, any time you hear Steve mention Android it really doesn’t sound like he is enjoying its existence. I’m an “Android user” and I know that success is not coming off like a D Nozzle because of what phone I use.

  29. I wonder how price plays in. I know they don’t give Android phones away. But aren’t they much, much cheaper to acquire? This might explain why 20 percent want iPhones; they are saving up.

  30. can you please justify how comparing OS to hardware makes any sense at all?

    not to mention this is all part of the general product life cycle.

  31. Let's Talk Apple » Give Android a Break – Android Sales Overtake iPhone in the U.S. Monday, August 2, 2010

    [...] C. Tofel, GigaOM It’s easier to show stellar growth in the beginning of a product cycle, but Android is nearly two [...]

  32. I called this a year a ago. Happy to see if finally happen.

    Agree with other comments. Many Apple users want the next Apple phone because they want the brand not the OS.

  33. It’s great that a lot of manufacturers are running android it’s their only decent choice. Apart from us techie people though the vast majority of buys have no clue what os is on their new phone. They buy by brand and they like the interface which varies depending on the manufacturers mods.
    So all good but I don’t see android verses ios as much of a valid average Joe comparison.

  34. Not even sure why Android sales are lumped together – do even 2 Android phones look or operate the same or even able to load the same apps? And actually, the latest poll is that only 20% of Android are satisfied enough to buy another Android phone.

  35. Fred Vogelstein Monday, August 2, 2010

    It all depends on what you think gives the most leverage in the marketplace. Is it how many smart phones carry your OS and connect to your app store? Or is it how many devices carry your OS and connect to your app store? If it’s the former Android is beating iPhone. If it’s the latter (as I believe) Android is gaining fast but iOS is still way ahead.

  36. Jacob Singer Monday, August 2, 2010

    LOL, this was for the 2nd Quarter when Apple was clearing inventory for the new release. Till today, there is a 2 week reservation waiting list in the SOHO and 14th Street Apple Store for the iPhone 4. Apple can’t make them fast enough.

    All you are seeing is Verizon/Sprint/T-mobile selling Android phones to their customer base who don’t for whatever reason switch to AT&T. This phenomenon will end once the iPhone is sold on those carriers. Some of these phones are still 1.5 & 1.6 phones being liquidated, some are 2.0 some are 2.1 and few are 2.2 if any. In the wild, I’ve seen 1 Android phone, most everyone is using an iPhone around here. Unless of course you’re at the Google Campus. LOL, hi Google how does it feel to lose market share to Bing?

    1. The only people who use Bing are people who buy new Windows computers, as IE is installed by default in all Windows computers and as Bing is installed by default in IE. Nobody chooses Bing by choice.

  37. Gosh—in all of these posts it seems there are two “camps”—-the Apple Lovers and the Android Lovers (who may also be Apple Haters LOL)—and they couldn’t be more polarized. And in all of the posts there is ONE…..yes, one person who has had both types of phones and can give any kind of comparison. I have had both….I stuck with the iPhone 4 simply beacause….
    It was a better phone for me. Simpler to learn and operate and the interface and user experience is way smoother than the latest Android version—again—at least for me. I found Verizon’s service and coverage to be no different than AT&Ts (basically just as bad or just as good and depended totally on the area.) Verizon coverage was non existant at my place of work while AT&Ts was bad—-but at least acceptable. (another reason I stuck with the iPhone.)
    My company bought and paid for the iPhone and contract—whilst I fell hype to all the Android and Verizon buzz and bought a contract.
    Bottom line—-I gave the Android to my son who is entirely happy with it—-but if you ask me clearly what was/is the better smartphone—-it’s the iPhone 4.
    And I couldn’t give a squat WHO made it—Apple, Microsoft, Google, Sears and Roebuck…..I simply want/need the BEST product (for me). Your milage may vary…..

  38. Are Smartphone Market Share Numbers an Accurate Representation of the Market? | thomas fitzgerald.net Monday, August 2, 2010

    [...] of smartphone market share data, pundits will be undoubtedly jumping on the statistics that show Android having overtaken the both the iPhone and Blackberry in the US. While the numbers will be good news for those rooting [...]

  39. Android phones are on multiple carriers. The iPhone is on one that not many people like. End of story. Of course this is Kevin and Giga Om so he will never point that out because it interferes with his story. he also won’t point out that in countries where multiple carriers have the iPhone Android isn’t doing so well.

    1. Only reason apple is selling so many is because one of US largest carrier was only promoting the iphone as its high end smart phone. Once more US carriers gets the iphone, not only does that mean AT&T will dedicate space for a whole range of Android alternatives on its network, Apple will also get much less money per phone as the exclusivity will be gone. Also, other carriers have no incentive to advertise for the iphone which apple wants more money per device, when those same carriers can keep more of the profits to themselves by selling Android devices at the same price and which consumers are buying much faster than the iphone.

    2. Wow, iSheep. The United States isn’t the only country in the world. iPhone is sold worldwide iDiot.

  40. Wow, did this article get linked on a Mac forum or something?

    Mac is going to wind up in mobile phones and tablets a bit ahead of where they wound up in PC’s despite being the first mover and the innovator and having what is still at the moment a slightly better product. They’ll make a great profit, but they won’t be the dominant OS used around the world.

    First, in the leading markets they’re absorbing shots in ads from just about every other major phone manufacturer – watch a sports game and there is an Android phone on virtually every ad break. Why they weren’t on Verizon by this summer I’ll never understand. By now I don’t think Verizon will back off the Droid brand they licensed even if we get a 4G-capable iPhone on Verizon for Christmas. And I don’t think we will.

    Second, their products are too expensive for the average BRIC country resident – think the $35 Android tablet the Indian govt was showing off or the array of $150 tablets coming from Chinese manufacturers this year.

    Third, the phones aren’t available in enough form factors – large, small, slide keyboard, blackberry-style keyboard.

    Fourth, they’re already close to losing their innovation edge and more and more people are piling into Android.

    Android will have all the problems of Windows PC’s – that is the bargain consumers make for more choice. Apple will have a market share ahead of their macs, with great profits and much higher volume than there ever was in the PC market. Where I see it becomes a real issue for Apple is when you start getting smart cars, smart TV’s, smart appliances, etc. in the next couple years that are controlled by your phone. They must maintain a large enough market share to be fully support.

    1. For some reason, techmeme.com is linking to this article instead of the ones reporting focused on Q2 sales report of Android dominating US market shares.

    2. I kind of largely agree, but for different reasons.

      First, the Mac (nor Apple) was never a dominant computer, or even a large player in the PC world. I think in it’s hey day, the Mac may have hit 15% or so. Actually, I don’t think the Mac ever hit double digits. Apple hit 15% in 1980, that’s about it.

      Further the market back then was completely different (tech heads primarily, few home users, no general consumers) and was built up around DOS (anyone remember DR-DOS?). Apple never had the clout with the typical user base to convince them to use a GUI. Only Microsoft could do that since their GUI was built around the dominant MS-DOS OS.

      The smart phone market is a completely different beast. It is even different now than it was before Apple got involved. Up until now RIM was the only real viable US system, with some share to Windows. Apple sparked consumer interest in smart phones, an area the RIM never cared for and now regrets.

      Quite frankly, all the same, as others have noted, Apple has never been driven by market share. Apple can lose in the “market share” wars and never really lose. Just because Android is available on more handsets does not mean developers for Android have access to all those handsets. Until Google can provide a more unified OS experience, even as Windows did more successfully than Google is on phones, they will never command the market they have, much less overall. I won’t even get into Google’s lack of attention to usability.

      As for whether free or open will prevail, I doubt it. There is no product market that is driven solely by price, not even cars. If that were the case, Yugo would still be around and everyone would have one. Or Sony would never have sold a TV, ever.

      We buy on perceived value. I’ll agree that Android has the value of being good enough compared to iPhone, so many people will probably never really consider an iPhone. Or people perceive ATT to be inferior to their current carrier. All sorts of things like that.

      Android HAS to be available on all platforms. No one would jump carriers just to get an Android OS phone. They might jump carriers to get away from their current carrier and in the process get an Android, but not just for an Android OS phone.

      And really, unless you are this guy:


      All this talk of “free” or “open” is a bunch of hooey.

      Just some thoughts,

  41. Nielsen: Most BlackBerry Users Don’t Want Another BlackBerry?!? | BerryReview.com Monday, August 2, 2010

    [...] Nielsen via GigaOm Please Share With A [...]

  42. Comparing Android and the iPhone is like comparing two different things.

    Since Android is an OS then we should compare Apple’s iOS because it’s an OS as well (that would include iPod Touch, iPhone and iPad). If you compare them like that, then Android’s not even close.

    1. Android is today selling 4x more per day than the iphone, and 2x more than iphone+ipodtouch+ipad combined. Just wait until the Android tablets and cheap unlocked Android phones or WiFi VOIP phones are released, then Android will sell 10x to 20x faster than iOS devices combined.

  43. Larry Kwirirayi Monday, August 2, 2010

    I am a Nokia man and will always be a Nokia man. Though I am seriously tempted by Android

    1. Nokia will soon launch Android devices too. Why wouldn’t they.

      1. Because it would be the most incredibly stupid thing they could do in the long run.

  44. Android Sales Overtake iPhone in the U.S. « Leap Media Partners Monday, August 2, 2010

    [...] Sales of Google Android phones in the U.S. are rising so quickly, the devices have outsold Apple handsets for the first time on record. New smartphone subscribers choosing Google phones accounted for 27 percent of U.S. smartphone sales, the Nielsen Company will announce this morning, nudging past the 23 percent share held by Apple. But Android isn’t just a U.S. phenomenon Read More [...]

  45. Simple: How many carriers support Android in USA? All. How many vendors have Android? at least two big players: Motorola & HCT [ Google does not count at all, for now]. Ergo, with one and only provider, Android, the best OS in the “Open Smart Phones” is natural to be first. If Apple goes to all the carriers, these picture could be different.

  46. Android sales outpacing iPhone (Christopher Null) Monday, August 2, 2010

    [...] to Nielsen (via GigaOm), Google Android phones now account for 27 percent of U.S. smartphone sales among new phone buyers, [...]

  47. Bashful Pixie Monday, August 2, 2010

    This is the most ridiculous nonsense reporting Ive seen in quite some time. It’s like saying “Linux outsells Dell and HP combined!”

    WHICH Android phone outsells the iPhone exactly?
    You are comparing an OS platform to a piece of HARDWARE.

    Let us do the apples to apples and oranges to oranges thing, shall we?

    Which Android-based device outsells which iOS device? ummm, as far as I know… NONE. NOW, does the Android OS Platform outsell the iOS Platform? I suspect not, because you are not counting iPod Touch devices and iPad devices, all of which use the iOS.

    So how about doing your job as a “rwputable” news source by actually pointing out the flaws in this so-called study, report, whatever you want to call it. It’s just like like the comparison of Microsoft (a software company) to Apple (a hardware company.

    And no, I am not an Apple evangelist. rather I am simply pointing out the ridiculous and obvious flaw in the whole comparison as reported, which tell me you the reporter are gullible and/or want so badly for Android to win a race that really doesn’t matter to anyone except pundits.

    1. Only reason Archos is the only Android Tablet is because Google hasn’t yet officially announced and launched marketplace for tablets.

      Android is increasing its market share, Apple is decreasing its market share. Ergo, for each Android phone sold, less iPhones are sold. You look at the number of iphones sold each day, that number is going down. Android phone sales are going up.

    2. Stop acting like a retard. Anyone with half a brain understands that this is a comparison between phones with the Iphone OS and phones with the Android OS.

  48. Life with Evo | Venture Chronicles Monday, August 2, 2010

    [...] weeks ago I wrote about switching camps from iPhone to Android, and with the news today that Android is now outselling iPhone I figured I could either take credit for the shift or do something far more useful and write a [...]

  49. Jon Fo Shizzy Monday, August 2, 2010

    Iphones in America is run by at&t since the phone was release few years ago but my choice for carrier wont be at&t crap service. I am happy competition is getting tough for apple because sooner or later people will switch to android to run away from at&t crap services. Android is open source because close source will be too boring to own.

  50. 1 Billion Android phones equal negative revenues for Google

    10 million iPhones equal $6 Billion for Apple

    Mmmmmmmm……? Who do want to be?

    1. It depends, is money the most important thing you can think of in life?

      1. @JT

        Here you go again Mr JT. Dude I seriously don’t get why you are doing this. How can you say, “It depends, is money the most important thing you can think of in life?” Lord have mercy, Android is being developed by a company that has created two of the youngest billionaires in less than 12 years. Both Sergey Brin and Lawrence Page are in the top 50 richest people in the world and you say is money the most important thing in life. Dude please! JT you seem to forget that the only reason why Google can support Android for free is because of money. Without the kind of cash that Google has Android would have never seen the light of day. And this supports the point I made in response to one of your posts, that profit creates economic progress. If you are so pro-open source how come we don’t hear you preaching about how we should all ditch Windows for Linux.

        Why does everyone think that Google, the second biggest tech company in the world AFTER APPLE, is doing this out of its benevolence? Wake Mr JT Google like Apple has its eye on the bottom-line which is profit. How many Google products are shipping with each Android handset? The reason why Google is dishing out Android is simple, both Mr Page and Mr Brin understand that the future is mobile. The more Smartphones/slates the less time people will spend in front of a PC this means people will be doing their clicking on the go and since Google is paid by the click why not move in before someone else takes away their bread and butter.

        Google is not doing this because they love you. Google is being motivated by self preservation and I say good for them let them make their money they deserve it. So why can’t people let Apple do the same. I say good for Apple for coming up with a combination of product design and marketing that have turned them into a cult. I know that if I was in business I would kill to have the consumer loyalty that Apple has. Why should I go around trying to tell people who are exercising their freedom to choose what they want that they are wrong. Surely this argument applies to the non-Apple choices that, for example, fandroids make. The hypocrisy.

        You all need to grow-up!

      2. I asked a simple question, is money the most important thing? I wanted to know your answer, because there isn’t really any point discussing anything with someone whose morals can be purchased if the price is high enough.

        I am more interested in an open environment, not a walled garden. I don’t give a shit about Apple’s stock prices. They’ve pulled too many dirty moves to trust them. I’m sure you disagree, but I’ve listed them elsewhere in this thread, no one wants to bite though.

        Everyone wants to defend apple, but no one wants to take on the individual points. Is it right that they create a policy to be applied to everyone in the app store, then openly violate that by giving preferential treatment to sports illustrated? Is that the right way to do things? You can’t use code that was compiled from another language, but we’ll make exceptions, as long as we’re not actively trying to shit on your company?

        And I’m not preaching about dropping windows because, frankly, this isn’t a windows discussion. I have just as many gripes with MS as I do with Apple, but the difference is the windows people know those problems are there, and don’t try to pretend they don’t. windows users know their shit breaks. Apple people seem actively dishonest about every facet of the company, which is annoying as hell.

        Especially when the ‘boycott fox news’ campaign rolled around. The 180 degree spins pulled by Apple owners once they found out Apple was on the list was hilarious. You could watch in the span of 10 minutes as people pretending to have conviction and dignity immediately gave up once they found out their favorite tech company was on the list. Turns out personal integrity has a pretty low price tag on it, when people are willing to abandon it just like that.

    2. Actually, many people here are way off on their picture of incentives. Let me explain:

      Google makes an innovative phone OS that is open source, free to use by manufactures and constantly being perfected through the iteration of scores of handset makers, why would they do this?

      Well, as it turns out, over 40% (and growing) searches on the web have local intent at the basis of the search (which restaurant to go to, where to find a product in the area, etc.) Google knows this and happy gives away their phone OS to handset makers because they are pushing Android ahead for Google, which means more total Android handsets in circulation.

      Google plays a residuals game, they know their money is made through AdSense. Android dev environment will always be nicer/easier/more open because Google doesn’t give two shit if you pay $2.00 for an app or no $ for an app. They know that all the search revenue that the app and phone generate over the lifetime of the phone will swell to heights much greater than some Cupertino design shop that makes closed, walled-garden devices which move not at the pace of innovation, but Apple’s dictate and desire.

      1. “Well, as it turns out, over 40% (and growing) searches on the web have local intent at the basis of the search (which restaurant to go to, where to find a product in the area, etc.) Google knows this and happy gives away their phone OS to handset makers because they are pushing Android ahead for Google, which means more total Android handsets in circulation.”

        That’s actually an interesting observation. To hear Eric Schmidt speak on a recent interview, his purpose with Android really isn’t to “beat” Apple and the iPhone, but more likely to make sure Google is the search engine of choice.

        iPhone users already use Google search. Now he just needed to make sure all the other smart phones do the same thing. Since Apple wasn’t (and never will be) open to other handset makers using iOS and already prefers vertical distribution and marketing with no attempt at broad base appeal beyond what the products generate intrinsically, and since no one else out there seemed to be able to create a worthwhile phone OS, what better way to ensure Google as the search engine of choice than to create an OS built around that search engine and offer it free to all the companies who can’t do so on their own?

        In actuality he seems more interested in beating Yahoo (or any other search engine based on ad revenue) to the punch and showing Microsoft/Bing how to get it done. Microsoft is really the one getting it on the chin… and wallet. Microsoft is being distracted by Apple, when it is Google who is kicking their ass.



  51. Life with Evo Monday, August 2, 2010

    [...] weeks ago I wrote about switching camps from iPhone to Android, and with the news today that Android is now outselling iPhone I figured I could either take credit for the shift or do something far more useful and write a [...]

  52. エッ? 4キャリア20機種が1キャリア1機種より売れたって?そいつは驚きだ。 Monday, August 2, 2010

    [...] しかし、まじめな話Android機の売上が初めてiPhoneの売上げを超えたというニュースで一番ショッキングだったのは、もっと早くそれが起きなかったことだ。世に出ているAndroid機の種類の多さが一つ。しかし、米国主要キャリアー4社のすべてを利用できるという事実こそが重要だ。 [...]

  53. Did they happen to mention that Android isn’t a single company but a coalition of competing celly makers? I didn’t think so.
    Android is a free mobil OS on cheap a**, off the shelf hardware that is iterated by Moto, LG etc to every carrier and sold to a bunch of techies that change their Android phone every other month while ebaying their last Android phone just to keep up with their geek lust for new sh**. Whew! No wonder they are selling so much. The game they play is liquid and in the end all that Android glut on the used market will destroy future sells of new stuff.
    Apple’s business model of one phone per year is nothing less than genius! Self preservation never felt so good.

    1. That cheap ass hardware you talk of is also in the iPhones. That retina screen?…is actually from LG. There is Samsung tech inside your Iphone as well…not to mention about 15 other tech companies that provide the hardware to Apple as well as all other phone manufacturers.

      So please cut back on your Apple koolaid.

  54. Now, now, GigaOM. You’re giving away your bias here. I find it very interesting that you failed to point out two things in this story:

    1) That the second graph above shows averaged growth over the past 6 months – during which everyone knew a new iPhone was coming and also during which that new iPhone was only available for 1 of those 6 months.

    2) On the Neilsen page you copied your graphs from (here: http://bit.ly/cNpjMu), there was a third graph, which you didn’t include, showing iPhone holding a 28% to 13% lead in US market share of all subscriber. http://bit.ly/cNpjMu

    Shame on you,

    1. only fanbois have time to wait for IPhone 4, rest of the people are busy getting on with their lives ha ha

  55. Gee the article said Apple loyalty was nearly 20% higher, I’m not surprised knowing how completely illogical and fanatical the followers of the cult of Apple are. You could tell folks that data was FREE on another phone and they still wouldn’t bat an eye at paying AT&NoService’s outrageous fees for horrible coverage.

    Two reasons Android will ultimately make Applesauce out of One Infinite Loop:

    It’s open source OS (Steve is doing a great Jobs of pissing off his developer base by acting like Darth Vader)
    Google is a better software company, period.

    1. Well seeing that google did copy Apple’s innovation and initiatives is understandable… Schmidt knows it.. which is why he was kicked out of the Apple board.

  56. I have had iPhones from day 1, but given the absolutely horrible service from AT&T in the downtown area of the major city I live in, suspect that I will be migrating to an HTC machine in the near future. AT&T has all but ruined the iPhone experience for me. And I’m pretty close to being a hardcore Apple fanboy.

  57. US is going to be less and less important as time passes by and China becomes more and more important. China already generates 50 percent of US smartphone sales and where is Apple in China ? nowhere ha ha. by 2015 china will be generating thrice the volume of US smartphone and Apple is nowhere in China, close to zero. As a consumer I give a rats ass to how much money Apple makes per phone, as a consumer I am more than happy that android is giving such a huge competition to Apple ha ha. This will ensure that nobody is in control and this is when consumers win.

    And for those who keep talking about profit margins, the phone market is huge, it is 1.3 billion per year, as of today only 300 million are smartphones and the more dumpphones will shift to smartphones over coming years. And android is placed perfectly to capture most of this, as almost all of them will prefer a cheaper smartphone to the latest expensive smartphones.

    And guess what guys hardware is a commodity and Apple gets most of its revenues from hardware even now(95 percent). Itunes hardly makes a profit. So Apple will have to continue to maintain their premium brand and they will never be able to go into massmarket or transition into a software+services company. But android has no such limitations, they will attack iOS at all price points and google is perfectly positioned. In fact Google is perfectly happy making 10 billion dollars per year from android in the future based on software+services, whereas Apple can never be happy with that small money(they already make 70 billion dollars per year). They will have to keep coming up with magical and revolutionary devices every year just to maintain their revenues and profits.

    1. Dear Mr Bob you don’t give a rats arse about how much money Apple makes but you give a rats arse about the performance of some open source OS. We all know that the people who say they don’t give a dame are the ones who care too much to explain why. Here you are making this long post and you expect us to believe you don’t care. GET OUT OF HERE!

      Your China example is based on a faulty premise that the Smartphone makers in China are making any money or that they have a better consumer experience as you put it. The reality is very different from what you want to portray. Right now the Chinese Smartphone market is flooded with cheap imitations of any phone you can think of. Even the ones that are not imitations like G-Tide are crappy low life span phones. The reason for this is simple; right now Apple shouldn’t even be bothered about having a presence in China because it’s a low income market which consumes entry level phones. To really understand why this counts for nothing just ask Nokia who have been selling phones in developing countries forever. Even with Nokia’s huge market share Apple still makes twice as much profit as they do selling a single handset.

      The truth of the matter is this as soon as incomes start rising in these countries it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out which phone people will be demanding. Just go to Taiwan and check-out the phone that most rich Taiwanese have, these guys are paying up to $1000 just to get an iPhone and that’s the rock solid business philosophy of Apple; don’t brother with poor markets there is no money to be made there.

      You might not care about how much money they make but companies are not in business to do favours.

      Right now am in South Africa and the most popular brand is Nokia but just look at the phone that the rich have and the phone that the not so well off aspire for.

      The problem with you is that you care too much and it hurts you so much that Apple is doing well that you don’t even stop to do the maths. If anything the proliferation of Android based devices does nothing more than take anyway the market power that Android adopting manufacturers had. The fewer the OSes out there the more the decision becomes a question of choosing between two dominate OSes Android or iOS.

      1. Not everyone is as easily persuaded by hype and commercials as you are. Do not expect rises in income to translate to iphone sales. iphones sold at walmart for 99 bucks, and were supplemented by a massive ad campaign on fox news, the only group of people in the USA who are more delusional and susceptible to hype than apple fanboys.

        Refusing to acknowledge the moral problems that come with supporting apple is your own folly, but some of us actually care. Forcing downloads through a single point? Subjective rules on ‘appropriate’ content, which filters out some programs, but leaves the SI swimsuit issue? Subjectively retreating on the anti-flash ‘no code compiled from elsewhere’ clause, but only for ‘authorized persons’? pumping money into newscorp for a shot at their bottom-of-the-barrel viewers?

        If you have any decency at all as a person, these things should anger you. I understand that apple people care more about apple’s stock prices than any moral issue, and i find that sad, but android is here to provide a guilt free option.

        A lot of people will never, ever switch to iphone because Apple regularly engages in dirty practices and treats developers like shit. If your only interest is money, then apple’s behaviors are right in line with your goals. Some of us, however, hold ourselves to higher standards than yourself.

      2. @JT

        Dude am rolling on the floor in stitches! You are funny like that.

        Firstly, I would like to say I don’t have an iPhone. In fact the reason why I don’t have one is because when gen 1 was released I knew that it would get better with each incarnation. Now that the 4 has finally addressed a lot of the things that made me pass the last 3 offerings I would be lying if I said I wasn’t strongly considering getting one. Unlike most of you I am not perturbed by how Apple makes its money because I am not forced to buy Apple products which I clearly did not do over the past three years. I am a happy Nokia E90 user although I feel I now need an upgrade. Unlike you I will give the Driod X, the EVO and yes the iPhone 4 a fair trial.

        Secondly, I never said I hate programmers I just said I have found it to be true that programmers generally have a poor understand of what business is all about. To many a programmer that I have come across legitimate business tactics that are employed to maintain a company’s market dominance seem to vex this lot. Most devalue the need to satisfy investors the people who hand out their cash to fund the R&D that makes things better. We do not live in a costless world innovations cost and they cost big time.

        I know that your line of argument was based on the faulty premise that I was arguing against Android. But if you go back to all my posts I started off by calling the Android vs. iPhone comparison a scam. I know that your line of argument is that it’s a comparison between Android based smartphones vs. an iOS Smartphone; a line of reasoning that I disagree with because no matter how you argue for it the fact still remains that it’s a misleading head line and to the uninitiated it means what it is says.

        Also unlike you and probably because of my training as an economist I celebrate business success in all its shape and size. What is refreshing about Android is that it has managed to revive companies like Motorola and HTC. But I also choose to exercise my ability to think and analysis, so I am also concerned that though you fandriods are rejoicing about Androids success it goes without saying that MS is going to take the fall and not Apple as many of you have been arguing. This is why I am convinced that most of you see Android [an OS] as some iPhone killer which it is not because we all know that by reducing the market power conferred on other phone makers by having different OSes Android reduces the competition to a fewer OS contest which from an economic point of view implies that only two OSes are going to be sharing the spoils.

        Furthermore, I also give myself the right to see things as there are that Apple contrary to what you say, is not just hype because according to the many Apple product users that I know they are happy about the build quality of Apple products and the utility that they derive from them. And that this is the same utility that Android, BB, symbian users derive from their choices. I am however opposed to the kind of propaganda and hence the Nazi references that people like you have been spreading; a one sided view of the world that talks about an illusionary evil in a world where people volunteer they hard earned cash on the things that bring them joy. A one sided perspective that absolves companies like Google that have, like I said in another post, created billionaires and will continue to do so with each ad click on an Android based Smartphone. Arguments that fail to realise that without Google’s super-profits you wouldn’t be programming for Android and that there is absolutely nothing wrong with Google and Apple making money based on their own unique strategies. If Apple’s strategy irks you then don’t program for iPhone.

        You see Mr JT mine is a bigger and more accepting perspective about people and the choices they make.

        So to you Mr JT I say I hope that one day you will understand how in a very ironic way cooperates like Apple are actually beneficial to the US. Remember one of the reasons why most developed nations have experienced growth rates that are lower than those in the East is because most western countries no longer have engines of growth like the Samsungs and the LGs. Never forget that technological leadership can never happen without huge super-profits. Whereas these Korean giants have grown on the back drop of massive government support, in the US companies like Apple that are keeping the country on the technological frontier are constantly being accused of being evil greedy companies. I know you will disagree with the feature that appeared in the Economist back in 2008 that said Apple was the most innovative company in the world; the truth of the matter is that along with other companies like Google they are holding it down for the US by being at the center of most of the tech innovation in the past decade. Yes most tech-heads look at Apple products like the MacBook Air and say it’s a piece of “executive bling” what you failure to realize is that from a country competitiveness point of view just the know-how of making the thinnest laptop in the world confers and keeps the US on the technological boundary. To understand the importance of this go to Europe and look at their recent policies on R&D and to understand what the loss of technical know-how can do look at the history of the former Soviet states. The only reason why Russia flies civilians to space is because they don’t have the money which NASA gets from taxing companies like Apple. The practices that Apple engages in that frustrate people like you are consistent with basic text book descriptions of how super profits can be maintained. So they is nothing out of the ordinary there.

        Anyway dude seriously this is my last post I really enjoyed this but unlike you am not paid to do this [BD4000 pokes JT and grins from ear to ear]. I have better things to do like write a monograph on how the global economic crisis has impacted on the world’s poor and what governments can do to mitigate the anticipated lag in the recovery of socio-economic indicators.

        Sayonara JT sen!!!!

      3. Why keep restating something that I’ve already told you is false? I’m not a paid shill for anything, and I’ve already corrected you once on that. I shouldn’t have to do it a second time. Base your discussions in facts if you wish to be taken seriously.

        And seeing as you’ve decided to exit the discussion, while also refusing to comment on my my very clearly noted instances of Apple creating a uniform set of rules, supposedly applied to everyone, and then giving exceptions for the companies with the money, shows that you really don’t care about the moral issues at all.

        As such, I’m pretty sure we will never see eye to eye on this. I’m not an economist. I care about more than money. You can gloss over Apple’s actions, but a lot of people can’t be bought off as easily as you can.

    2. @JT
      Dude what on earth are you talking about. U have no argument, that’s why you are rumbling about “moral problems that come with supporting apple” what nonsense is this. Whenever I see people like you I always get very wary, dude it’s like you have made it your responsibility to reply to everyone who is saying what you don’t like. There is JT every way on this page.

      Like Kevin you are definitely on someone’s pay-roll so don’t come here and drop this garbage about the moral problems of supporting Apple. On top of this you are a communist. This is a free world and if Apple fanboys want to go and buy what makes them sleep at night why should it bother you.

      Its people like you who are really sad; you think you have it all figured out to the point where you oblige yourself to think on behalf of others. How long is it going to take you to realize that you are fighting a losing battle. This is exactly what the Nazis did. Take your anger and bury your head in the sand.

      How dare you insult the very fabric upon which the US is build on? It is through capitalism that the US is able to enjoy one of the highest standards of living in the world and have one of the best social protection systems.
      “Some of us, however, hold ourselves to higher standards than yourself.” Again you demonstrate the fact that you are being paid to say the crap that you are saying and two you absolutely have no idea how the world works. What’s funny is that even Karl Marx recognised that socialism can only come after full transformative capitalism that has the power to generate the excesses (Apple profits) that create the high per capita income. I know that at your level of reasoning you might not be able to connect the dots but just take a look at what’s happening in China. A few years back I spoke to a Chinese economist who said the world rumbles about growing income inequality in China but what they don’t realize is that before this rapid growth every Chinese person was equally poor.

      Profits are a sign of economic progress; go to school and get an education.

      1. Let’s see, implying an opposing viewpoint must be paid for in order to discredit it, red-scare style ‘communist’ comment, referring to smartphone sales as a ‘battle’, and Nazi references too. And then for the grand finale, implying that someone who disagrees with you needs to ‘go to school’.

        Bad news, cap’n crunk. I went to school, did my thing, and now I’m a programmer. Which is why I use Android. I have more than enough money to buy an iphone many times over, but I also have a conscience, which prevents my from doing so.

        I am not a paid shill. Trying to claim that the only way someone could have an opposing viewpoint is by being paid is quite possibly the most egocentric and unintelligent thing I’ve seen in this entire thread. Are you a member of the Tea Party by any chance? You both seem to have a thing for self-serving lies…

        This isn’t a battle. It’s just a case of good and evil. And you are on the side of evil.

        Maybe if you toss out a few more Nazi claims you can lend even more credibility to your “informed commentary”. lulz.

    3. @JT

      Hah aha ha ahhah! It’s called sarcasm you moron! I knew you wouldn’t get it and worse still you are a programmer that’s why you think profits are bad. I am an economist and I understand that the prosperity that allows you to “have more than enough money to buy an iphone many times over” is based on the very thing that you call evil. That you are a programmer also explains why you didn’t understand the communist references. I guess like Marx you call Apple the blood sucking capitalist.

      Please don’t try and act like you understood what I was saying. The only loser here is you who believes that without the profit incentive you will be sitting there writing your little programs. Let’s see how classless societies like Cuba have fared.

      I know you still won’t get it you ignorant little nerd.

      Like the Nazi you patrol this blog vehemently trying to convince everyone that you are right and they are evil. You contradict yourself by saying this is not a battle and then nor sooner have you said that you go on to say it’s about good and evil implying that they are two antagonistic sides to this. You are a self-righteous little tart, who can’t even see the error of his ways because you are bent on destroying some illusionary evil force. As a little nerd I guess you get his good and evil dichotomy from your comic books. So who are you; the capped crusader who is going to save the world from Apple? You make me laugh you pathetic little man. LMAO!!!!!!

      If you didn’t get it the first time I’ll say it again, “GO TO SCHOOL AND GET AN EDUCATION.”


      1. Hahah ok, you’re an economist. It all makes sense now. I wouldn’t expect you to understand morals or ethics.

        Also, lol @ the nerd comments. A shining example of american anti-intellectualism here, and a classic example of the mentality of the typical iphone user.

        It’s nice to know you share the same attitude towards programmers that Apple does. Keep it up, and see how long the iphone lasts without any of the programmers you seem to have such an issue with.

        Damn nerds, making applications for your phones? Unheard of!

  58. Android is open-source software while the iPhone is a proprietary hardware-software bundle. Obviously, open-source software can spread more easily than proprietary hardware-software bundles.

    1. Ahhhh, like the blazing success linux has had over the past decade!!!

      1. Yup, 40% server market share. Also, Android is Linux-based. :)

      2. Yeah Firefox, Google Chrome, Apache, Hadoop, Ubuntu, WordPress, ECMA Script, HTML spec, Android…the list of open source failures it just too long to mention huh Whip It! (obviously joking)

        And Mike Abundo has a great point, Linux is dominant on the server side. But I’m sure iOS will have it’s place in the Computer History Museum in Mountain View as “that device Steve Jobs almost got us all to give up openness and choice for”

    2. “Yup, 40% server market share. Also, Android is Linux-based. :)”

      Right. “Open source” means something to the server market. It means nothing to the consumer smart phone market. Android being “open” has no meaning. Even saying it is Linux based has no meaning.

      It only means something to handset makers who have not been able to create any kind of desirable OS for their phones on their own. That is until they realize (IF they realize) running Android really provides them no added value from other phones running Android.

      It really is the hardware-only companies who will lose, not Apple, Not Google, probably not RIM if they can get their act together and focus, probably not HP if they can get webOS doing something worthwhile. Nokia has the most to lose. They thought Symbian was the end all be all and are suffering from the Lotus/Word Perfect syndrome.

      This is not a server market discussion.


  59. Selling 2 devices for the price of one is simply not sustainable regardless of which camp you sit in.
    Look at the netbook market… those things are sold with next to no margin with WIN OS thrown in [basically a subsidy to selling the device]… Manufacturers write-off the expenses hoping for future revenue… When you look at their balance sheets it’s obvious.

    1. Yes, but with 71% platform loyalty, it probably will pay off in the long run. Netbooks occupy a smaller and smaller niche these days, as increasingly capable smartphones and the iPad and future pad devices could crowd them out altogether. There was always the question whether netbooks were anything more than a fad, and we may have our answer.

  60. Wow no retweet / tweetmeme button?

    did google pay you for having buzz instead of tweetmeme?

    upshot – I wont be re-tweeting this.

  61. The most successful mobile phone will offer features, user-interface and subscription rates that the customer wants. Not what the phone manifactures want to force on it’s customers to insure their investors high profits.

    1. Very well said.

  62. Wait, So 20 Phones On 4 Carriers Outsold 1 Phone On 1 Carrier? Shocking. « Whella – Latest News on Wireless Topics Tuesday, August 3, 2010

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  64. I’ve never met anyone with an android phone that was super happy about it.

    1. I am, and I know others who enjoy their Android phones tremendously, and others who want one. Notice Android loyalty is pretty high in the graphs; while it’s not as high as with the iPhone, it’s nothing to sneeze at. I won’t knock the iPhone, but it’s just not what I want.

  65. Quickthink » Blog Archive » Thinking about Smart Phones Tuesday, August 3, 2010

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  66. Android Officially Outselling iPhone in US | Surfing Duck Tuesday, August 3, 2010

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  67. The robust competition is a very good thing, I think. I’m an Android user myself, and I’m glad to see it has become a competitive platform, but I wouldn’t want it to become the sole dominant one, either. The competition between platforms has improved all of them, driving innovation. Would Apple have ever implemented multi-tasking if they hadn’t felt Android coming up fast, or would other devices have ever implemented multi-touch capacitive interfaces the way they currently exist if Apple hadn’t led the way? I doubt it.

    I’d love to see platform ownership hovhttp://s1.wp.com/wp-content/themes/vip/gigaom/img/submit.png?m=1258368451ger somewhere close to current levels for a while, with ups and downs depending on which companies make better moves.

  68. UAE vs. RIM: the BlackBerry maker folds like a cheap lawn chair, reports Globe | The New Normal | torontolife.com Tuesday, August 3, 2010

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  69. Android Overtakes iPhone, Lucasfilm Ends Lightsaber Wars Tuesday, August 3, 2010

    [...] With a remarkable 886-percent worldwide growth rate, Android phone sales have apparently surpassed those of the iPhone for the first time. However, according to Nielsen, customer loyalty still remains significantly higher for the iPhone. [From: GigaOM] [...]

  70. Not having the time to read through all of the posts, I would hope someone has made the point that the true comparison being made is between “open” and “closed” devices. The migration to Android devices clearly shows that the average US consumer wants to be in charge of what is on his/her phone and how that phone can be used.

    1. Actually, I’d say it just shows the pent up demand from years (decades?) of dissatisfaction with what the handset makers/carriers were dishing out. Up until the iPhone and Google’s Android, most every thing out there pretty much blew chunks. Rim and Nokia weren’t winning because they were great, but because they sucked less.

      I remember back when I thought I could check my email on a Razr. Apple lead the way, Google is picking up the rest. Good luck Rim, Nokia, and HP. Is Windows even a consideration anymore?


    2. That would be your interpretation of the statistics, but not one actually supported. These statistics only show the choice, not why it’s being made. The rest is speculation.

      Currently, the best extrapolation regarding “open” and “closed” devices is that open devices can be competitive on the market. It can not be determined from the above whether or not Android’s “open” nature contributed to that success.

  71. Ventas de celulares Android superan a las del iPhone en Estados Unidos « Resnick's City Tuesday, August 3, 2010

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  72. What? You mean Google has their own iphone Now ! !

  73. Wow. I am baffled and amazed at the number of people vehemently defending and bowing to their Corporate Masters. When did we give up our identity to corporations to the extent that we will defend them with all our might?

    Sorry to pick on you Ted T but your comments stand out quite a bit. Things like “no one will actually pay full price for an Android device, when they could get an iOS device instead.” Childish, egotistical, gotta be right BS. I paid full price for an Adroid phone a week ago and I’d do it again before I’d take an “iOS” device on subsidy or free. Why? Because I like it better. It works the way I want it to. I bought my wife a Mac for her desktop and a Mac for her Laptop. Why? because it is better for her than Windows. Every other desktop/laptop/server in my house runs Linux because I like it better than Windows or Mac for my use. If you like your iPhone better than my Galaxy S great. More power to you. But it’s not any better, just different. Your’s does what you need, and mine does what I need. Your elitist “they can’t afford the best” attitude is more likely drive people away from your beloved device than result in them embracing it. I don’t know why anyone would love it just because it is Apple, Google, Microsoft etc. It’s just silly to be that entrenched with a corporate entity that only sees you as number on their profit line.

    I see others defending Android in a similar vain. I hope Apple and Google keep up this p*ssing match. That’s just more options for me.

    Let the flaming begin… sigh…

    1. No flaming here. I’m loving the heated competition… not so much the fanatics on either side, though they can be quite funny at times. Personally, I’m a Linux user all the way, from my laptop and desktop to my Android phone, but there are advantages and disadvantages to every platform, and personal preference plays a large part in each person’s decision.

      While I dislike Apple’s decisions regarding the strong control they have over their devices, it’s hardly evil. In the same way, I’m not turning a blind eye to Google’s tendency to accumulate large amounts of personal data, though I choose to tolerate it at this time.

      The battle for market dominance between Android and iOS is a good thing for the consumer.

  74. I am using android right now. I think android is better than iPhone.

  75. Apple and… Androids?

    Apple is carried on one carrier.

    Android(s) are carried on how many carriers??

    It seems to me its not a fair or accurate comparison of sales.

    1. That just means you’re not very good at math or statistics.

      Which in turn means you probably own an iphone.

      We’re talking operating systems. Not phone models. iOS vs Android. Period. Will you fanboys quit trying to make this about specific models? There are plenty of other places on the internet where you can congratulate each other for being trend-following idiots who bought the same fashion accessory.

      This place isn’t one of them. We’re comparing operating systems. The “iphone” is not an operating system. The legend on the sales graph is very clear about what they are measuring.

      Did you read the legend?

      Can you read the legend?

      1. Perfect Mate! I couldnt have said it better myself. Great reply :)

  76. With BlackBerry Torch and OS 6, RIM Is Still In the Game Tuesday, August 3, 2010

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  78. Ah ha! The triumph of Good over Evil! I’ll take Google over Apple any time.

  79. Advanced Technology Blog » Android Finally Outsells iPhone–Yes, Again! Wednesday, August 4, 2010

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  80. @RJWTImes on Twitter Wednesday, August 4, 2010

    Looks like the greedy grabbing Google is doing well. Hope Windows kicks ass.

  81. What We’re Reading: Cyberstalking – Bits Blog – NYTimes.com Wednesday, August 4, 2010

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  82. iPhone killer still at large: we round up the reviews of RIM’s BlackBerry Torch—and the news isn’t good | The New Normal | torontolife.com Wednesday, August 4, 2010

    [...] • Finally, Kevin C. Tofel at GigaOM says that with the Torch, RIM is “still in the game.”  It’s the same basic review we’ve seen almost everywhere else: RIM is treading water, and not actually moving forward with this phone. That’s a bigger problem for RIM than it would be for other brands, because even though RIM has a bigger share of the market, more of its customers are looking to replace their BlackBerry with a different brand’s phone. [...]

  83. I wonder how many “googlators” are ex-windows junkies who just can’t accept failure in face of Apple’s decade of success vs. msft’s decade of doing nothing. That’s got to hurt.

    Get ready for Google’s flop as well. ‘Cuz search is going elsewhere and the ad revenues that Google uses to wreck honest competition will go with it. Do no evil. Really?

  84. So, ONE phone carried by ONE service provider is FINALLY being outsold by the combined sales of MANY phones carried by MULTIPLE providers. Gee, what news this is, but not for the reasons people seem to think …

    1. Based on your lackluster reading comprehension, I’m going to assume you’re an iphone user.

      Go look at the sales graph again. Note the legend is comparing ‘Apple iphone OS’ and ‘Android OS’. This is an OS comparison for smartphones. The model is not being debated here, and is not mentioned in any graph.

      Let’s stick to the facts, mmkay?

      1. Except the first line of the article says “Sales of Google Android phones in the U.S. are rising so quickly, the devices have outsold Apple handsets for the first time on record.”

        And the OS charts are entirely within the framework of smart phones. If it was strictly OS, as others have pointed out, then iPad and iPod Touch devices should be counted as well.

        Which kind of gets back to a point that has been made, too, that this is insignificant research (or at least this article’s assessment of the research is insignificant) since there is no iPhone without the iOS and there is no Blackberry without the BB OS, but there is no (longer) such a thing as a Google Android phone. There is an HTC Android phone. A Motorola “Droid”. How do those numbers stack up against iPhone or Blackberry? Or even Nokia?

        So, then, is the article misrepresenting the charts?

        Or does it just chap your hide that more Android OS “owners” want an iPhone next than iPhone owners who want an Android phone next? And if Android is doing as well as some here think, then that is no insignificant number.

        And if the Android platform is open, is it even possible to put an OS on the Android phones other than Android? Just curious. Let’s say I like the Evo hardware (and I actually do), but I might prefer Windows phone (which has some great potential). Could I put that on the HTC hardware instead? How truly open is Android?


      2. Please go check again. The chart is smartphone OS. You then mentioned non smartphones that ‘should be counted’. This is bullshit, and I’m pretty sure you’re aware of this. Please go look at the graph again.

        The graph is not counting non-smartphones. Please understand this, and stop trying the same dishonest argument that Ted has been pushing.

        Yes, the article is full of bias and spin. Which is why I’m not talking about the article. I am talking about raw stats, and what the graph is representing. This data, in this chart, is OS installation on smartphones.

        We are NOT talking about ipads. we are NOT talking about iphones. we are NOT talking about anything other than smartphones, and which OS they are running. I understand the desire of apple fans to attempt to spin this by either subdividing the android numbers into handsets (while treating multiple versions of the iphone as a single class, lol), or adding non-phones into the iOS category.

        Those are two very dishonest tactics that really have no place here. Go look for handset charts if you’re so inclined, and start a discussion there. This isn’t the place for it. We’re not talking hardware.

        I have no idea if it is possible to install another OS instead of Android. I’ve never tried, and I can’t think of another one I would want (or another one, period). I certainly don’t want any existing version of WinMo (I haven’t played with the new one, so I can’t comment on it).

        Android starts open, and gets whittled away by the companies pushing the hardware. The DroidX, from what I can tell, is locked down even more than the iphone, so calling that ‘open’ is a joke. Meanwhile, my phone runs Python, which means more to me than having an Apple on the back of the phone.

        When my phone provider is terrified of the idea of me running scripts on the phone because it allows ‘programs’ to run, which prevents people from being routed through the app store, then I have a problem. That is not open at all. With Android I can scan a barcode anywhere and install an app, without going through any middleman. So very clearly, in at least this aspect, Android is ‘open’. The Android source code is also freely available to modify as one sees fit. This is also ‘open’.

        And to top it off, the graph presented is such limited scope that it hardly paints even a significant part of the entire picture. Sure, Android may have surged ahead in sales in this 6 month span, but Apple has fewer releases and a longer development cycle, so a 6 month cycle is never going to look the same as the next 6 month cycle. Android is gaining momentum, while Apple is based on massive spikes.

        It’s all bullshit, this whole thing, and I understand that it’s bullshit. Frankly, I don’t give a shit about this article, but the way apple fanboys act like fucking retards when shit goes down is ridiculous. Watching people say ‘well, they should be counting the ipod then!’ makes me wonder how intellectually dishonest (or perhaps just stunted?) people have to be to make such ridiculous claims.

      3. Well, I do see the point that iPod Touch and iPad sales should count towards iOS sales. It doesn’t invalidate the statistics above, but it is an important caveat.

      4. Do the ipod and iphone make phone calls?

      5. ‘iphone’ should have been ‘ipad’ in that last comment.

      6. Whether they make calls isn’t the issue. They run iOS, thus making them part of the same app platform (thus a valuable consideration for app developers in particular). Again, taking that into account does not invalidate the statistics, but it is worth noting that iOS has a market beyond phones that those statistics were not intended to include.

    2. You’re spinning. If these were just phones, then you would be correct in downplaying the statistics, but that is not the case. Android is an OS, just as iOS is. The difference is that an OS runs programs (of course, they call them apps in this context, but terminology isn’t as important as the concept). As Android increases market share, it becomes increasingly profitable for app developers to target Android.

      All other things assumed to be equal for the moment, the statistics show that app developers should probably be looking to go multi-platform, or cross-platform, if they haven’t already.

      Other than that, it’s just a pissing contest for the fanboys.

      Personally, I’m cheering on the contest, as I like the products to come out of it so far. I’m glad my own personal preference is flourishing, but would prefer it not overwhelm competitors, either. Monopolies, even by “open” platforms, are unlikely to be good for the consumer.

  85. Google’s Social Czar Is Vic Gundotra Wednesday, August 4, 2010

    [...] could be a risky bet. But plucking someone closely involved with Android is a shrewd move. Given Android’s incredible growth, mobile looks to be be Google’s best front on which to wage a social war (the TechCrunch post [...]

  86. Why i want a Android device « Delirium Wednesday, August 4, 2010

    [...] – GigaOM [...]

  87. You missed the real story here. Take another look at the Canalys data and you will see that the smartphone market grew by 63%, and that everyone except Google/Android grew by less than that. That means all the major players are ceding market share to Google. Given that trend and recent product releases by Apple, RIM and Google, it is reasonable to expect that trend to continue or even accelerate.

  88. I have seen this claim many times, including a thread here with many “amens”: It’s Apples to Oranges because iPhone is one phone and Android is many phones.

    Let’s think about this claim for a second. So…. because iPhone allows only one phone at a time, we should take just one model (say, Motorola Droid) from the Android group and compare it to the entirety of iOS, otherwise iOS gets to include iPad and iPhone Touch.

    The “multiple phone” claim goes for Blackberry and Symbian etc. These statistics have been kept for a long time and no one has every said Blackberry or Symbian has to be counted as separate devices, just because they offer choices. iOS just happens to be the only operating system that you can buy new on only a single phone-call-making device, but that doesn’t allow them to get to be arbitrarily compared to some model within the other operating system groups.
    Software is the relevant measure here and the analysis IS OS to OS within the smart phone market. This is a breakdown of smart phone market. iPad and iPod Touch cannot make phone calls, so you don’t get to include them. We could include all devices, which would include android-powered appliances, but that would be irrelevant to the smart phone market.

    Ultimately this argument comes down to the notion that android’s market share should be penalized for allowing hardware and network choices. Or, to put it another way, that iPhone should be specially rewarded in its statistics for offering a single device. Do you really think that an iPhone 4 versus just the Motorola Droid would be a comparison that anyone would take seriously or find remotely informative?

    If all competitors offer dozens of devices, even on the same networks, it would be quite difficult for any one of them to outpace the “device” share for an OS that has one device. Android has new devices every week that are cutting into the share of existing devices, but that obviously is not something that should be counted as a negative for android. Indeed it is one of the many reasons why people choose it.

    1. “Do you really think that an iPhone 4 versus just the Motorola Droid would be a comparison that anyone would take seriously or find remotely informative?”

      That’s part of the point. That the comparison would be no contest is what would make it so laughable. I’d certainly find it informative. It might give me a clue if any of these Android phone makers are worth investing in or not. Grouping all makers of Android based phones is the only hope they have of showing any health to the platform, but otherwise is largely pointless.

      I’ll say this again, Google does not sell Android. Handset makers make devices that use Android, but they don’t sell the Android OS, they sell devices that run the Android OS. Motorola can sell a variety of devices that run Android, just like Blackberry does with their own OS. But even Blackberry is singled out. Why not Motorola?

      But the Android OS, itself, has no market except that handset makers put it on phones. Android is a B2B product/service. At this point, only handsets with an OS are retail products. Android has consumer market appeal, but it is only as good as the device it is put on. And that is controllable/controlled by the handset makers, not Google (back room agreements not-withstanding).

      This is not about penalizing or rewarding. This is about honest market analysis and the charts don’t show that, although they do a better job than the article. This should be platform compared to platform. Android does not offer a platform, they offer an OS for others to build a platform. This is different even from Microsoft. Microsoft at least sold the OS separately.

      And tangentially, not that this is your argument one way or the other, we really couldn’t be having this discussion if not for Apple and the iPhone. If early prototypes are to be believed, this would be Android/Blackberry look/work-alike vs. Blackberry. That actually would have been harder for Google since everyone already had their Blackberry alternatives or probably didn’t care all that much about that market anyway, much less the consumer smartphone market over all.


      1. Well said Joe your analysis is right on the money.

      2. Google may not be selling the OS, but it is offered separately, and people have installed Android on devices not originally built for it. Nevertheless, market penetration of the OS, as well as expected loyalty, are valuable statistics to app developers, and by extension, good news for handset owners whose preferred OS is doing well. I want to see more good-quality apps I can use developed for my Android phone, and these statistics say there’s good reason to believe it will happen. Fanboys on either side can spin the information in all kinds of ridiculous ways, but it doesn’t change the fact that there are real, non-ego-driven reasons for me to be glad at what those statistics show.

        So yes, it is fair to compare Android and iOS for many of the same reasons it’s fair to compare Windows and Mac OS.

      3. “So yes, it is fair to compare Android and iOS for many of the same reasons it’s fair to compare Windows and Mac OS.”

        Except there is an additional party involved that did not exist in the WinOS/MacOS scenario—the cell phone carriers! (and probably why Apple went with just ATT and only one carrier where ever they could, just way simpler to deal with). If the talks between Google and Verizon that have recently hit the headlines has any validity—wow! Developers thought they had to worry about Android fragmentation now, this is potentially exponentially more complicated. (Imagine the headlines if Apple had been caught doing this).

        Yeah, early fragmentation aside (I believe only three handsets currently can run or are set to run Froyo, but I could be wrong about that), Android is definitely in a better position than either Rim or Nokia with regard to app productivity.