If Facebook’s IPO is one of the most hotly-awaited events in the technology world, what are some of the others? We’ve come up with our own list, some serious and some not — you be the judge. And then add your own.

Everyone has things they are waiting for — for some it’s a Wham! reunion tour, for others it’s an Eddie Murphy movie that’s actually funny, or a personal jetpack like we were promised in Popular Science magazine (seriously, where are those things?). For much of the technology world, it’s a Facebook IPO, which we’ve been told won’t be coming for at least another year and a half or so. What are some of the others? Here’re a few we came up with — some tongue-in-cheek and some not. If you have any great additions to the list or thoughts about it, please add them in the comments.

* Spotify’s U.S. Launch: The music-streaming service continues to toy with the emotions of U.S. residents who are increasingly desperate to use it. There is even a website devoted to chronicling the anticipation of this blessed event.

* A Verizon iPhone: In much the same way that the magic “Apple Phone”  was drooled over for years before its actual launch, iPhone users in the U.S. continue to await a phone that actually works — i.e., one that doesn’t use AT&T’s network.

* A Popular Microsoft Product: With a track record that includes the “Bob” interface, Clippy and the recently euthanized Kin phones, this one seems like a long shot — but hey, people can hope, can’t they? Next up: a Microsoft tablet. Woo-hoo! (P.S. The Xbox is the exception that proves the rule).

* A Twitter That Works: Despite the millions that have been thrown at the social network, the “Fail Whale” and repeated ratcheting down of API limits continue. Possible explanation: Twitter engineers are using AT&T iPhones to keep track of their servers.

* Bill Gates’ Return: Ever since the “Monkey Boy” video, not to mention the lackluster stock performance of the software behemoth, there has been a rising chorus of calls for Ballmer’s ouster and the return of Emperor Palpatine… er, Bill Gates. Keep dreaming.

* A Google Social Network: Yes, we know that you and your brother-in-law love Buzz, and your Aunt Sally is crazy about Wave. Some of you even know people who like Knol (which may or may not be deceased) and are hopeful about Google Me. Our advice? You need to get out more.

* A Chatty Apple: Look, Apple just doesn’t like to tell people things, okay? Sometimes it’s about Steve Jobs having cancer, sometimes it’s things about stock options or the real truth behind the antenna thing. It’s none of your business, so stop asking.

* Micro-payments: Remember Beenz? How about Flooz? Whoopi Goldberg tried to sell that one for awhile. The tech sector has been waiting for micro-payments for so long that the original plans involved using ASCII text and the Gopher protocol. Still waiting.

* Han Solo’s Arrest: The evidence is incontrovertible — Solo shot first and killed Greedo in cold blood in the bar on Mos Eisley. There shouldn’t be any need for further debate. Of course, finding the outlaw starship pilot could be difficult, but that doesn’t mean we should give up hope.

We’ll leave it up to you to decide which of these are serious and which are meant to be humorous. Let us know your favorite dreams-in-waiting.

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  1. Oh I wouldn’t go that far. Han Solo’s shooting was justified. Greedo drew first.

    1. The original video record shows that not to be the case, Nick. Alterations after the fact don’t obscure that a wrong was done.

  2. Greedo had it coming.

  3. Conquistador Friday, July 30, 2010

    Re: Solo/Greedo – one was an iOS fan, the other Android. It’s just the cinematic equivalent of what plays out in the comments section of tech blogs every day.

  4. Is this some lame attempt to keep GigaOm relevant?

    1. I rest my case

  5. Google owns Orkut. It’s pretty massive social network site, though mostly full of portuguese and spanish speakers.

  6. Lightpeak, cheap and available fiber network connections, a open or more open cable/satellite tv system so I can use any dvr or device I want without worrying if it’ll be compatible (and cable cards was so not the answer). Consistent 5bars from AT&T? Sorry I couldn’t resist despite not really having much of an issue with them.

  7. Exactmundo! (9 out of 10 is not bad)!~D …I’ve only read about SPOTIFY but I know that, as a people, we ‘need’ it here in America! (For goodness sake – we invented liberty and FREE-dom!!!!!) Data want’s to be FREE! LOL!!!!

  8. Solo actually killed Greedo’s clone. YEah, Palpatine did a great job on that one. The real Greedo is coming at Solo!!! lol.

    1. Mathew Ingram AK Saturday, July 31, 2010

      Greedo lives!

  9. What is this? How about a track record that includes Windows and Office?

    I’m not sure how anybody can be trusting enough to pay for a Pro version of this website when these articles are so far from professional.

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