GetJar, a San Mateo, Calif.-based company, today announced it is delivering over 3 million downloads a day to more than 2,000 different phone models. Thanks to the wide range of supported devices, developers can use GetJar to target their software for specific models and geographic regions.

Today, GetJar, a San Mateo, Calif.-based company, announced it is delivering over 3 million downloads a day to more than 2,000 different phone models. Adding support for Google Android devices last year has helped boost the daily downloads, as Android is already the second-most-used platform for GetJar customers. The company says it has seen tremendous growth over the past year, with downloads up 300 percent from the prior year.

GetJar bills itself as the “second largest app store,” boasting over 73,000 software titles. With roughly 225,000 apps, Apple’s iTunes App Store is the largest. But Apple’s store only supports a single platform in iOS4 devices, so GetJar goes after the remaining market, which is magnitudes larger. GetJar is a centralized software store for Android, BlackBerry, Symbian, Windows Mobile and Java devices. With such a wide variety of supported platforms, the company is on pace to deliver 1.1 billion mobile applications over the next year.

GetJar’s app store is intelligent enough to determine what device a handset owner has, and only shows applications compatible with that device. And as a central repository, GetJar gains useful metrics and data on what consumers are downloading, which in turn can help developers. Today, for example, the company says that customers in India are downloading more productivity apps than consumers in Europe or North America. Armed with that type of information and support for multiple platforms, developers can target different types of software in regions where consumers are likely to buy it and thus earn per-download revenues.

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  1. I can start to see Apple start to get more competitors in the App market

  2. But GetJar does not have monetization capabilities what Apple has

  3. Yes, in fact GetJar does a great job as second biggest app store on the market, but I think that today’s mobile apps store war was already won by Apple, because app store is the benefit for mobile device manufacturer, providing apps that makes difference – makes device more usable. When I go to GetJar site with my Nokia, it is hard to find really great applications. It is simple as that.

  4. Marshall Kirkpatrick Thursday, July 29, 2010

    Analysis cited by msearchgroove says total app markets to go crazy bonkers by 2015. The feeling of potential promised by these discrete bundles of functional software leveraging native hardware support is exciting, but will there come a point when we sober up and decide again that content is king? I suspect we may.

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