T-Mobile to Abandon Net Neutrality for Mobile Video

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T-Mobile is planing to ask companies like Apple and Google to pay for their mobile offerings, according to an interview that René Obermann, CEO of T-Mobile parent Deutsche Telekom, gave the German Manager Magazin. Obermann said the company could charge more for offering better quality of service or high transfer rates for mobile video or music, which should be “priced differently.”

He added that well-produced and successful online platforms should not be able to use the mobile Internet for free. Deutsche Telekom is already in discussions with Google about this very subject, according to Obermann. The Telekom CEO didn’t say whether T-Mobile would want to use this approach universally or restrict it to countries with less stringent net neutrality protections. The company operates mobile networks in more than 10 European countries, as well as in the U.S.

The U.S. Federal Communications Commission is currently trying to reclassify broadband to gain the authority to enforce net neutrality rules for ISPs, but it’s unclear if and how this is going to affect mobile broadband. There is even less net neutrality protection in place in many European countries.

In addition to his net neutrality comments, Obermann said the company is not planing to acquire any further mobile networks. Instead, it wants to conquer international markets with its own Internet services, including download platforms for music, movies and software titles.

Image of T-Mobile lanyards courtesy of Flickr user Stefan Evertz.

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