We are four years old today. In the four years since we launched our company, the world of technology and media has changed. Thankfully the simple premise we started with — the world will always be looking for context — hasn’t really changed.


Photo by Matt Mullenweg.

The GigaOM Network, the company behind this blog, is four years old today (the blog itself is considerably older). In the time since we set up shop in a neighborhood cafe, the world we write about has changed. From nowhere came the iPhone and then Android phones, to upend the entire mobile ecosystem. The atomization of content, relentless commoditization and the broadband sprawl opened up new opportunities for entrepreneurs big and small. Super angels are taking on the venture-capital establishment and new startups are rising faster than mushrooms following a monsoon.

Four years ago, there was no Gilt Group, no Groupon and no Foursquare. Twitter was still spelled Twttr. And the big tech magazines still carried considerable weight. Four years later, things are different. Yahoo and Microsoft aren’t as fearsome as they once seemed. Google is a gargantuan company. And as fearsome as it seems, it is being pushed into a box by a company run by 26-year-old: Facebook.

The whiplash-inducing speed of change is what we love the most about the technology business. The media that covered the tech industry is going through a change itself. The emergence of blogs and Twitter have helped reduce the gap between readers and those the media writes about. It was inevitable that news (or information) would eventually route itself around the institutions in the middle. It is no different than the airline industry or what happened to stock brokers. And like those industries, we need to find a way to provide value for our readers. Or as Slim Charles, an enforcer for Avon Barksdale on The Wire said: “The game is the same, just more fierce.”

Thankfully, we started with a simple premise: the world will always be looking for context. Add to that our three core areas of focus — innovation, strategy and money — and you can see we have stayed pretty true to that belief. We are bigger, have more on our team and we have seem some of our friends leave for new pastures. Nevertheless, the past year has been a great one for the company.

* We celebrated the first birthday of our GigaOM Pro service, which has over 6000 subscribers and many enterprise customers.

* We launched a complete redesign of the GigaOM Network.

* We introduced our GigaOM iPhone app. (Download it now from the iTunes store.)

* All of our events – Structure, Mobilize, Green:Net and NewTeeVee Live are now annual affairs in addition to our very successful GigaOM Bunker Sessions.

But that doesn’t mean our work is done. The technology industry changes with the blink of an eye and perhaps that is why I always think of our anniversaries as an opportunity to start afresh. And why not? Tomorrow’s world is about new ideas, new opportunities and new innovations. Before I go, I want to thank you, all our dear readers and friends who have encouraged us to go on. And same goes for our team, who have worked hard with dedication, love and passion. To our investors — thanks, guys, for continuing to believe!

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  1. Congrats Om (and the team) – you’re a fantastic example of new media keeping a high level of analysis and insight – keep it up!

    1. Thanks Ben. Your encouragement is appreciated.

  2. Chetan Sharma Monday, July 5, 2010

    we have enjoyed it as much you have had fun putting it together. well done and here is to another successful 4 yrs and beyond ..

    best wishes to you and your great team.


    1. Chetan… thanks for being part of the game and being a supporter of ours.

  3. Congrats, Om- here’s to four more, and another four after that!

    Keep up the great job :)

    1. Now if we could bring you back….

      1. I’m moving back to the Bay Area in a month- so I definitely need to at least stop by. I still haven’t seen the new office!

        1. Well keep me posted of your visit.

  4. Sanjay Maharaj Monday, July 5, 2010

    Congrats on your success and continued success in the future. It’s always a pleasure to read Gigaom which is my source of what’s happening in the technology world. Thumbs up and keep up the great work, you have a great team in place

    1. Sanjay thanks for being such a strong supporter. Appreciated deeply — of course that means more hard work.

  5. Amit Agarwal Monday, July 5, 2010

    Congrats! Wish you all the success.

    1. Thanks Amit. I appreciate the kind words.

  6. Srini Raghavan Monday, July 5, 2010

    I’ve been an avid reader since your B2.0 days and what was then a precursor to gigaom.com; and it’s heartening to see you become a force in your own right in the industry. Congratulations on the 4th and I look forward to more successes.
    Keep up the awesome work!

    1. Srini… man you are making me nostalgic :-)

  7. Charlie Anzman Monday, July 5, 2010

    Congrats OM (and all)!

    1. On behalf of our team, thank you Charlie.

  8. congratulations ! I have been following your blog for quite a while and I am really impressed by the growth. All the best for the future !!

    1. Thanks for your support Vineet.

  9. Om,
    congratulations… it was really great to see this blog becoming one of the top blogs in my mind and going to the events you organize and the humility that you still have is amazing.
    thanks for everything and keep up with this :)

    1. Thanks Mariano. Appreciate the kind words and look forward to hearing more from you in the future as well.

  10. Nikhlesh Agrawal Monday, July 5, 2010

    I discovered gigaom just 1 year ago and from then its a daily read on my way to work. Thanks Om for a fantastic insight of the telecom industry

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