4th of July Vid Picks: Fireworks Go BOOM!


Perhaps you live in a wildfire zone. Perhaps you don’t feel like leaving your house. Perhaps you prefer experiencing the awe of technicolor pyrotechnics through the medium of YouTube (s GOOG). Or maybe you just want to get psyched up for your own 4th of July-related plans. If you fall into one of those categories, then this Fourth of July we at NewTeeVee are happy to bring you — videos of fireworks!

According to its YouTube description, the below video captures the last 24 inch firework aerial shell allowed to be launched in the United States. Which, if I understand the jargon, means that this is so big that it’s now illegal.


From the 2007 Nagaoka Fireworks Festival, ten minutes of explosions:


Plus, fireworks over London’s House of Parliament:


And to bring things back to America, from San Francisco’s 2010 KFOG Kaboom:


Enjoy, and Happy Independence Day!

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