Authorities at the Immigration and Customs Enforcement Agency seized the domains of nine websites that had been charged with illegally pirating first-run movies. But merely a day later, two of them have already reappeared, highlighting the problem of trying to enforce copyright globally.

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From the whack-a-mole department: Authorities at the Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) Agency seized the domains of nine websites that had been charged with illegally pirating first-run movies yesterday. But while the domains were taken down as part of ICE’s “Operation In Our Sites,” two of the sites have already reappeared just 24 hours later.

The sites TVShack.net, Movies-Links.TV, FilesPump.com, NinjaVideo.net, NinjaThis.net, Now-Movies.com, PlanetMoviez.com, ThePirateCity.org and ZML.com, had all bought their domains from US-based registrars, which had allowed federal authorities to seize the domains. The ICE replaced those domains with the following image, warning users that it is unlawful to distribute copyrighted information without authorization.

Some of those sites were hosted in the US, including computers in Colorado, Florida and Illinois, but others were hosted on international servers in countries like Germany, the Netherlands and the Czech Republic. In addition to seizing the site domains, the ICE’s Homeland Security Investigations reportedly seized assets from 15 different bank, PayPal, investment and other advertising accounts, and executed four different residential search warrants.

But the shutdown of some of the sites involved was short-lived. According to TorrentFreak, Movies-Links.TV and TVShack.net are now operating at Watch-Movies-tv.info and TVShack.cc, respectively.

The takedown and subsequent reappearance of the sites highlights the issue faced by federal agencies as they attempt to enforce local copyright in a global market. When a local injunction by a German court tried to force The Pirate Bay offline, its traffic was merely routed elsewhere, which interrupted access to the website, but ultimately didn’t result in a disruption in file trading.

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  1. Ninjaforever Thursday, July 1, 2010

    The Ninjavideo Manifesto
    PDF: http://www.megaupload.com/?d=UEROOBGG
    Audio: http://www.megaupload.com/?d=CCKTBMS0

    Hear the reality – Spread the word.

  2. Scott Jensen Thursday, July 1, 2010

    This is hilarious! What morons! You are so right about “From the whack-a-mole department”.

    They are still trying to beat back the tide with swords. They refuse to accept that the current business model is a deadman walking. They need to innovate, come up with a new business model (click on my name for one possible one), and embrace p2p, not fight it.

    But then again, governments ALWAYS back established businesses. Look at what they’re proposing to “save” newspapers. Instead of encouraging the development of new media, they’re actually proposing to TAX new media to keep old media (newspapers) afloat. Government stupidity at its “best.”

  3. The government is already trying to regulate political speech online. It won’t be much longer until everything is regulated. We’ll all be spoon fed what they want us to have.

    1. Actually in this case, I think its big business (the movie industry) that does this through certain sectors of the government it controls.

  4. wow , it might be time to think about new places to live, i think the reality just sank in,,, they really do call the shots ( big business / illuminti / freemasons / ww3 mongers.

  5. The best day to deal with these things is to boycott Hollywood movies as a whole…even for free. Don’t buy their DVDs, don’t rent their movies, don’t watch them in the theatres, don’t digitally rent their movies, whatever. Don’t even watch them for free. They only have this power because our wallets give it to them. And with Hollywood’s crush/hero Obama in the white house this explains why it’s happening now. Even with a disaster in the Gulf destroying the livelihood and one of the only sources of income for the middle class in the Gulf coastal states they have time for this.

    With that said, i’ve never had the care to watch movies online. So i can’t really understand how difficult it’ll be to give up. But my advice is to honestly give it up out of protest.

  6. Ha ha ha, boycotts, that’s always effective. They can hold out longer than you can because they’ve convinced the population that Mall Cop and Grown Ups are good movies. On the other hand I like stupid flicks from Sandler or Rogan myself. I just prefer the more subversive humor.

    1. Boycotts can work if the individual is not a slave to mindlessness. It’s not that hard to “hold out”.

  7. fidel castro Thursday, July 1, 2010

    lol i bet that whole operation COST 2 million dollarS LOL

  8. lookingforsomethingtofind Thursday, July 1, 2010

    Hulu had it right before they started charging. The answer if to provide content online for free, with advertisements. I’m not saying I support piracy one way of the other. But for the movie and music industry to come out of this alive, they have to realize that the opportunity cost of not changing their model to a free to view, with ads, is much more than they are going to make in the long run, keeping things the way they currently are. I am not against the movie industry, I am a film buff, and believe without movies being made, that the world would be a slightly worse place. If any film exec reads this, understand pandora’s box has been opened, it is time to move forward, and deal with the situation, in a way that makes sense. Not go on a snipe chase or stick your head in the sand.

  9. Screw this. People need to understand how capitalism works. If someone is able to offer a service for less pay and higher quality, well then you’re shit out of luck. I understand copyright laws, and obviously these sites were breaking them and illegal. There’s no denying that, and of course people will lose money this way so this makes these sites pretty evil. But these sites were able to update almost any show in HD almost minutes after it aired, and offer it any time to people who have a busy schedule and cannot watch programming they enjoy. I worked and evening/late night job and ninjavideo was my hero. This should only show how behind business is on understanding the internet and understanding that most people find their media choice online. Some programs have started to get this and offer their shows online, but this can sometimes take a day or two to update. We are very much a “gimme now” culture, and we’re use to getting information and enjoyment instantly with the click of a button. Whether you agree with our increasing impatiences or not, this is the way our economy works, and you either catch up as a business or fall behind. And one more thing, jobs that aren’t needed unlike doctors and lawyers typically decline in pay as time goes on. This just goes to show profit is more important than the consumer that provides it.

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