Microsoft Office Coming to the iPhone and Other Smartphones?

Is Microsoft planning on rolling out Office to multiple smartphone platforms? As pointed out in a post on WMPoweruser, a recent Microsoft job posting reveals that the Redmond giant is looking for new software engineers for Office Mobile. Not just to bring Office to the upcoming Windows Phone 7, as you might expect, but also to Nokia and “other leading smartphone platforms” — leading Neowin to speculate that Office Mobile will also be ported to iOS, Android and RIM devices.

Here’s the money quote from the “Software Development Engineer — Office Mobile Job” posting (which is no longer available on the web page, as the position has been filled):

“In addition to the current Windows Mobile 6.5 and upcoming WM7 clients, with the recently announced alliance between Microsoft and Nokia we are working to bring Office Mobile to hundreds of millions of Nokia smartphone owners, followed by other leading Smartphone platforms.”

If Microsoft is planning on bringing Office to multiple mobile platforms, it offers the tantalizing prospect of being able to seamlessly access your Office documents no matter where you are — on the desktop (using Office 2010), in the cloud (using Office Web Apps) and on all your mobile devices (using Office Mobile). It will likely also offer very stern competition for the existing multiplatform mobile office apps, like Documents To Go.

Would you like to see Office on your smartphone?

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