Here’s a turn-up for the books – the BBC is already the number-five giver of readers to UK commercial newspaper websites.

The BBC News site…

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Here’s a turn-up for the books – the BBC is already the number-five giver of readers to UK commercial newspaper websites.

The BBC News site sent nearly two million unique visitors to the papers in April, and over 100,000 more clicked from other BBC.co.uk sites, according to the Newspaper Marketing Agency‘s own online analytics data.

UK Newspaper Website Visitors
UK Newspaper Website Visitors

That means it’s sending almost as many global readers as Microsoft’s Bing search and, amongst non-search sites, is the number-two referrer after Drudge Report. The BBC News site is contributing nearly 2.3 percent of the total unique visitors the sites get from their top 20 sources, the data shows. At home in the UK, the BBC is the top non-search referrer.

After years of criticism, and a stop-start approach to its Moreover-powered Newstracker module, which points readers to related news stories elsewhere, the BBC in March committed: “BBC Online will be transformed into a window on the web with, by 2012, an external link on every page and at least double the current rate of

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  1. Just say thanks and we’re cool…

  2. And why not? It isn’t like the Obamastream media here are doing their jobs.

  3. Its because, thankfully, the British papers contain a bit more truth in them…

  4. theiconoclast Tuesday, June 29, 2010

    So their plan is to close off their content from search crawlers (last paragraph)? Brilliant. After all, Google only provides 45% of their traffic. What company wouldn’t jump at the opportunity to shed 45% of their website traffic, simply by editing their robots.txt file?

  5. Andreas Herkommer Tuesday, June 29, 2010

    Where UK Newspaper Websites Get Their Traffic > from Google almost half of it!

  6. the Hall of the Wendigo Tuesday, June 29, 2010

    Well the BBC thing’s not really a shock is it? Maybe it’s me but I’ve never heard of Drudgereport.

  7. Maybe it’s me, but this short little online report “buries the lead” and fails to mention the impact the American site Drudgereport.com is having. It out-refers the Beeb by three times as many clicks. Are you being deliberately obtuse or are you ashamed that an American site (a conservative-leaning one at that) is better at sending Web surfers to UK sites than even other UK sites?

  8. Robert Andrews Tuesday, June 29, 2010

    I’ve covered Drudge Report’s impact on UK news sites more than once and as far back as 2/3 years ago; it’s quite well known.
    The thing that wasn’t well known – not if you listen to the newspapers, who berate the BBC for having online heft and for not linking out enough – is that it’s a major traffic giver, according to these stats.

    Also – domestically in the UK, Drudge Report is nowhere near as influential a referred as the BBC, or anyone else. The figures above are international clicks. In other words, UK newspaper sites get many of their referrals from the US, and many of those from Drudge. Click through to NMA for the UK-specific data.

  9. dave johnson Tuesday, June 29, 2010

    Here I am. An American sent by the DrudgeReport.

  10. In the U.S. Obama can now shut down our internet for up to 4 months until congress has to ask why.

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