Don’t panic, your update to iOS 4 most likely worked. You just may have to look a little deeper. After restoring and upgrading my iPhone 3G to iOS 4 late last night, I could not help but feel that the upgrade did not even happen.


Don’t panic, your update to iOS 4 most likely worked. You just may have to look a little deeper to realize that all went well.

After restoring and upgrading my iPhone 3G to iOS 4 late last night, I could not help but feel that the upgrade did not even happen. That something went wrong and I did not have iOS 4 installed at all. I knew that multitasking would not be there, but no background images? After a little digging around, I was able to convince myself that the upgrade did complete successfully.

At first it appears as if nothing happened; all looks about the same. There is a subtle update to the dock, but you would have to really know what to look for to see it. If you then go to the About information in the Settings app, it will clearly state that the version is 4.0(8A293). The next thing to look for would logically be setting the background image or wallpaper. Unfortunately you’ll soon discover that feature is clearly missing on the 3G. So multitasking and custom home screen wallpaper is out.

So what is there?

Check out the Mail app. One inbox to unite them all. And the camera, just tap the screen, you now have a digital zoom. And of course Folders. Simply drag one icon on top of another, you now have folders. iTunes playlists have also been enhanced as well as the spotlight search and the built-in photo app. Slowly you will start to discover what new features are available to the 3G, and which ones are not. And according to the popularity of the iPhone 4, and various online polls that have been taken, it appears that most of us will be living with iOS 4 on the 3G for only a little while, as all of us are eligible for the upgrade.

What features are missing that you really wanted? Any that should be there but you can’t find?

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  1. David Pedersen Tuesday, June 22, 2010

    My most wanted feature was custom backgrounds! Multitasking would also have been nice, but again it would’ve sucked if it was really laggy…

    1. I’m irked by this as well. Not like displaying a static image takes up that much RAM.

      1. Do you think that that is all Apple’s version of Multitasking is? Static images? It’s much more. There’s actually tasks going on in the background for Apps that take advantage of the APIs.

      2. Teslanaut, I think you should perhaps re-read his post. He’s talking about the custom backgrounds feature.

    2. I wasn’t planning to upgrade to IOS4 because of the lack of multitasking and no backgrounds and since my 3G had been jailbroken and unlock for T-mobile, I was fine to be running 3.1.2. But yesterday while syncing with Itunes it rebooted to the white apple logo but wouldn’t turn on. I ended up having to put it in recovery mode to try to get it back on. So I did the restore and it installed IOS4, I went ahead and use RedSn0w to jailbreak again and behold there was an option to add multitasking, I used UltraSn0w to unlock for my T-mobile sim. Everything works!!! I get all the function of IOS4, I can change the background, multitasking,ect. best of all it is NOT laggy to my surprise. Hope that helps.

  2. “it appears that most of us will be living with iOS 4 on the 3G for only a little while, as all of us are eligible for the upgrade”

    No, we are not all eligible for the upgrade. My wife is the primary name on our account (was easier when we merged our accounts when we got married) and she got her upgrade date moved up from October 2010 to immediately just before iPhone 4 came out. However, my upgrade date is stuck at January 2011 with no sign AT&T is going to move it. So I guess Apple and AT&T lose out on two iPhone sales/contract extensions until at least January since they didn’t move up both of our upgrade dates. Stupid AT&T anyway…

    1. Khürt Williams Brian Tuesday, June 22, 2010

      If you were to have chosen a different vendor product – say Blackberry on AT&T – how would things be different?

    2. I think he was saying the majority of the general public. My contract renewal/upgrade is available August 2nd. I spoke to a representative at ATT about 2 weeks ago, and he said they allow for you to upgrade a month early. So, I suppose I’m lucky considering I’ll be available for an upgrade on the 2nd of July. A Week and two days from now. I’m sorry to hear about your luck though mate. I wish you the best!

    3. I believe he was referring to upgrading the O/S, with it being iOS4 and not upgrading iPhones to iPhone 4.

  3. Thanks for the helpful post.

    If you double-click on the launch button yous should see the multi-task menu on the lower portion of the screen.

    The photo zoom is nice!

    1. Not for the 3G. Only the 3GS.

    2. Wow thx for that! I recently updated my iPhone 3GS and couldn’t figure out how the multi-tasking worked. Numerous internet searches failed to tell me how to do this. Even Apple don’t have it on their site – not anywhere I could find it anyway. They need a link that says “How to access the new features on your iPhone”. And multi-tasking is sooo cooool. Love it.

  4. So how’s the speed on the 3G? That seems to be the major point of contention among upgraders. I have a 3GS and it feels a bit zippier so far…

    1. speed is slow on the 3G. I’ve noticed since the upgrade, everything is slower, as if it wants to freeze up. Not very happy about upgrading, the new features are nice, but the speed has become a problem…on my wife’s phone, too.

      1. youll most likely have to downgrade to 3.1.3. to get ur old phone back.. i dont think 4 is worth it

  5. I got folders and I’m happy. My 2nd gen Touch doesn’t get multitasking, but I don’t care about that. I like the hidden features like spellcheck and movies playing right in safari. New photo features are nice too.

    1. I’ve the 2G touch as well, and folders were my most anticpated feature. Love them. Was able to easily re-organize down from 11 overflowing screens, bring many more apps from iTunes over, and still have plenty of room to grow. But also disappointed that there’s no wallpaper since the jailbroken versions on same devices work without a hitch.

      Some of the other features that I find really useful that are not as readily apparent are: ipod controls/edit/playlists, spell-checker, birthday calendar, landscape keyboard in notes/email/etc, photo edits, secure lock code, homebutton options, etc. New Mail features could be really useful to some, but I have seperate email accounts for a reason: To seperate good stuff from junk, so don’t want them merged.

    2. I’ve the 2G Touch as well. Folders are GREAT… I’ve got myself neatly organised onto a single page instead of 8 (“Hello; I’m Jeff, and I’m an app addict. HI, JEFF“)

      But the one couldn’t-they-have-squeezed-it-in feature for me is vertical orientation lock. I use the Touch in all sorts of odd places and angles, and the move-it-three-degrees-and-it-shifts behaviour drives me up the proverbial wall. Please, Apple, get this in 4.1.

  6. I get the omissions based on the hardware capabilities of the 3G, but for the love of Jesus, why do we not get the ORIENTATION LOCK?!

    1. Orientation lock exists in 4.0. You double click on the home button, go to the farthest left screen with the ipod icon and play buttons and then the orientation lock button is on the far left. Look before posting!

      1. 3G and second gen iPods do NOT get orientation lock because double click does not bring up that bar with the previous apps and controls. It does not have the UI that they tossed the lock onto, so it’s missing. They didn’t want to come up with a new UI for older hardware. You could look before posting, too…

        The fancy zoom animation and shadows for the background made the background too slow on older hardware, that’s why it’s missing. And I agree, I’d prefer speed.

        I’ve got friends with the older hardware, actually I have the 32GB iPod and have those things. :)

      2. Agree with Henry. Those who live in glass houses, shouldn’t throw stones….(and we all live in glass houses)!

        Translation: If you’re an impatient poster, quick to criticize others, you better be sure you know what you’re talking about.

  7. I have a 3G – the only truly notable change I found are the folders – but that said, I do actually think they make a big difference. In general things seem a little bit snappier? That may just be because my iPhone was wiped and reinstalled with the iOS4 upgrade, though.
    The mail update is neat enough, the introduction of threads is quite cool.
    Other than that, not much going on.

  8. @Joe – 3G speed seems down all around. There’s a video on flickr comparing things like camera taking a picture, opening the settings app, etc. I’m not sure if it’s some of the visual chrome given to make things look better or what, but overall I’m fairly disappointed :( Nice to have folders and unified inbox, but as much as a fanboy as I am even I’m thinking of downgrading until the new phone arrives here in Canada. Sounds like the 3GS owners were the real winners here :(

    If there’s a trick to speed up a 3G (maybe a full wipe and rebuild?) I’d love to hear it.

    1. I agree with you, ever since the upgrade, my 3G has been moving slow, the camera, the iPod, everything. I wonder if it’s Apple’s way of getting us to buy the new one. Which, I probably will soon. Is it possible to downgrade?

    2. My 3G is faster than the one shown in that comparison with iOS4, so I thing peoples experiance may vary.

  9. David Chadderton Tuesday, June 22, 2010

    I like a lot that it can stay connected to the network when sleeping. It means Remote can be used as a real remote. Before, by the time I’d woken the iPhone, waited for it to connect to the network and waited for it to reconnect to iTunes I could have run upstairs and operated the iMac manually.

  10. Henry Mortimer Tuesday, June 22, 2010

    Thanks for the tips about the new features. I wasn’t so sure myself. But what’s the “built-in phone app”?

    1. It’s the app you use to use an iPhone as a phone. I’m guessing you’re an iPod Touch user?

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