Apple’s mobile operating system update, iOS 4, is now available to download via iTunes. The updated operating system, previously known as the iPhone OS, features more than 100 new features and clocks in at 378MB.


Apple’s mobile operating system update, iOS 4, is now available to download via iTunes.

The updated operating system, previously known as the iPhone OS, features more than 100 new features. However, in order to download the 378MB update, you will need the latest version of iTunes (version 9.2), so be sure you are all up to speed before trying to upgrade.

iOS 4 can be installed for free on the older iPhone 3G and the current iPhone 3GS, in addition to the second- and third-generation iPod touch. An iPad-friendly version of the OS is expected later in the year.

The main features that the new OS offers includes multitasking, a unified inbox, folders for better application organization, the introduction of Game Center and more. Apple’s own site has an informative run-down of what iOS 4 brings to the table.

Check out the iOS update and let us know if you have any problems.

  1. Has been available for about an hour here in the UK. Its on my 3GS now! Just got to sort out these folders… too many possible layouts!

  2. Sadly i cant find my game center.

    And i never had jailbreak or the GM version. :(

    Someone knows what to do ?

    Oh, Ibook is nowhere to be found on my 3gs to :(

    1. You need to download iBooks via the App Store.

      1. thanks, I’ve searched it

    2. GameCenter won’t be available till July 1st if I remember right… or at least “a later date”

  3. Took 1 1/2 Hours to update my Third Gen iPod and this is what I concluded. The folders work. Multitasking and home wallpaper DO NOT.

    1. That’s because you have the 3G version not the 3GS version. Time to upgrade I reckon ;-)

      1. He said he has an iPod – not an iPhone!

    2. if you have an 8 gb 3rd gen or 2nd gen multitasking will not work

  4. Why it dose’nt available in ipod touch g1 OR iphone g2?
    We need somthing new in it :'(

  5. All of the wallpaper I’ve had on my iPhone for years is now very pixelated. ???

  6. Pretty pedestrian upgrade for users of the second-gen iPod Touch. No home wallpaper, no multitasking. OS was really laggy first time I used it, but that cleared up after a reboot. It feels faster than 3.x.

  7. Bummed that it’s not available for 1st Gen. iPod Touch.

  8. Is anyone else getting stuck in the back up stage?

    1. I am getting stuck on the back up stage also. I don’t know whether to keep waiting to try cancel and restarting. Been waiting for over thirty minutes and still says backing up.

      1. Mine took a long time as well, it was about a third full, and then it just finished and moved on to the next step. Don’t trust the progress bar.

      2. me too – the progress is at what seems 0,75 % for almost half an hour and moving at 0,01 % per Minute – i hope it wont take till my iPhon 4 arrives ;-)

    2. It did take quite some time but it eventually went through. I cancelled and restarted but that didn’t make it go any faster.

      1. UpDate: It Just did not work. i let it run for more than six hours till the morning, but it was then not nearly by the 10 %, so i cancelled in the morning, And started again, but it seems, that it ist not going faster – so i think i have to cancel again, cause i need the phone

        Rico, Cologne, Germany

    3. You can always donwload the firware and do a “restore”….

  9. Downloading on my 3gs now, for the people with 1st generation phones and iPod touches maybe it’s time to invest in something a little bit newer since ios 4 isn’t working on your devices

  10. I cant even download it, just keeps saying my current version is the most recent

    1. …nor the iPod Touch 2nd gen it seems. When i try and run software updates it says i have the most current version … WTF

      1. My 2nd-gen updated fine. You could try downloading the firmware manually and then restoring it.

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