Today Apple revealed an updated and more powerful version of its compact desktop computer, the Mac mini. It’s 20 percent smaller, 25 percent more power efficient and a heck of a lot easier to upgrade.


Today Apple revealed an updated and more powerful version of its compact desktop computer, the Mac mini.

The improved device, which prior to today’s new iteration saw an update back in October of last year, now boasts a unibody aluminium case. The new casing is said to be 20 percent smaller than the previous Mac mini, yet despite this new model being more compact, the refreshed computer also manages to house the power supply internally. Apple also revealed that the new Mac mini is 25 percent more power efficient than previous models, with the device now using less than 10W while idle — a feat which, according to Apple, now makes the Mac mini the world’s most energy-efficient desktop computer.

A basic new Mac mini now starts from a base price of $699, with the standard configuration getting you a 320GB hard drive, 2GB of RAM, an NVIDIA GeForce 320M graphics chip, and an Intel Core 2 Duo 2.4GHz processor. If you are in need of a more powerful machine, Apple also has a higher spec configuration on offer: The $999 model will get you a 500GB hard drive, 4GB of RAM, and a 2.66GHZ chip.

Both $699 and $999 models have an integrated SD card reader, four USB ports and an HDMI-out port, a Mini DisplayPort jack and 802.11n Wi-Fi. Both of the new models can also be upgraded due to an easy access panel on the bottom of the device.

The updated Mac Mini is available now from the Apple Online Store.

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  1. Khürt Williams Tuesday, June 15, 2010

    Is it just me or does this new Mac mini feel like a grown up Apple TV? I just plunked down $400 on two new iPhone 4s and I feel like I should have bought the Mac mini instead. Would be great under my TV. If only Apple would add a Blu-ray drive …

    1. My thoughts exactly! With HDMI out, this’d make an incredible little home media center. Very tempting.

  2. Way too sexy! I’m getting the Server edition! Wonder if 4GB is enough….

  3. and a firewire port, no?

    1. Yes Firewire 800 included.

  4. I was really rather excited about this when I started reading about it, since it seemed, like some have commented and many are no-doubt thinking, like a grown-up Apple TV, but I’m not too keen on the increased price over the previous model. Maybe if they eventually drop the price down to the previous Mini, or I can pick one up used down the road… =/

  5. i absolutely  + ♥ this thing!!!!!! the HDMI is a life saver!

  6. salarymanryan Tuesday, June 15, 2010

    I was so excited until I saw the price. :(

    1. Is $700 really that much money? Seems like a pittance to me.

      1. noreallyitsme Rob Tuesday, June 15, 2010

        Great you can buy me one too ;)

  7. Note the absence of Apple TV from Apple’s Website now. Also note that the new Mini supports 5.1 channel audio over HDMI. This effectively replaces Apple TV with a better value.

    My only complaint is that they didn’t make it easy to swap out the drive. I’d love to buy one with no drive and no memory, and get those items from OWC or someplace. I want a 7200 RPM 500 GB drive and 8GB RAM. I just don’t want to pay Apple prices for them, or buy memory I don’t need, or buy a drive that I don’t want.

    1. “Both of the new models can also be upgraded due to an easy access panel on the bottom of the device.”

      Looks like your good to go then :)

  8. Apple TV is still there, but you made me look:

    I want the rumored iOS Apple TV. When Steve announced the OS name change I thought that was the precursor to a September iOS TV. With this in the line up I am back to neutral wait-and-see on that rumor.

    Apple is burying this on iPhone preorder day because of the price increase would not otherwise be well received. Is it good to raise the price of the cheapest Mac?

    1. Ditto. I’m ready to move over to the so-far mythical iOS AppleTV. My 1st-Gen can go into the guesthouse. WiFi reaches there fine. The small SD drive works for me, too. I store everything on the iMac and just move the evening’s viewing over to the AppleTV.

      And the price bump for the Mini makes little economic sense vs. the upgrades/cost of the whole package.

  9. hey…they completely revamped the Mac Mini and they are advertising it as an HDTV connectable device…so the chances of people buying the apple tv are slim now…so including all the costs of the new machine to be made and the cost to the loss of sales of the TV therefore you have the price upgrade

    and yes the TV is still on the site…under iPods

  10. I don’t think it’s wise to write Apple TV’s obituary because the mini has an HDMI port. I just bought a $400 Acer (including monitor) and even that has an HDMI port. I’m not recommending the Acer – it’s a cheap POS – but my point is that an HDMI port seems to be standard equipment these days. Apple would have been remiss (and severely criticized I bet) had they not included one.

    I own about 8 Mac Minis. I love them. I use them at home and put them at my office because the Windows computers had to be reformatted every few weeks due to malware. The Windows folk adjusted nicely and many prefer the Mac. I just bought four of them and wish now I had waited. The new one looks very sweet – though I agree it’s more expensive than I would like.

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