HP Acquires HyperSpace — Preparing webOS for Takeoff?

Phoenix HyperSpace

HP has been a busy tech company lately, given the purchase of Palm and now with the acquisition of the HyperSpace technology from Phoenix Technologies. Phoenix is the maker of the BIOS in most of the computers sold today, and the HyperSpace technology purchased by HP is designed to boot computers almost instantly into a Linux shell. HP also picked up Phoenix’ Flip and HyperCore technologies in the deal worth $12 million. The timing of this acquisition so soon after the deal with Palm (due to close this summer) leads to the question — will HP be making dual-OS computers running webOS?

HyperSpace provides a second operating system environment that a computer can start up in seconds, giving rapid web access for core functionality (for those interested in cloud computing or data centers, check out our Structure 10 conference this month). It eliminates the need to boot into a full Windows environment for quick sessions while mobile. It is not restricted to x86-based computers, however, as Phoenix has optimized HyperSpace technology to work well on the ARM platform. That’s the very platform that we should see HP exploit for future webOS produces, so this purchase of the technology makes a lot of sense for HP.

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