Just six months after hitting the one-billion-tweets milestone, Twitter has doubled that number, according to research by Royal Pingdom. Twitter’s chief operating officer Dick Costolo said recently that the service is seeing about 65 million tweets a day.

Twitter, just six months after hitting the one-billion-tweets milestone, doubled that number in May, according to research by Royal Pingdom. Twitter’s chief operating officer Dick Costolo told attendees at the recent Conversational Media Summit in New York that the service is seeing about 65 million tweets a day, which would make for roughly 2 billion a month. And based on the statistics that Royal Pingdom has been collecting, that growth is showing no signs of slowing down.

Twitter has been expanding its staff levels rapidly as well: it now has more than 200 employees — double what it had six months ago — and is adding more, including a Washington liaison job that was posted recently. The company has also been adding features, including its own built-in link-shortener, t.co, which will be wrapped around all links shared through the social network. In addition to providing more security against phishing attacks and malware, Twitter said it plans to make use of the data on link sharing to provide analytics to advertisers and also to develop a trend-spotting feature for users.

Releasing features such as link shortening and its own “promoted tweets” advertising platform has caused some tension between Twitter and its third-party developers, as Om recently noted. Certain developers have said that the moves by the company have made some reluctant to invest in Twitter-related startups, but Twitter says it’s seeing no such reaction from the development or VC community.

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  5. I used twitter for a while. Too spammy. People think I’m crazy, but I still think it’s a massive fad and will eventually die down. I got sick of it and deactivated my account and I have no trouble living without it. I’m sure there are many who are addicted to it, but that doesn’t mean it will sustain its popularity.

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