After the iPhone 4 presentation at Apple’s WWDC in San Francisco today, I hit the town to talk to app developers in the event center about their perceptions of Steve Jobs’ latest and greatest device. Here’s a video to give you a flavor of the scene.

After the iPhone 4 presentation at Apple’s WWDC in San Francisco on Monday, I hit the town to talk to app developers at the event center, outside in the street, and back at their offices about their perceptions of Steve Jobs’ latest and greatest device. Here’s a video to give you a flavor of the scene.

* To kick off, watch a short bit of footage of me playing with the new iPhone in the press demo area. (I get a surprise when I see myself appear on the front-facing camera!)

* Just about everyone I talked to mentioned how impressed they were by FaceTime, Apple’s new mobile video chat product (and future open standard). Nobody seemed to be too concerned about the fact that it’ll only work over Wi-Fi for the time being.

* Though people were riding high after the keynote, some developers said they’re concerned about Apple further splintering the app development market. Others said they wished cool new features like the high-resolution retina display would come to the rest of the Apple family, like the Mac.

* ngmoco CEO Neil Young said he was hoping for Apple TV integration, a Game Center demo and Facebook support, but he’ll be making use of FaceTime (which he said will ensure he buys not just one but two iPhone 4s) and the new gyroscope (which he said is a bit of a random feature, but will be good for augmented reality).

* Different developers were excited about different app monetization opportunities. Truphone’s Karl Good was psyched to hear that Apple now has 150 million credit cards on file, while eBay developer Robin Schuil said he expects to make use of iAds especially given they’ll be available so soon.

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  1. Robert Pöhler Monday, June 7, 2010

    First – I don’t have any prefers on mobiles. But even with the latest generation the IPhone can’t reach the power of the actual HTC phones. It’s a nice mobile with a good design, but based only on technical details the HTC Desire is still the leader. But as we know – Apple has a very good marketing and sales team, so it will result in another IPhone hype I think.

  2. Jester theFool Tuesday, June 8, 2010

    No flash. No iPhone. Android I await you. It’s so cliche to have an iPhone I look down upon them. Sheeps.

    1. How smug of you. Because you know, we all want flash on a 3.5″ screen.

    2. I honestly mean this when I say it: have fun with that. More iPhones for the rest of us! :)

    3. Hey Jester, does Android have a dictionary app? The plural of “sheep” is “sheep.”

  3. Learn to white balance the camera. Thx.

  4. I’m curious about the accuracy of the gyroscope. Does anyone know what kind of rotation speed or can be picked up? I’m assuming there’s a limit since these are 2D integrated devices. Based on Steve’s demo it works fine at a few degrees per second. Impressive already.

  5. GoodThings2Life Tuesday, June 8, 2010

    I’m sorry, but while the new specs are certainly impressive by comparison to the previous generations, at this point they’re behind the tech curve. The HTC phones just make the iPhone look cheap these days.

    That said, I continue to view the mobile-space exactly the same as always with Apple vs. The Whole World… and only rich yuppies and people with a “follower” mentality– just keep it simple, tell me what I want, and give it to me– will rush to own them.

    Meanwhile those with a capacity to think beyond the hype will continue to look elsewhere. Android is rushing forward, Blackberry and Microsoft lag behind, though I do believe Microsoft is sincere at attempting a rebound with Windows Phone 7… as a supporter, I hope they succeed, because while I find the EVO to be impressive, I just don’t trust Google enough with my data.

    1. What does this have to do with the actual story? It’s amazing that you state that the plastic and bulkier Evo makes the tech that exists in the glass and metal of the iPhone 4 look cheap. From that alone it shows how little your opinion is worth.

    2. First: what specifically about the new HTC phones (I’m assuming that you mean the Incredible and the EVO) do you find so much better than the new iPhone? Bigger screen? (By that argument, shouldn’t the 5″ Dell Streak be the best phone EVAR?) HDMI output? (I still don’t understand what the use case is for this.) SD card slot? (I’m really curious how many end-users ever swap out cards.)

      Second: good tech spec sheet != good phone, IMO. Mobile device quality is a function of both hardware and software, and while there’s certainly room to have a productive discussion about the merits of Android vs. iOS (vs. WP7, when it eventually emerges), I’m immediately dismissive of any argument that starts and ends with specs.

      1. RE: HDMI out – Apple already sells Composite-out and Component-out leads, so isn’t adding an HDMI-out port just adding to the convenience?

  6. I am eagerly waiting to use the iPhone 4 ..just want to see what is the picture quality and camera worth then i will buy one. As in my iPod nano 5g i am not able to take snaps only video..so need to wait for reviews

  7. Liz, you’re so cute!! ;)

  8. Let’s wait for the phone to actually come out then put them head to head.

    After seeing the iPad, we should know that it’s not always about hardware specs.

  9. iPad Application Developer Tuesday, June 8, 2010

    Facetime and iAds two cools things developers have to look out for.

  10. Well I think it’s wonderful.

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