The newest music video by pop music sensation/possible crazy person Lady Gaga is a darker spin on her signature “out there” style. While free of product placement (as well as eyeliner) it’s getting a perfectly-executed premiere courtesy of Vevo and YouTube.


When you can get millions of views for just a teaser of your upcoming music video, you’re Lady Gaga, and a new video for a track off The Fame Monster is a major media event. Kids, meet Alejandro.

Darker and grimmer than past Gaga videos, with a less diverse array of wacky outfits than usual but a heavier emphasis on dancing as a trade-off, Alejandro doesn’t show the same interest in storytelling that the video for Telephone.

However, it also appears to be relatively free of the product placement that clearly subsidized Telephone‘s antics, perhaps because there’s also somewhat more explicitly sexual content. Also, you get to see what Gaga looks like without eyeliner — which is fascinating in and of itself.

Alejandro is being premiered the right way: Available in sizes up to 1080p through Vevo and YouTube, and fully embeddable for ultimate viral spreading. It may not end up changing lives and fashion like Bad Romance did, but it’s still contributing to the music video revolution that bumped Vevo up to the 6th spot on comScore’s April online video rankings. Because online audiences want their music videos — and event pieces like this are just a part of the reason why.

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  1. Embeddable yes, but not viewable in Germany –> no ultimate spreading

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