Apple’s new iPhone 4 features 720p HD recording, a built-in LED spotlight and the ability to edit videos on the spot through a dedicated iPhone version of iMovie. All of those features should make Cisco pretty nervous as they make the company’s Flip camcorder look outdated.


Apple CEO Steve Jobs just announced the highly anticipated fourth-generation iPhone at WWDC, and the device is bound to make some people at Cisco pretty nervous: The iPhone 4 features 720p HD video recording at 30fps, an LED flash that doubles as a spotlight source for video recording and the ability to edit any video footage right on the device.

Video editing on the iPhone is enabled through a custom version of iMovie, which can be bought in the App Store for $4.99. The development of iMovie for the iPhone was led by Randy Ubillos, whose previous credits include the design and development of Adobe Premier and Final Cut Pro. The software features a number of themes and transitions and makes it possible to export video in 360p, 540p and 720p, all of which can be shared immediately via Wi-Fi or 3G networks.

Compare that to the latest Flip camera from Cisco, and it becomes clear why everyone’s favorite HD point-and-shoot camcorder could be in deep trouble: The Flip SlideHD was supposed to be the next big step for Flip, as it transitioned to a touchscreen-based interface, but it already looked outdated when it made its debut earlier this year, missing multitouch and other UI essentials to which that smartphone users are already accustomed.

Also notably absent was any kind of network connectivity. Cisco promised to bring networking to the camera when it acquired Flip maker Pure Digital for $590 million in March of 2009, but to date, Flip users still have to rely on the built-in USB port, and their desktop PCs, to share and upload videos.

Smartphone users, on the other hand, are increasingly getting used to immediately sharing their footage via their devices’ cellular network connections. iMove for iPhone just gave iPhone users another reason to skip the desktop, making it possible to do some basic editing before they upload clips to YouTube or Facebook.

Then there’s the iPhone 4 hardware. The device features a 3.5-inch screen with a resolution of 960×640 pixels that uses the same type of IPS technology as the iPad to support video-friendly viewing angles and a great contrast ratio. It also has a back-light illumination sensor that should help to capture situations with low and changing light conditions. It’s unclear at this point how much of an impact the integrated LED flash will really have on video recording, but it should help to persuade customers dissatisfied with their current camcorder’s performance under such conditions.

Speaking of customers, one of Flip’s big selling points has always been its low price point; a dead-simple HD camcorder for less than $200 is hard to beat. However, the new Flip SlideHD costs around $280 for 16GB of memory. Apple announced today that the iPhone 4 will start selling at $199 for 16GB and $299 for 32GB.

Expect Cisco to slash Flip prices any day now. However, one has to wonder whether that’s too little, too late to save the device.

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  1. modelmotion Monday, June 7, 2010

    How does the chip in the iPhone compare to the Flip?

  2. Why Apple's new iPhone 4 is not a Flip mini camcorder killer | ZDNet Monday, June 7, 2010

    [...] Janko Roettgers at NewTeeVee: It [is] clear why everyone’s favorite HD point-and-shoot camcorder could be in deep trouble: [...]

  3. It is when the Touch gets these features.

  4. Let’s face it…. cell phones didn’t kill Digital Cameras.. they are still selling strong. Likewise, they won’t kill dedicated portable video cameras

    1. The difference is, dedicated point-&-shoot (p-&-s) cameras have always been WAY better than any camera on any cell phone. But that line is blurring. In the Still Photo department, you can get some nice shots and with more powerful hardware and software, I can honestly see a day when the average person will do both a cell phone AND a (p-&-s).

      Everyone wants to take great photos and currently people who are serious about getting decent shots are dipping their toes in the SLR pool of varying prices. As cameras and software get better on cell phones, I see the point-shoot camera taking a big hit in sells. Especially when Apple will most likely offer a mobile photo editor. For me, I just don’t see decent (or any) photo editing on a (p-&-s). It already exists on the iPhone and will get more powerful as time marches on.

      Now, this is about the Flip and video — Apple is close on this. AND they have iMovie which eventually be free to everyone. Apple is too close for comfort and Cisco has a very big problem on their hands. iPhone 4 owners (and eventually iPod touch owners) are going to be in the mega-millions going forward as people trade up for $200-300 every couple of years. Also — think about this, people, … The other cell phone companies and let Apple have all the video glory. They will become competitive too. Combined competition against the Flip, Cisco has little going for it as smart phones have so much more going for them and are just a better trade-off in the long run… Not to mention that, even if money weren’t an option for anyone (funny, right?), who wants to lug both a cell phone AND a Flip camera around.

      The all-purpose device is going to be the death of all one-trick ponies.

      1. I meant to say:

        “can honestly see a day when the average person will HAVE both a cell phone AND a (p-&-s).” They’ll have a cell phone on the low end and jump to SLR when the want a big jump in quality.

      2. God – I must be on drugs… dangit!

        I truly meant to say:

        I can honestly see a day when the average person will ONLY have a cell phone for their camera and not bother with a Point-&-Shoot camera.

        Sorry for the double-flub!

        (I wish one could edit his/her posts… I used to that on various boards so I don’t proof too well before hitting the Submit button.)

  5. Does the Flip and the iPhone really have the same target market? The iPhone site is all about the specs and the impressiveness of the device itself.

    The Flip site has a feature that is selling designs for the camera for Father’s Day.

    Perhaps the Flip market are people less technically-savvy than the iPhone?

  6. I currently have a 3GS and a ultraHD flip cam. I dont mind have two separate devices (until i see real world footage from the iphone4) I do wish there was an iphone app so I could plug my flip directly into it to upload.

  7. Hyperbole 101 – Contrarianism Reporting (ZDnet Style) — CandyShell Monday, June 7, 2010

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  8. Richard Gratton Monday, June 7, 2010

    Comparing prices between the iPhone and the Flip is a little dodgy, given the total cost of ownership of the iPhone. So while the opportunity for Flip to sell cameras to people who buy the iPhone 4 is definitely taking a hit, but there are a lot more people in the market for a nice, cheapish hand-held camera.

    That said, I agree that Flip needs network connectivity sooner than later to stay relevant.

  9. Dan Rayburn Monday, June 7, 2010

    These two devices can’t be compared. Agreed that the new Flip is overpriced and missing a whole host of features. But no one who is looking to buy a digital video camera considers a device that is marketed and sold with the name “Phone” in it. One device has nothing to do with the other.

    1. Dan, agreed, people won’t go to Best Buy to buy a camcorder and walk out with an iPhone instead… but that doesn’t mean that the iPhone won’t have an impact on Flip sales: iPhone 4 owners will be a lot less likely to buy a Flip if their phone already offers them a superior video capturing, processing and sharing experience.

      1. Exactly. I have a 2 year old Canon point and shoot camera that I was thinking of upgrading. When I bought the Droid in November I held off on a camera. Then I got the Incredible when that came out and noticed that it also takes pictures as good as a $150 point and shoot camera, and I don’t have to carry around an extra device.

        My phone can handle pictures good enough for me now and if I ever need anything really high quality, I’d get a DSLR or something in the future. I think the same will happen with the Flip market. The iPhone and Android phones are going to get great 720p/1080p video recording and will be sufficient for the masses. People who own those devices will be less likely to buy the Flip cams. If they have bigger needs they’ll probably just get a good HD cam.

        Also, when you think of the combination of HD video, 4G connectivity and movie editing right in the phone. You’ll be able to produce and share high quality content so quickly it’ll be mind blowing.

    2. For youngsters and other non smartphone owners, true. For me, false. But when/if the Touch gets similar features, then it’s mostly over.

  10. Brian S Hall Monday, June 7, 2010

    Yep. iPhone 4 killed the Flip — and the Kindle (combining synched iBooks with the Retina Display makes purchasing a stand-alone eReader a thing of the past.

  11. GoodThings2Life Monday, June 7, 2010

    If Cisco has anything to be ticked about it’s Apple stealing the name “IOS”.

    1. Besides… it’s not like Cisco is in the business of making major money off consumer electronics… but beware the behemoth if they decide to get into cellular telecomm, the last thing competition would want is a Cisco smartphone that can tie into corporate wi-fi networks for Cisco Unified Communications and then go mobile cell-band when on the go… they’ll be a business wetdream…

    2. Apple licensed the iOS trademark from Cisco.

  12. As someone else mentioned, the iphone will not kill the flip because the flip does not require a cell contract, but when the iPod touch gets these features, it most certainly will. In fact it is probably the camera features added to the iPod touch that will keep the iPad from cannibalizing the iPod touch. I think the big question is whether face time will come to iPod touch. It would seem like the answer would be yes, but who knows.

  13. Bill in Texas Monday, June 7, 2010

    No, it didn’t kill the Flip. That doesn’t mean the Flip isn’t in trouble. Here’s why:

    First, with the Flip, you are not locked into a contract, and you aren’t going to be affected by bandwidth ceilings. There are a lot of people out there who don’t have a smartphone, and the iPhone 4 will mean nothing to them.

    Second, the Flip is relatively more rugged and more practical than the iPhone — no big glass screen to break. You can replace the batteries. It is easier to hold and to use. You might choose to use a Flip in situations that you would not care to expose your iPhone to (with all of the apps and data on it, damaging/destroying your iPhone would represent a much bigger monetary value loss than dropping your Flip in the lake).

    The Flip IS in trouble because of devices like the Eye-Fi card, with which you can add upload capability to most modern cameras that take an SD card. Some of these cameras are relatively cheap, and many of them offer more refined controls, better zoom, and produce much better videos than the Flip OR the iPhone. If anything kills the Flip, that will be it. Cisco had better get busy upgrading the technology in the Flip, or they can kiss it goodbye.

    1. Just because you saw the word “glass” in the description does not make this iPhone fragile by any means. Not all glass panels are equal. The iPhone 4 uses something akin to so-called Gorilla Glass. If you’d seen the pen video demonstration on the Dell Steak, you’d know how bloody near indestructible this material is.

  14. Patrickcleere Monday, June 7, 2010

    I had to go take a shit after I saw the new iPhone. Fucking radical dude

  15. I currently have a 3GS and a Flip. I end up using my iPhone more out of convenience and the Flip if I plan ahead. With a 4G with HD video and a light, I probably wouldn’t use the Flip again.

  16. oh jesus. have you people at apple lost your shit.. or do you really have nothing else to battle anymore sense most things are beating your iphone now. your going after a camcorder?? are you kidding, you have a fuckin phone not a camcorder, and the flip slide HD asent even that good to begin with.. so you choose that out of all of the camcorders. or congrates your phone shoots 30fps. and up to 720P. good luck getting that not to pixelate on a computer. or even getting onto you computer. what ever appple sucks and always has, its just taking stupid people a long time to catch up to apple shitty over priced products

    1. The “people at Apple” didn’t write this article. The additions to the iPhone are to improve it’s sale over other smartphones. I really doubt Apple gives a flip about the Flip. iPhone sales could hurt Flip sales, but Flip sales won’t hurt iPhone sales. Therefore, Apple isn’t deliberately “battling” Cisco. The author of this article is just pointing out the people that buy the iPhone 4 will probably not buy a Flip too since their phones can do the same thing.

  17. Buzz Bruggeman Monday, June 7, 2010

    We were just talking about this. If it doesn’t kill the flip immediately, it will sooner rather than later. And what’s more all the earlier adopters and influencers will be gone.

    Pretty fascinating, and I wonder if Cisco saw this coming. I hadn’t thought about it at all.

  18. Sahas Katta Monday, June 7, 2010

    EVO does 720p too! I don’t think the iPhone will kill the Flip market alone, however new smartphones as a whole will. But yes, the emergence of the iPhone 4 into the market will be partially responsible.

  19. Hornet Montana Monday, June 7, 2010

    Apple should have called the new phone the iFlip, and pay Cisco if they protest. Or call it the Kissco. Say iOS slow, it sounds like iWoz.

  20. Heck, I have a Vado which I use to record concerts and football games. With the new iPhone no need to hump that around.

  21. Emilio Townsend Monday, June 7, 2010

    Flip customers and iPhone customers are NOT the same people. It’s not as if potential Flip customers will rationalize, “Gee, I can either pay one time for a Flip or I can get myself into a 2 year cell phone contract even though I already have another phone, just to get the HD camera on the iPhone!”

    Flips are low cost, simple video shooters. In the vast majority of cases, these devices aren’t competing for the same customer.

  22. flip users

    my kids (nope your not taking my Iphone in the garden)

    grandad (here’s a present a new iphone, btw you need to pay a contract)

    snowboarder (maybe I won’t mount my Iphone on my head)

    school kids (here’s an iphone for each one of you to film your chemistry experiment)

    Developing countries (here’s 10 iphones so you can document your local issues)

  23. Emilio Townsend Monday, June 7, 2010

    Ugh, I sometimes literally think that you guys post articles for the sake of posting articles, like there’s a quota.

    Flip customers and iPhone customers are NOT the same people. It’s not as if potential Flip customers will rationalize, “Gee, I can either pay one time for a Flip or I can get myself into a 2 year cell phone contract even though I already have another phone, just to get the HD camera on the iPhone!”

    Flips are low cost, simple video shooters. In the vast majority of cases, these devices aren’t competing for the same customer.

  24. I’m guessing that there are a number of people who will not buy a Flip because their iPhone video capabilities is sufficient enough. I’m one of them. When I go out with my family I like to travel light. My 3Gs is perfect. That’s just me. Plus, I’m on a budget, which puts the Flip further out on the wish list.

    Will it kill the Flip? I don’t think so. I think there will always be a market for a dedicated consumer video camera. Cisco needs to worry about the other video camera makers. I’ve been using a Sony Bloggie at work and lovin’ it.

  25. John in Norway Tuesday, June 8, 2010

    News just in!

    The iphone will kill aftermarket battery sales because it doesn’t have a removable battery!
    Glove sales will tank because the iphone has a capacitive screen!
    Micro SD card sales will end because the iphone can’t use them.
    People’s brains are getting smaller because you can’t be productive on an iphone!
    Etc, etc.

  26. Not that I entirely disagree but I think the “starting” prices are largely irrelevant to the primary market of this device. Kids. Who often use prepaid connections – and if you want to buy an iPhone outright it is really pricey. Maybe it will diminish sales outside this demographic but inside it, I am a little skeptical. But hey I also fully expect some other aspects of the phone to fall a little flat. WiFi only video calling? And editing video with any accuracy on a screen that small sounds gimmicky to me outside of the most basic of functions…

  27. Bah! My Kodak PlaySport has already killed anything Cisco has to offer with its 720p/60 & 1080p/30 capabilities. I got mine for $130 shipped. Competition, indeed.

    1. I agree, I love the PlaySport, it’s durable, takes underwater video and pictures, compact, it beats the crap out of the flip.

  28. I own a Flip. I Love it but my screen recently broke. I went yesterday to consider buying a new one but changed my mind after seeing the new iphone. Flip may not be dead but I believe their market just got smaller.

  29. Why the iPhone 4 Made AT&T Change Its Pricing Tuesday, June 8, 2010

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  33. Well, the iPhone 4 didn’t kill the flip, but it sure did deliver a swift kick in the balls.

  34. Anyone want to buy my 2nd Gen Flip Mino HD? I paid $230 for it in March, and I already have an offer on Craigslist from someone for $130, but I want $150.

    I got scared about having an obsolete device when Evo was announced to have 720p HD Video Recording, but then I saw sample videos. NOT EVEN CLOSE. So I thought I was fine until a week later Iphone 4 announces 720p HD but at 30 FPS instead of Evo’s 25 FPS. If the quality is comparable to the Flip I just bought a few months back, then I’m flipping this FLIP to someone on Craigslist and using that money toward the purchase of my new Iphone. Granted, I was already in the market for a new handset, but I can’t imagine anyone saying the Iphone 4 target market differs than that of the Flip Cameras. They’re both high end, small, portable electronic devices. Same market segment to me guys, sorry.

    Love my Flip, but like one poster said “I recorded a video with my Flip the other day, then I tried to upload it via WiFi. Then I tried to make a call on it, and I couldn’t do either. Is this possible?” LOL

    Honestly, portability is HUGE for me. I would carry my Flip 24/7 if it didn’t take up pocket space for me. And now that I can have the same filming power (and more with Imovie) and instantly upload, I think it’s naive to say that Cisco shouldn’t be VERY worried (assuming the video quality is really up to par with the Flip.)

  35. I was thinking this same thing when watching the live blogs of the keynote the other day. Actually, the improved video capabilities alone are a big reason I’m thinking of upgrading from my iPhone 3G.

    A full 720p HD camera with flash, zoom, and some not-too-shabby editing capabilities (and instant sharing) PLUS the phone, apps, everything else the iPhone already offers is just awesome.

    Yes, if I were Flip, I’d be flustered.

  36. I’m in agreement with Janko that the Flip is in trouble. Both the iPhone 4 and the Flip are in the same market- they’re small, cheap, decent quality cameras for the masses. Yes, you have a contract for the iPhone but that’s the point- you’re getting a phone, plus everything else, plus the camera that will likely rival the quality of the Flip. Anyone who is serious about quality was never going to buy a Flip or an iPhone to begin with. They’re going to get a dedicated higher-end HD camera like a HandyCam, VIXIA, or a Prosumer model.

    I used to own a Flip Ultra which broke and have considered replacing it with an HD model from them, but with the iPhone 4 coming out, I don’t see the need. I don’t want to carry multiple devices if the quality is going to be the same. I kept the Flip in my backpack, but I can’t go out at night to a bar with a backpack. The Flip may not be dead, but they’re in trouble.

  37. iphone is more than $3000 with the contracts. Flip is something like $200. It’s more like devices like the Flip (with Android and WiFi) is going to kill the need to signup for $3000 iphone contracts.

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  40. Connor Griffin Saturday, June 12, 2010

    it might kill the flip for people that own iPhones, but not for anybody else.

    they are a completely different target market, and anybody who thinks something like this is just an idiot.

    “Will iPhone 4 kill Xbox?”
    see? It just sounds stupid when you insert any other product name in there. Just because the iPhone has games, it doesn’t mean anything.
    same thing for the camera.

  41. I think the iPhone 4 will definitely make an impact on the Flip. For those of us who are already iPhone holders and have a Flip, I don’t see us using the Flip anymore with the improved video capabilities of the new iPhone.

    I also don’t see iPhone owners buying Flips any more because the iPhone provides the same video quality/abilities with sharing built in.

  42. Notes for 6/13/2010 at MasterMaq's Blog Sunday, June 13, 2010

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  44. Well, I can tell you this… a little buyer’s remorse right here.

    I bought a Flip HD (8GB) in December for $200 and totally regret the Flip purchase. There are lots of people who won’t even consider a Flip camera now. The fact remains that about 1 billion phones are sold every single year… if you don’t re-up this year, you will next. And as Apple continues to build value like this into their iPhones (and presumably their iPod touches), Cisco is going to SERIOUSLY regret their Flip purchase too.

    And I think they spent more than $200*.


  45. As long as the iPhone remains exclusive to AT&T, and as long as AT&T continues to suck, the Flip has nothing to worry about.

    1. “As long as…” — Dude, you’re just looking at the U.S. — By the end of September, Apple will iPhone 4 in 88 Countries. I think you are being a little short-sided and not really looking at the big picture or the evidence.

      At the WWDC 2010 keynote, Steve Jobs told the developers “Apple will sell 10’s of millions of FaceTime devices this year in 2010.” I believe this is a clue. He didn’t say “iPhone 4″ devices which would’ve been specific. He said “FaceTime devices”. I think it is quite probably that in September when Apple historically releases their new iPod lineup, we’re going to see iPods with the types of camera integration that the iPhone has along with video recording.

      Certainly, when you can do a video phone call over wi-fi on an mp3 player, you’re going to sell as many devices as you can manufacture. This is going to gut Skype, too. But you throw in the high quality video recording on the same device and it’s “Game Over, Man” for Flip, too.

      The same people who love the Flip are the same techno geeks that love great tech in the first place. They love their computers and their phones and their videogame machines*. If a company can roll more to love in a single device, why buy both?!

      my 2¢

      *Just pre-ordered the new XBox 360 — in on Friday. Happy Father’s Day to me!

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  50. You don’t need a monthly subscription with a Flip device…

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  52. Another typical mac article, ‘it can get better with the more stuff you buy’. Mac sucks, period. And I mean unexpected murder scene in your bed period.

  53. talkingDigital Friday, July 2, 2010

    There is no way that the iPhone 4 will kill the pocket camcorder market. Flip, Kodak and others could add video editing capability but Apple would have to release a sub-$200 ipod touch with support for external mic, removable media and tripod and 1080p to even come close to competing with products like the Kodak Zi8 which can be found for $129. Some of the newer models are even waterproof.
    The power of the Flip video and other pocket camcorders is that they are cheap and extremely easy to use.
    I have an iPhone, a camcorder and a nice digital camera, but I carry my Kodak Zi8 with me everywhere because it does everything I need it to do and many things other devices can’t.
    iPhone 4 has a beautiful screen and it works well as a smartphone, but it will not replace the pocket camcorder anytime soon.

  54. Kevin Helmer Friday, July 2, 2010

    Spoken from the point of view of a true tech head. I disagree with this in the short term- you are dead wrong- I own the iPhone 4 , Flip, Vado and a handful of other pocket cameras. I have a few dozen hours recording on the iPhone 4 (and hundreds on pocket corders) and let me tell you “basic” is NOT what I would describe as iMovie editing. Granted the software will improve with time, but it currently crashes, while editing and uploading. Some of the uploading issues can be blamed on ATT but even on a WIFI connection you may have trouble as I did. The iPhone is great for VERY SHORT videos, but a movie of any length (over 5 minutes per clip) is TEDIOUS to edit. You cannot crop, so if you need to edit out a middle portion of a 4-5 minute video then you are in for a very strenuous time. The iPhone does not have a mounting tri-pod or image stabilization YET. The average mom or dad will not buy this phone to replace the flip anytime soon. Like gaming, Apple over time will transform the mobile/pocket industry for video as well. I see the Flip and other pocket corders appealing to the mainstream. They will also specialize in certain ways. I agree that the pocket corder manufactures need to step up their game, or they will be relegated to the mom and pop crowd, but even THAT market is HUGE.

  55. The iPhone won’t kill the Flip.
    Here’s why:
    To buy a Flip, all you have to do is walk into a Best Buy, Target, Walmart, etc. You walk in, pick out the unit, pay, and leave with merchandise in hand.
    To buy an iPhone, you have to attempt to pre-order almost two weeks before, most likely trying unsuccessfully multiple times on the Apple website. When that doesn’t work, you go to a store. Even if you don’t have to wait 3 or so hours, you have to put your name on a list to then HOPE the store gets one in stock so you can get your phone sometime in the next month or so.

    Bitter much? Yes.

  56. To many people are looking at this from the wrong angle. Don’t think of users starting from scratch. I’m not talking iphone specific, but factor in android and iphones your talking 10’s of millions (if not more over the next few years) are buying these phones regardless, that do video out of the box. So if I’m one of these millions of people with an iphone or android that does basic video recording, why would I ever feel compelled to go out and buy a second device (flip) that does pretty much the same thing already which I’ve either payed or am paying for.

    Can the flip stand to lose these millions of potential customers to phones leaving only people in the market for flips kids or people with out a smart phone.

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  64. Waterproof Iphone Case Friday, December 10, 2010

    They are a completely different target market.

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