Poll: How Much 3G Data Do You Use?

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Given the recent news about AT&T’s decision to shift from unlimited 3G data plans for smartphone users to a new 2GB cap, we were curious how much data you actually use on your device.

Personally, I use the iPhone each month tethered to my MacBook for a two hour train commute to and from work. Taking a peak at my stats revealed that I’ve downloaded 4.1GB of data and uploaded nearly a gig, which would put me at over 5GB in the past three weeks alone. This is a train ride mostly consisting of blogging, email, skype audio chats and RSS reading with the occasional YouTube video.

AT&T hasn’t specifically said that tethering data will impact your 2GB monthly limit but, if it does, this is not the plan for heavy mobile users on the go. AT&T users can login to AT&T’s Wireless site and select, “See Data Usage” for a closer look at their usage.

You can check on your iPhone by visiting Settings > General > Usage.

So, about how much data are you using each month (Sent + Received)?

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