On Smartphones, Facebook & Google Maps Are Killer Apps


Facebook and Google’s Google Maps are two of the hottest apps on smartphones, according to The Nielsen Company’s latest “The State of Mobile Apps” report.

The media market research firm surveyed more than 4,200 people who downloaded an app over the past 30 days. As the accompanying chart shows, Facebook is one of the most popular mobile apps across all platforms. Other top picks include Google Apps, The Weather Channel app and the ESPN app. As for music apps, iTunes is the most popular among iPhone users but Pandora is a hit on all smartphone platforms, especially in the eyes of males.

Nielsen says that an average smartphone has about 22 apps (I have close to 45 on my SIM-less device), with iPhone users installing some 37 of them. Android users typically have 22 apps on their device; Palm users, 14; those on Windows Mobile devices, 13; while BlackBerry users bring up the rear with just 10 apps. In other words, RIM clearly has its work cut out for it: It needs to make the app experience on its devices easier and simpler.


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