Gadget of the Day: FlipSync USB Keyring

FlipSync thumb

One of the goals of the mobile worker is to reduce the amount of gear that is carried to get the job done. Accessories that serve more than one purpose are great finds as they provide a reduction in the number of pieces in the gear bag that travel along for the ride. The gadget of the day is such an accessory that is as small as a keyring, which it is, and allows the mobile worker to leave the iPhone/ iPod charger at home.

The FlipSync USB Cable Keyring couldn’t be smaller yet has a USB 2.0 connector hidden in one end of the fob. The other end has the proprietary iPhone/iPod connector that pulls out when needed. It’s as simple as pulling both ends out of the fob and connecting the iPhone/iPod to a USB computer port for both syncing and charging. It’s not cheap at $20 but it is probably the smallest accessory designed to do what it does, and that might be worth it for the serious road warrior.

(via Windows Phone Thoughts)

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