Today on the Net: Time Warner and NBC Universal say they won’t retool their video libraries for the iPad, the chair of the Senate Judiciary Antitrust Subcommittee is calling for NBC to divest its stake in Hulu, and ActiveVideo takes Verizon to court for patent infringement

Media Firms Tell Jobs They Want Adobe’s Flash; several large media companies, including Time Warner and NBC Universal, told Apple they won’t retool their extensive video libraries to accommodate the iPad. (NY Post)

Kohl Wants Hulu Divestiture as Part of Any Comcast/NBCU Deal; the chair of the Senate Judiciary Antitrust Subcommittee is calling for NBC to divest its stake in online video site Hulu as one condition to the Comcast/NBCU deal. (Broadcasting & Cable)

Microsoft Xbox Live Audience Reaches 23 Million; company executives say the fast growing service has reached a sort of critical mass that is on par with a major cable network, and it is charging advertisers rates on the level with television. (Beet.TV)

ActiveVideo Suit Targets Verizon; ActiveVideo has accused Verizon of violating five of its patents related to interactive TV technology in a complaint filed in the US District Court for the Eastern District of Virginia. (Light Reading Cable)

Sky Mobile TV launches on iPad; the iPad app gives sports fans access to the Barclays Premier League, Clydesdale Bank Scottish Premier League and Coca Cola Football League games, as well as a host of other sports including international and domestic cricket, PGA golf and Guinness Premiership Rugby. (Broadband TV News)

Vuze Device Playback Serves Over 100 Million Videos; Vuze’s BitTorrent client has evolved into an all-in-one download solution, with built-in search, device integration and DVD-burning capabilities. (TorrentFreak)

No Netflix for Popbox At Launch?; Popbox has removed all Netflix references and imagery from a redesigned website ahead of launch. (Zatz Not Funny!)

EVO’s Qik Video Chat to Cost an Extra $5 a Month; the EVO 4G’s $10 premium cost doesn’t cover the Qik video chat capabilities, which will cost an additional $4.99. (AndroidGuys)

Boxee Adds Wolfgang’s Vault; Boxee users have access to all music from the Wolfgangsvault.com site, including vintage and recent concerts, customized playlists, and Vault radio. (Boxee blog)

  1. NBC: If you encode videos in h.264 they can be played on either an iPad, iPhone OR in the Adobe Flash Player.

    Ryan, can you ask NBC.com why they still don’t have HD streaming like all of their competitors? Don’t they understand the value of a good user experience right now it seems like they don’t get it.

    Congrats to NBC for continuing to have a worst-in-breed video playing experience.

    1. Actually videos from NBC.com are available — and watchable! — on the iPhone. So it’s not that NBC hasn’t encoded in HTML5/H.264. It’s almost certainly a business issue. Plus, NBC wants to be able to track and monetize those videos, and the tools to do that are just not quite there yet for HTML5 video.

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