GeoLocal: The Rise of Consumer Location-based Services



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Location: The Epicenter of Mobile Innovation

Infographic by Column Five Media


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Brightkite has gone through a LOT more financing than you indicate (brightkite = brightkite + limbo)


Did you mean to leave out the likes of Loopt, Rummble, Yelp and possibly Fire Eagle from Yahoo!

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@MyLocator: Just see what is profitable on Facebook: Farmville and similar braindead games. The business segment is small compared to casual applications.

MyLocator ®

most are focused on nonsense gaming/check in features instead of becoming custom business utilities that transcend the internet and mobile seamlessly. Try to visit


It is missing Yelp. It also does not address a great feature: photo uploads from the location (something Gowalla and Yelp have, but FourSquare is mysteriously lacking).

Jason F.

Om – these are some slick infographics. Thanks! But why limit the conversation to location-based games and social networking apps? All the revenue opportunities you list are marketing/advertising/couponing. While that’s certainly a revenue generator of the future, what about other location-based services? For example, the TSYS acquisition of NIM or the recent TNAV IPO? Then there are the “Family Locator apps, and For some other “below the radar” high-value use cases of location info, check this out:

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