Metacafe has introduced the first of many new verticals that it is building dedicated sites for. Hoping to cash in on consumer interest in Hollywood blockbusters, the new Metacafe Movies site will leverage its existing video library while also providing exclusive premium content to its users.

metacafe movies

Metacafe has launched a new site called Metacafe Movies, which will leverage its existing video library while also providing exclusive premium content to its user. The addition of Metacafe Movies comes as the online video company seeks to add collections of content around vertical segments of interest, such as video games, TV, music and sports. For each vertical, Metacafe will add a team of three to five employees to curate and package videos and create a unique editorial voice for the sites.

For the movies site, Metacafe poached talent from Netflix and Rotten Tomatoes to help build a store of curated movie content. Unique content that is available on the Metacafe Movies site includes a 3-D showcase, exclusive features like behind-the-scenes clips and restricted “redband” trailers. The movies section will also launch with an HD movie trailers section and a guide to blockbuster films expected this summer.

For Metacafe, part of the goal is to increase the movie marketing dollars that the site receives from Hollywood studios. The company has already grown advertising from movie-related content by 70 percent over the past year, and it hopes to accelerate that growth with even more focused content.

Film buffs are just the first group that Metacafe hopes to reel in with new editorial teams and exclusive content, with plans to launch a dedicated channel for video game content next.

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